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Umm Sulaym bint Malhan

His full name is Rumaisha 'Umm Sulaym bint Khalid bin Malhan bin Zaid bin Haram bin Jundub bin Amr bin Ghanam bin Adi ibn al-Naja Anshaiyah al-Khazrajiyah.

She is a woman who has a motherly nature and beautiful, also adorned themselves with fortitude, wisdom, straight thinking, and also decorated with wit and eloquence thinking and morality, so that a good story later addressed to him and every verbal praise it. Because, he has a great nature is so encouraging son uncle named Malik bin Nadhar to get married that eventually gave birth to Anas bin Malik.

When light nubuwwah started rising and proselytizing monotheism began to emerge, people are sensible and have a natural tendency to hasten straight to Islam. Umm Sulaym belonged to Islam tops the early days of the group Ansar. He does not care about all the possibilities that would happen in the society of ignorance that his worshipers Behala waste without hesitation.

As for the First Instance should he face is anger Malik, her husband, who just returned from traveling Barru and found his wife had converted to Islam. Malik said with anger peaked, "Are you an apostate from the religion?" Then with full confident and brave he replied, "No, in fact I have faith.""By God, people like you do not deserve to be rejected, it's just that you are infidels, while I was a Muslim so it is not lawful to marry you. If you want to convert to Islam, then that's dowry to me and you did not ask that apart from it. "(See an-Nasa VI / 144).

It's proficiency level expression is able to touch the deepest feelings and fill the hearts of Abu Talha, indeed Umm Sulaym was entrenched in his heart is sempurrna, she was not a woman who likes to tinker and subdued by-seduction seduction of luxury, in fact she is a woman cedas, and whether he will get better darrinya for dipeisti, or a mother to her children? "

Without felt oral Abu Thahah repeating, "I was on top of what you believe, I testify that there is no god except Allah rights and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God."

Umm Sulaym then turned to his son Anas and he said with joy because of the guidance of God given to Abu Talha through his hands, "O Anas Abu Talha marrid me." Then he was married Islam as a dowry. Therefore, Thabit history Darri Hadith Anas:"I have not penah mendengarr most noble woman of Umm Sulaym as dowry is Islam." (Sunan Nasa'i VI / 114).

Umm Sulaym Abu Thahah live together with married life filled with Islamic values ​​are shaded for the life of husband and wife, with a quiet life and full of happiness.

Umm Sulaym is the profile of a wife who fulfill the rights of husband and wife as well as possible, as well as the best example as a mother, a primary educator and the da'iyah.

That Abu Talha began entering his madrassa imaniyah through primary, namely Umm Sulaym. so that, in turn, he drank from the spring nubuwwah to be equal in glory with Umm Sulaym.Let us listen to the narrative of Anas bin Malik that talk us how the commission of Abu Talha to the Book of Allah and the Quran as the basis of its commitment Cosmos and personality. Anas bin Malik said:

 "You never get to virtue (which sempuna), you may spend hata sebelu you love." (Ali Imran: 92).Instantly Abu Talha is standing facing the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully and said, "Allah has said in his book (which means)," You never get to virtue (perfect), before you spend most of that which ye love. " And indeed treasure the most I like is my garden, for that I as charity it to God degan hope of gaining favor and deposits in the sight of Allah, then redeeming the Messenger of Allah you please. "

"Good ... good ... that's ... that's a lucrative treasure treasure .... I have heard what you said and I decided that you as charity to relatives-kin. "

So Abu Talha distributed to relatives and children of Bani uncle."

God glorifies both the husband and wife with a boy so both very excited and the child becomes conditioning outlook for both the interaction and behavior. The child was given the name Abu Umair. Once the child bet around with a bird and the bird dies. It makes the child grieve and weep. At the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully past him then he said to the child's proficiency level for meghibur and play with him, "O Abu Umair, what the sparrow's child?" (Al-Bukhari VII / 109).

God wanted to test both premises of a child capable and loved. Once Abu umair sick so that both parents preoccupied by it. It is customary for ayahya when returning from the market, tops the times that he did after greeting was asked about his health, and he has not felt tenag before seeing his son.Once Abu Talha out to the mosque and at the same time his son died. Then the patient's mother mukminah the face of natural disasters with pleasure and good soul. The mother laid her in temp [at sleep while constantly repeating, "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un." He advised the members of his family, "Do not tell Abu Talha until I who told him."

