Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (10)

Anas bin Malik bin Nadar (Died 93 H) 
Friends of Ansar origin, tribe Khajraj are helpers of the Prophet respectfully who had followed the various conquests. He includes many narrator narrated. He was living and died in the city of Basra. 

Asid bin Khudair (Died 20 H)  
This noble companions who came from the group Ansar, chiefs Aus. He was among those who converted to Islam from an early age, where he has been an important figure in Akabah allegiance. Prophet respectfully bring together with Zayd ibn Harithah. He died in the reign of Umar bin Khattab. 

Ayad bin Ganim (Died 20 H)  
His full name is Ayad bin Ganim bin Zuhair Al-Fihri Al Qurasyi. He includes first emigrants, had followed the battle of Badr and wars after that. He includes a bold conqueror command. During a stopover in Sham (Syria and vicinity) he conquered the region following the Arab peninsula. He died in the land of Sham.  

Barra` bin Azib (Died 71 H)
Companions Khajraj ethnic origin had a chance to follow the Persian conquest, war Jamal and Siffin in row Ali ibn Abi Talib and eradication the separatist (Khawarij). He was living and died in the city Koufah. 

Buraidah (Died 63 H)  
His full name is Buraidah bin Abdullah bin Harith bin Husaib Al-Aslami Al-Madani, a friend who was called by Abu Sahl. He includes companions who had lived in the city of Medina and then moved to the city of Basra and participated in the war in Khorasan region. He died in the year 63.

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