Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad

He is the eldest son of the Prophet صلى ا لله عليه وسلم and he was dubbed by Abul Qosim, he lives to be able to walk later died at the age of 2 years.

Should not be the berkunyah 'Abul Qosim' based Hadith Prophet shollahu'alaihiwasallam, "Let you called with the name-my name but do not berkunyah with kunyahku (Abul Qosim)." (HR. Bukhari, no. 3537, etc.).

Ibn Qoyyim said, "Opinions are properly named with the name of the Prophet allowed. While berkunyah with chewable Prophet is forbidden. Berkunyah to chew the Prophet while he was still alive was forbidden again. Gathering names and chew the Prophet in a person is also forbidden. "(Zaadul Ma'ad, 2/317, Muassasah Ar-Risala).

He also said, "Chew is a form of respect for the people who were given chewing ... between the direction of the Prophet is to give to people who already have or who do not have children. There is no hadith that prohibits berkunyah with specific names, except berkunyah Abul Qasim. "(Zaadul Maad, 2/314).

Imam Ibn Muflih said, "Permitted berkunyah despite not having children." (Al-Adab ash-Syar'iyyah Ibn Muflih 3/152, Muassasah Ar-Risala).

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