When Abu Talha back, Umm Sulaym wiping tears of affection, then the spirit of welcoming him and answered as usual, "What does my son?" He replied, "He is in a state of calm."

Abu Talha thought that her son has been in good health, so that Abu Talha rejoice with peace and health, and he did not want to approach because kahawatir disturb his composure. Then Umm Sulim approached him and ready dinner for him, and he ate and drank, while Umm Sulaym preen dressed more beautiful than the previous days, he was wearing the most fashionable clothes, dress up and put on perfume, then they both do as befits a husband and wife.

When Umm Sulaym saw that her husband was full and had to interfere and feel calm to the situation of his son, then he praised God because abeliau not make her worried husband funds he fell asleep in his sleep.

When at the end of the evening he said to him, "O Abu Talhah, what do you think if there is a people entrust their goods to a family and then some when they take the deposit, then the family may I refuse?" Abu Talha replied, "Of course not allowed . "Then Umm Sulim said again," What do you think if the family objected when taken after he was able to use it? "Abu Talha said," That means they are not fair. "Umm Sulaym said," Behold your son is a surrogate of God and God has take, then bear it with the death of your son. "

Abu Talha did not hold back his anger, then he said angrily, "You let me in such a situation you just let you know about my son?"

He repeated these words until he uttered the phrase istirja '(Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un) and bertahmid to God that his soul gradually become calm.

The next day he went to Rasulullah respectfully and preach to him about what had happened, then the Prophet respectfully said, "May God bless you both nights."

Start the day that Umm Sulaym conceiving a child who eventually named Abdullah. When Umm Sulaym giving birth, she sent Anas bin Malik to take him to the Prophet respectfully, then Anas said, "O Messenger of Allah, verily Umm Sulaym had given birth last night." Then the Prophet respectfully chew dates and the baby mentahnik (ie rub dates that have been chewed to the palate of the baby). Anas said, "Give me the baby name O Messenger of Allah!" He said, "His name is Abdullah."

Ubadah, one sanad Rijal said, "I saw he had seven children, all of which are memorized the Quran."Among the memorable events in the main self-woman and her husband also believing is that Allah revealed the verse about them aberdua that humans can worship by reading it. Abu Hurayrah said, "It has come a man to Rasulullah  respectfully and said,' Surely I am in a state of hunger '. Then the Prophet respectfully asks one of his wife about the food in the house, but beiau replied,' By that sent you the truth, I do not have anything except water, and then he asked his wife to another, but the answer was the same . Entirely replied with the same answer. Then the Prophet respectfully said,' Who will entertain guests, may Allah have mercy on him '. So stood the Ansar whose name Abu Talha and said, 'I am, O Messenger of Allah'. So he went with a friend before heading home then the Ansar asked his wife (Umm Sulaym), "Do you have food?" She replied, 'Do not have but food for children'. Abu Talha said, 'Give me a drink to them and their sleeped. Later when my guests come in, then I will show that I had eaten, when food was in hand, then stand up and turn off the lights'. This was done by Umm Sulaym. They sit and eat a meal, while the second wife of the night in a state of not eating. The next day both came to the Prophet respectfully then the Prophetrespectfully said, 'It is God's amazement (or laugh) to so and so and fulanah'. "

In another narration the Prophet said, "It is God amazed of what you two did to your guests."At the end of the hadith mentioned, the verse came down:"And they put (the Emigrants) on themselves. Even if they need (what they give it). "(Al-Hashr: 9).

Abu Talha could not help feeling excited, then he hasten to give the good news to his wife so fresh his eyes because Allah revealed the verses of the Quran that they always readable. In addition to preaching in the environment, Umm Sulaym also took part in the jihad with the troops of the Muslims.

Anas said, "The Prophet respectfully fight with Umm Sulaym and the women of the Ansar, when at war, the women give drink to the Mujahideen and treat the wound."

Thus, Umm Sulaym had a high position at the side of the Prophet respectfully, he never entered the house in addition to the house of Umm Sulaym, even the Messenger of Allah has given the good news that he has been an expert Jannah.


- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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