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Mariyah al-Qibtiyah (Died 16 H)

An Egyptian woman awarded by Muqauqis, the ruler of Egypt to the Messenger of year 7 H. Once freed and married to the Prophet and got a son named Ibrahim. After the death of the Prophet he was financed by Abu Bakr and Umar died during the caliphate of Umar.Just as Lady Raihanah bint Zaid, Mariyah al-Qibtiyah is a slave of the Prophet who later freed him and marry him. Prophet treat Mariyah as he treats his wives others. Abu Bakr and Umar were treated Mariyah like a Ummul-Mumineen. She was the wife of the Prophet the only one who gave birth to a son, Ibrahirn, after Khadija.

From Egypt to Yathrib
About nasab Mariyah, not much is known other than his father's name. His full name is Mariyah binti Syam'un and born in Egypt plateau known as name Half. His father from and Qibti tribe, and his mother was of the christian religion romawi. After adult, with his sister, Sirin, Mariyah employed at King Muqauqis.
Prophet sent a letter to Muqauqis through Hatib bin Baltaah, call king to convert to Islam. King Muqauqis receive Hatib with warm, but with a friendly he refused to convert to Islam, instead he sends Mariyah, Sirin, and a slave named Maburi, as well as gifts handicrafts from Egypt to the Prophet. On the way Hatib feel Mariyah heartbreak of having to leave hometown. Hatib entertain them to tell the Messenger of Allah and Islam, then invite them entry Islam. They also receive the invitation.

Prophet had received word rejection Muqauqis and prizes, and how shocked the Prophet against slave Muqauqis granting it. He took Mariyah for himself and handed over to the poet Sirin, Hasan ibn Thabit. The wives of the Prophet others very jealous for the presence of the beautiful Egyptian people so the Prophet had to leave home Mariyah Nu'man ibn Haritha located next rnasjid.

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad

God wants Mariyah al-Qibtiyah gave birth to a son of the Prophet after Khadijah ra How happy Prophet heard Mariyah pregnancy, especially after their children, namely Abdullah, Qasim, and Ruqayah died.

Mariyah conceive after a year arrived in Medina. Pregnancy makes Apostle jealous wives because they have a few years of marriage, but not blessed with any children. Prophet keep her content with very carefully. In the eighth month of Dhu al-Hijjah year Hijrah, Mariyah have the baby and then the Prophet gave him the name Abraham expect a blessing for the sake of the name of the father of the prophets, Abraham. Then he freed Mariyah entirely. The Muslims welcomed the birth of the son of the Prophet. with delight.

However, among the other Apostles wife jealous central fire burning, a feeling that God created predominantly in women. Jealousy sernakin appear along with the discovery of a secret meeting of the Prophet.

by Mariyah home Hafsah Hafsah while not being at home. This leads to Hafsah angry. Hafsah's anger over the Prophet proscribe Mariyah upon him. Relation to it, God has rebuked through His word:"O Muhammad, why do you forbid that which Allah has made for you; you are looking for fun heart wives? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "(QS. At-Tahriim: 1)

Aisha expressed jealousy to Mariyah, "I never jealous of the woman except to Mariyah because he flawless and the Prophet was very attracted to him. When he first came, the Prophet left it at home Haritha bin Nu'man al-Ansari, and then he became our neighbor. However, he often times there day and night. I feel sad. Therefore, the Messenger of room to move on, but he still went to that place. It was more painful for karni. "In another narration it is said that Aisha said," God gave him a son, while we do not dikaruni child no one. "

Some people from the class of hypocrites accuse Mariyah has given birth to a child with perverse deeds Maburi result, the slave who accompanied him from Egypt, and later became the servant of Mariyah. However, God reveal the truth to yourself Mariyah after Ali. Maburi meet with his sword drawn. Maburi said that he is a man who has been castrated by the king.

At the age of nineteen months, Ibrahim was sick so troubling both parents. Mariyah together Sirin always waiting Ibrahim. A malarn, when ill Ibrahim worsen, with feelings of sadness Prophet. together Abdur Rahman bin Awf went to the house Mariyah. When Ibrahim was dying, he said: "We can not help you out of the will of God, O Ibrahim."

Without him knowing it, tears have been streaming. When Ibrahim died, he was back said,"O Ibrahim, if mi not penintah haq, the promise is true, and the period that followed the end of our early days we are, we will undoubtedly feel sad over the death over this. We all feel sad, O Ibrahim ... Our eyes cry, our hearts grieve, and we are not going to say something that causes the wrath of God. "Such is the state of the Prophet when facing the death of his son. Despite being in the midst of sorrow, he remains in a reasonable path that remains an example for all of humanity in the face of great trials.

The Prophet. take care of himself then he buried his corpse in the Baqi '.

When DeathAfter the Prophet died, Mariyah live alone and directing his life only to worship God. He died five years after the death of the Prophet, namely in the 46th move, during the reign of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab. Caliph himself prayed bodies Lady Mariyah al-Qibtiyah, then buried in Baqi '. May God put him in the position of a glorious and blessed. Amen.

-Book Dzaujatur-Prophet, Joseph Amr work, Publisher Darus-Sa'abu, Riyadh.

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