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Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyya (Died 80 H)

His name was Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafi, he studied a lot of 'Ali bin Abi Talib. "There has been a dispute when between Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah and his brother al-Hasan ibn Ali, Ibn al-Hanafi then sent a letter to his brother, its contents, "Allah has given you the excess over me ... Your mother Fatima bint Muhammad ibn Abdullah, while my mother was a woman of Bani" Haniifah. 'maternal grandfather was a messenger of Allah and creatures of choice, whereas maternal grandfather was Ja'far ibn Qais. If this letter to you, come and make peace with me, and thou shalt have primacy over me in everything. "

Once it reached the hands of al-Hasan ... he immediately to his house and make peace with it. Who is Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah, a Adib (expert adab / poet), a clever and gentle morals? Come, we turn the page of his life from the beginning.

This story began since the end of the life of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam. One day, Ali ibn Abi Talib sitting with the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam, then he said, "O Messenger of Allah ... what do you think if I dikaruniani child after you die, (may I) I named it with your name and provide kun-well (usually greeting expressed with 'Abu so and so ...') with your chewing ?. "" Yes, "he replied.

Then days was running continuously. And the noble Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam met with ar-Rafiiqul al-A'laa (die to Allah) ... and after a few months the holy Fatima, mother of al-Hasan and al-Husayn followed him (d).

Ali then married a woman of Bani Haniifah. He married Khaulah bint Qays ibn Ja'far al-Hanafiyyah, who later gave birth to a son for him. Ali named him "Muhammad" and called him by kun-yah "Abu al-Qaasim" permission of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam. It's just that people already call him Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah, to distinguish it from a second brother al-Hasan and al-Husayn, the two sons of Fatima az-Zahra. Then she began to be known in history with the name.

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah born at the end of the caliphate-Siddiq (Abu Bakr) RA. He grew and educated under the care of his father, Ali bin Abi Talib, he graduated under didikannya.

Worship and asceticism he learned from his father ... inherited strength and courage ... receive fluency and balaghoh him. Until he became a war hero on the battlefield ... lion pulpit in human societies ... an evening of worship (Ruhbaanullail) if darkness had closed the curtains to over nature and time of the spy asleep.

His father had sent him into battles that he follow.
And he (Ali) has been in pudaknya impose burdens he did not battle pikulkan to two other siblings; al-Hasan and al-Husayn. He was not invincible and never weakened his steadfastness.

On one occasion had said to him, "Why your father menjerumuskanmu into destruction and membebankanmu what you are not able to carry it in narrow places without a second brother al-Hasan and al-Husayn?"

He replied, "That is because the two brothers occupying the position of the two eyes of my father ... while I occupy the position of two hands ... so that he (Ali) keeping his eyes with both hands."

In the war "Siffin" raging between Ali ibn Abi Talib and Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan RA. Is Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah carry the banner of his father.

And at the time of rotating grinding wheel battle troops of the two groups, there was a story that he narrated. He said, "Indeed, I have seen us in the war" Siffin ", we met with friends Muawiyah, we kill each other until I thought that there would be none of us left and also from them. I assume this is lewdness and large.

It is not long after that I heard someone yell behind me, "O Muslims ... (Fear to) Allah, (fear of Allah) ... O Muslims ...

Who will (protect) the women and children? ...

Who will keep the religion and honor? ...

Who will maintain the Roman attack and ad-Dailami? ...

O Muslims ... fear Allah, fear Allah and reserving the Muslims, O ma'syarol Muslims. "

And since that day, I promised myself not to pick up the sword in the face of a Muslim.

Then Ali was martyred at the hands of sinners dzalim (in the hands of Abdurrahman ibn Miljam)
Power was passed to Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan. Thus, Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah allegiance to always be obedient and submissive in a state of love and hate because of his desire only to unify voice and gather strength and to reach izzah for Islam and Muslims.

Muawiyah allegiance feel the sincerity and purity. He felt completely at ease with his friend, which makes it inviting Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah to visit.

So he visited him in Damascus more than once ... and more than one reason.

Among other things, that the Roman emperor wrote to Muawiyah. He said, "Indeed kings here mutual correspondence with other kings. Most of them have fun with each other with strange things that they have ... sebagin they were competing with others to the wonders that exist in their kingdoms. So, if you allow me to hold (the race) between me and you like what's going on between them? "

So, Muawiya said yes and allow it.
Roman Emperor sent two select-tandingnya. One of them tall and bulky so as if he was like a big tree towering in the woods or tall buildings nan sturdy. As for the other one is a very strong, tough and sturdy as if he was like a wild beast. The emperor entrusts joint letter the two, he said in his letter, "Is there in your kingdom that match these two men, tall and strong?"

