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Umm Kulthum bint Ali bin Abu Talib (Died 75H)

Her name was Umm Kulthum bint Ali bin Abi Talib, the person who first embraced Islam from the group of children, a high status and lofty position at the side of the Prophet. He is also the daughter of the fourth caliph caliphs. His grandfather was the prince of the children of Adam. His mother is the queen of female experts jannah, Fatima bint Prophet, while his two brothers are leaders of youth experts and entertainers jannah heart of the Prophet.

In an environment such as this noble at the time of the Prophet Umm Kulthum was born, grow and educated. He is a role model for Muslim girls growing on dien, virtue and shame.

Commander of the Faithful Umar bin Khattab al-Faruq, the second Khalifah Rasyidin father came to woo him. However, the first Imam Ali bin Abi Talib asked delayed, because Umm Kulthum was a child. Umar said: "I Nikahkanlah with O Abu Hasan, because I have noticed nobility, which did not I get on other people." So pleased with her and marry Ali Umar with his daughter in Dzulqa'dah year 17 AH, and lived together until the killing of Umar. From his marriage to get two children, namely Zaid ibn Umar al-Akbar and Rukayya bint Umar.

Impressive in Umm Kulthum, the wife of the Commander of the Faithful, that once Umar out at night as usual to supervise people (this is the state of every leader who is responsible for the lead in the Daulah Islamiyah shade). He passed through a village in Medina, suddenly he heard the sound of a woman groaning that comes out of a hut, in front of the door there was a man who was sitting. Umar said hello to him and asked him about what happened. The man said that he was a Bedouin who want to get the generosity of Commander of the Faithful. Umar asked about the woman in the hut he heard moaning. The man did not know that talking to him was Commander of the Faithful, he replied, "Go you and may God bless you so that get you're looking for, and do not you ask about something that is no use for you."

Umar returned to repeat the question so that he can help his predicament if possible. The man replied, "She is my wife, who was about to give birth and nobody can help him." Umar departed leaving the man and returned home immediately. He entered to his wife, namely Umm Kaltsum and said, "Do you want to get a reward that Allah will bestow unto you?" He replied with keadan enthusiastic and happy with the good news which he felt honored by it, "What form of goodness and The reward O Umar? "Umar then notify new events they encounter, then quickly got up and Umm Kulthum and take the equipment to give birth and the need for the baby, while the Commander of the Faithful brought cauldron in which no butter and food. He went with his wife to get to the hut.

Umm Kulthum into the hut and help mothers who want to give birth and he worked with the spirit of a midwife. Meanwhile, Commander of the Faithful sitting with the man outside while cooking that he brought. When the man's wife gave birth to his son, Umm Kulthum spontaneously shouting from inside the house, "Preach the good news to friends, O Commander of the Faithful, that God gave him a son. It made the Bedouin people aghast. As it turns out people who are cooking next to it and blow the fire is Commander of the Faithful.

Similarly, women who give birth are aghast, as the midwife for her in the hut turned out to be the wife of the Commander of the Faithful. Similarly amazed those present to witness the reality under the auspices of the Islamic when a head of state and his wife helped a man and his wife from the Bedouin.

After a lapse of some time, the hands are innocent and spiteful with Islam killing of Umar bin Khatthab, so Umm Kulthum became a widow.

When Umm Kulthum died, Ibn Umar menyalatkannya and so did his son, Zaid, who was standing next to him and they both takbir four times.


- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works of Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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