Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (7)

Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah (Died 18 H) 
His full name is Amir bin Abdullah. Friends of origin Quraish includes ten companions are projected by the Prophet to heaven. He was dubbed the mandate holders of the Muslims who had followed all the battles along the Prophet respectfully. He includes command in the conquest of Sham (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine now). Her father including pagan forces were successfully overthrown and killed. He died of bubonic plague were rampant.

Abu Umamah (Died 1 H)  
His full name is Asad bin Zararah, a friend of Ansar origin who have long embraced Islam, in which he had participated in allegiance Akabah I and II. He is a chief, he was the first to pronounce allegiance at night and his allegiance Akabah also the first person to bring Islam to Medina. 

Abu Usaid (Died 60 H) 
The actual name is Malik ibn Rabiah ibn Baden As-Saidi, a friend who participated in the Battle of Badr with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully. Beliaulah friend Badr last soldier died. At the end of his life, he suffered blindness and died in the city of Medina. 

Abu Waqid Al-Laitsi (Died 68 H) 
His real name is Auf bin Harith Al-Laitsi, nicknamed Abu Waqid. He is a friend who never participated in the battle of Badr. He had stopped in the city of Medina and died in Meru Town at the time of Caliph Muawiah. 

Abu Zar Al Ghifari (Died 32 H) 
He is a friend who converted to Islam from an early age. During his ignorance has banned drank alcohol and he never took part in the worship of idols and therefore he is a famous person piety. He always took the poor so that integration with the rich. He is following the conquest Baitulmakdis together Caliph Umar. Prophet respectfully once said about him "May God give His grace to Abu Zar, who live alone, die alone and be resurrected itself anyway".

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