Muawiyah and said to 'Amr ibn al-'Aash, "The people are tall, I have found people who seemed even more from him ... he Qays ibn Sa'd ibn' Ubadah. The strong person, so I needed your opinion. "

'Amr said, "There are two people for this affair, just two away from you. They are Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah and Abdullah ibn az-Zubair. "

"Surely Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah not far from us," said Muawiyyah.

"But do you think he would ridla shared glory and greatness height position to defeat the power of the Roman people watched this with humans ,?" asked 'Amr.

Muawiya said, "Surely he will do just that and more than that, when he found Islam izzah for him."

Then Muawiyah call them, Qais ibn Muhammad ibn Sa'd and al-Hanafiyyah.

When the assembly has begun, Qais ibn Sa'd stand and release its sirwal-sirwal (wide pants) and then throw it to al-'Ilj of Roman and told her to wear it. He was wearing it ... then, sirwalnya cover up on top of the chest that made people laugh.

As for Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah, he said to his interpreter, "Tell the Romans this ... if he wanted to, he sat down and I stood up, and then he gave me his hand. Either I will raise it up or he who sat me ... And if he wants to, he stood up and I are sitting ... "

The Romans had opted to sit.

Muhammad then took his hand, and (interestingly) stand ... and the Romans were not able to (pull) sat ...

Vanity was creeping into the chest of the Romans, he chose to stand and Muhammad sat. Muhammad then took her hand and pulled with a jerk almost detach the arm from the shoulder ... and put him on the ground.

Both the Roman pagans returned to his king in a state of defeat and humiliation.

The days of spinning again ...

Muawiyah and Yazid son and Marwan ibn al-Hakam has moved to Rahmatullah ... Leadership Umayyads passed to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, he announced himself as the Caliph of Muslims and residents of Sham allegiance.

While the inhabitants of Hijaz and Iraq had to pledge allegiance to Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr.

Each of the two began calling people who do not pledge allegiance to allegiance ... and lay claim to the man that he was the most entitled to the caliphate than his friend. Ranks of the Muslims are divided again ...

This is where Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr asked Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah pledge allegiance to him as the inhabitants of Hijaz have allegiance to him.

Only Ibn al-Hanafiyyah understand very well that allegiance will make many of the rights in the neck for the person he allegiance. Among them is a sword to help him and fight against those who menyelisihinya. And the penyelisihnya only those Muslims who have diligence, then he did not pledge allegiance to the pledge of allegiance.

It is not perfectly intelligent people forget the events in the "Siffin."

Long years have not been able to remove noise blaring from the second hearing, strong and full of grief, and the voice call from behind him, "O Muslims ... (Fear to) Allah, (the fear) of Allah ... O Muslims ...

Who will (protect) the women and children? ...

Who will keep the religion and honor? ... Who will guard the Roman attack and ad-Dailami. "..

Yes, he has not forgotten one bit of it all.

So, he said to Abdullah ibn az-Zubair, "Surely you know the truth, that in this case I do not have a goal nor a request ... I just have someone from the Muslims. If the sentence (voice) they gather thee or to Abdul Malik, then I will pledge allegiance to the person they gather her voice. As for now, I do not membaiatmu ... nor allegiance to him. "

Begin Abdullah mempergaulinya and prostrate to him in one shot. And on another occasion he turned away from him and be harsh to him.

However, Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah not long ago that many people who joined him when they follow his opinion. And they handed them to her leadership, until their number to seven thousand people from those who choose to separate themselves from slander. And they are reluctant to make themselves firewood for the fire that burns.

Each kalii followers of Ibn al-Hanafiyyah increase in number, bertambahlah anger Ibn az-Zubair and he kept urging him to pledge allegiance.

When Ibn az-Zubair had been desperate, he ordered and those who were with him from the Bani Hashim and others to settle in Syi'b (gap between two hills) they were in Mecca, and he put a spy to watch them.

Then he said to them, "By Allah, you should seriously membaiatku or actually I'm going to burn you with fire ...

Then he held them in the houses and collect firewood for them, and then surround the houses with up to the end wall. So if there is a firewood lit undoubtedly will burn everything.

At that moment, a group of the followers of Ibn al-Hanafiyyah up to him and said, "Let us kill Ibn az-Zubair and calming man from (deeds) it."

He said, "Are we going to light a fire slander with our hands that we therefore have seclusion (breakaway) ... and we killed a friend of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam and children of his friend ?! No, by Allah we would not do the slightest manjadikan what Allah and His Messenger angry. "

News about what is suffered by Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah and his followers from violence Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr reached the ears of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan. He saw a golden opportunity to make them inclined to him.

He then sent a letter along with a messenger, that if he wrote to one of his children would 'dialek'nya will not be as smooth as it and its editor is not as soft as it was.

