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Ali bin Al-Hussein Zainal Abidin (Died 93 H)

His real name is Ali ibn al-Husayn bin Ali bin Abi Talib, his grandmother was Fatimah az-zahra bint Rasulillah, sometimes he is called by the name Abu Hussein or Abu Muhammad, while his nickname is Zainal Abidin and As-Sajad, as most prayers at night day and during the day.

His life journey 
It was narrated that he received some guests from Iraq, and then talk about Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman about something bad against him, and when they finished, he said, "Are you including the muhajirin in the Qur'an Surat al-Hashr 8 which confirms 'They were expelled from their homes and forced to leave their property, simply because they wanted to obtain the gift of God and His good pleasure?' 'They said, "No ...!"

"Do you belong to the Ansar stated in the Qur'an Surat al-Hashr 97: 'Those who live in Medina and have faith in God before the arrival of the immigrants. They were loving and being affectionate to people who come emigrate to them, and they have no intention whatsoever in giving aid to the immigrants. In fact they prefer the people who migrated than themselves, even though they are in trouble? "" No ...! "

Then it means you refuse to not be included in either of the two classes. Furthermore, he said, "I testify that you are not the person referred to in the word of god," Our Lord! Forgive us and our brothers who have been faithful before us, and do not you let malice in our hearts against those who believers. "(Qs. Al Hashr: 10). Then you get out of my house, Allah's wrath to you ".

Ali bin al Hussein Zainal 'Abidin regarded as the most illustrious scholars in Medina and clerical leaders tabi'in there. This information narrated by Jabir bin Abdillah, and Ibn Abbas narrated.

Approximately 30 years Zainal Abidin strives to teach the various branches of Islam in the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. Attitude is not in favor of any group that invites sympathy of all the warring parties. Zainal Abidin respected by all Muslims both friend and foe alike.

In his day, Zainal Abidin recognized as a scholar of the Muslim community and charismatic peak. He was highly regarded, respected, and ignored his admonitions. That fact not only because of the depth of knowledge of his religion, nor as the only male descendant of the Prophet, but also because of moral glory and altitude attitude.

One Son 'Amar bin Yasir narrates that: on one day Ali bin Hussein arrival of a people, then he told his aides to make roasts, then the maid with iron in a hurry so to burn the meat fell on the child's head Alin bin usein young so that the child died. Then Ali said to his aides, 'you're hot, so that the iron fell'. After that he himself prepares to bury her son. ". He showed patience and resignation, where a maid had caused the death of her son. ugliness that he reciprocated with a kindness.

A description narrated by Hisham bin Abdul Malik when he was a pilgrimage before being appointed as Caliph, he tried to kiss the Black Stone, but he was unable to do so, then Ali bin Hussein came to kiss the Black Stone also that the people around him aside and cease ago he kissed her. Then the man asked Hisham who it ?, he replied I did not know him. Then someone said, "I know him, he is Ali bin al Hussein.

The scholars agreed that Ali bin al Hussein is the youngest child of survivors Hussein, his brother and sister while his parents were killed as martyrs. Zainal Abidin small family survived the murder of the Prophet, when he was supine on the bed because of illness, so that the condition was spared from the killings, while the age of 23 years. God protect and save him.

He died in 74 H in Medina at the age of 58 years and was buried in Baqi. Another story said he died in 93 H at the age of 57 years.

- Biography Ali bin Al Hussein in the book 'science wa al Cleric Abu Bakr al Jazairy work. Publisher Daar al Pole as Salafiyyah. Cairo. Early 5th Rab'ul written in Medina al Nabawiyah.

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