And among the contents of the letter is, "It has reached the news to me that Ibn az-Zubair had narrowed gerakmu and those with you ... he cut the rope brethren ... and degrading your right. Sham this country open in front of you, ready to meet you and be with people who are full of spaciousness and breadth ... stop by there where you are going, you will undoubtedly find populated congratulate you and the neighbors who love you ... and you'll get our people who understand your right ... respect ... and connect ropes keutamaanmu brethren Inshallah ...

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah and those who walked with him into the land of Sham ... when he got in "Ublah", they settled there.

Populated place them in the most noble and entertain them well sebaga neighbors.

They mencitai Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah and mengagungkannya, because of what they see on the depth (persistence) worship and honesty zuhudnya.

He began to tell them to ma'ruf and prevent them from being evil. He founded syi'ar-syi'ar in between them and holding reconciliation in their disputes. He did not let anyone of human mendzalimi others.

The moment the news reached the ears of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, it is aggravating her heart. He then consulted with the people closest.

They said to him, "We do not believe that you let him stay in the kingdom. While sirahnya as you know ... whether he membaiatmu ... or it back into place. "

Thus, Abdul Malik wrote to her and said, "Look, you have come to my country and you stopped at one end. And this war is happening between me and Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr. And you are someone who has a place and name among the Muslims. And I see that you do not stay in the country unless you membaiatku. If you membaiatku, I'll give you a hundred ships that came to me from "al-Qalzom" yesterday, take along what was available to him. Together, you are entitled to one million dirhams plus the amount you set yourself for yourself, your children, your relatives, slave-slave and the people with you. If you reject it went from me to a place that I do not have power over it. "

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah then write a reply, "From Muhammad ibn Ali, Abdul Malik ibn Marwan. Assalamu 'Alaika ... Indeed, I commend to Allah that there is no Allah worthy of worship except Him, (I thank you) to you. Amma ba'du ... Perhaps you become scared of me. And I think you are the people who understand my attitude toward nature in this case. I had a layover in Mecca, then Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr wanted me to pledge allegiance to him, and when I refused he was wrong to pertentanganku. Then you wrote to me, called me to live in the land of Sham, and then I stopped at a place at the end of your land in because it's cheap and far from Markaz (center) of your government. Then you write me what you have written. And we are willing, Allah will leave you. "

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah with his officers and kelurganya leave the country Sham, and each time he stopped at a place he was expelled from it and told to go away from him.

And as if that were not enough trouble over it, until Allah wishes to test it with another distress larger and heavier pressure influence ...

That is, that a group of followers from among those whose hearts are sick and the other from among those negligent. They began to say, "Surely the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam had to place in the hearts of Ali and his family a lot of the secrets of science, religion Qaeda Qaida and treasury Shari'a. He has specialized Ahlul Bait with what others do not know. "

The man who 'pious, charitable and is adept to understand exactly what this speech was carried by from deviation, and the dangers that may be dragged on Islam and Muslims. He also collects human and stand mengkhutbahi them ... he praised Allah and flattering AWJ and bershalawat upon His Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam ... then said, "Some people think that we all have the Ahlul Bait knowledge that the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam we are with him, and do not tell anyone other than us. And we -demi not inherited from the Messenger of Allah, but what is in between these two sheets, (and he pointed in the direction of Manuscripts). And indeed anyone who thought that we had something that we read the book of Allah besides, indeed he has lied. "

Are some of his followers greeting him, they said, "O Assalamu'alaika Mahdi."

He replied, "Yes, I was the Mahdi (the rightly guided) to the kindness ... and you are the Mahdi to the goodness of Allah willing ... but if one of you to say hello to me, then let greeted me with my name. Let him say, "yes Assalamu'alaika Muhammad."

Not longstanding confusion Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah about where he would live with those who were with him ... Allah has willed that al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf ats-Tsaqofi quell Abdullah ibn az-Zubair ... and that man wholly allegiance to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan ,

So it's not that he did except wrote to Abdul Malik, he said, "To Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, Commander of the Faithful, from Muhammad ibn Ali.

Amma ba'du ... Indeed, after I saw these things come back to you, and humans membaiatmu. So, I'm like one of them. I membaiatmu for guardian in the Hijaz. I am sending this baiatku in writing. Wassalamu'alaika. "

When Abdul Malik read out the letter to his companions, they said, "If he wants to break the stick obedience (read: out of obedience) and make the split in this case, surely he can do it, and you certainly do not have the street it ... Then write to him with the agreement and security and covenant of Allah and His Messenger so that he was not expelled and harassed, he and his companions. "

Abdul Malik then write it to him. Only Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah not live long after that. Allah had chosen him to be on his side in a state ridla and diridlai.

May Allah give light to Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah in his grave, and may Allah heed his soul in heaven ... it includes people who do not want to damage the earth nor height among humans.

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