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Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad (Died 9 H)

Umm Kulthum is Rukayya sister, the daughter of the Prophet. He has been married to Utaibah bin Abu Lahab, Utbah brother who has been married Ruqayyah, sebelurn they know Islam. Then when the Prophet. has been appointed as the Prophet, he and his brothers embraced Islam gracefully. And propaganda of the Prophet.

Which is always opposed by Abu Lahab and his family, the cause of God was revealed to the Prophet. His words are read, then woe Abu Lahab '(Al-Lahab: 1)' After tutun this paragraph, Abu Lahab said kepads Utaibah her, "My head is not permissible for you not to divorce your head during the Prophet's daughter. So he divorced his wife, Umm Kulthum granted. Utaibah came to the Prophet. and say the words that offend the Prophet. Top periakuan it, then the Prophet. have prayed to God, to send his dogs to destroy Utaibah. And what has been prayed by the Prophet. against Utaibah it really happen.

In a journey, a fierce lion Utaibah teiah choose between his friends pounced on his head. Utaibah die in a terrible state. After the divorce, the Umm Kulthum back to live with the Prophet. in Mecca. He joined when the Prophet migrated to Medina. emigrate, then stay there with the family of the Prophet. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum are two brothers who travel their life is almost the same.

They both teriahir of the same father, same mother, their husbands were brothers whose names have the same meaning; She chewed and Utaibah, have the same law, converted to Islam on the same day, divorced on the same day, and after the divorce, they have the same husband anyway.

When Ruqayyah died, then Uthman ibn Affan. Umm Kulthum married pristine unspoiled oleb Utaibah. At the time it was the month of Rabi al-Awwal, year 3 AH. And both recently gathered in Jumadits-Thani. They lived together until Umm Kulthum died without getting a single child. Umm Kulthum died in the month of Sha'ban year 9 AH. The Prophet. said, 'If I had ten daughters, then I would still marry them with Uthman.' Umm Kulthum adaiah a beautiful woman. She likes to wear a striped silk robe. On the day of his death, his body was bathed by Asma bint Umais and Shafiah bint Abdul Muttalib. his body was placed on top of a coffin made of palm trunks polgon freshly cut. And at the time of burial, the Messenger. sitting near the grave of Umm Kulthum with tears. He said, who among you who do not mix with his wife last night? 'Abu Talha ra. said, "I, O Messenger of Allah 'and then he told him," Get thee down. "So Abu Talha down and bury Umm Kulthum.

Ruqoyyah and Umm Kulthum
Two daughters born from the womb of his mother, Khadija bintu Khuwaylid ibn Asad ibn 'Abd al' Uzza something from 'anha. Bears the name Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum something from 'anhuma, under the auspices of the peace of a noble father, Muhammad bin' Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam.

Before coming period his father was appointed as a prophet of God, Rukayya edited by a young man named 'Utbah, the son of Abu Lahab ibn' Abd al-Muttalib, while Umm Kulthum married to sisters 'Utbah,' Utaibah bin Abi Lahab. However, the marriage was not a long walk. Starting with the appointment of Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as a prophet, followed later down Surah Al-Lahab containing slur against Abu Lahab, then Abu Lahab and his wife, Umm Jamil, became furious. He said to his two sons, 'Utbah and' edit Utaibah the daughters of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "Haram if you two do not divorce the two daughters of Muhammad!"
 Go back to the two daughters of this noble shade shade his mother's father, before he interfered with her husband. Even with that God save them both from his enemies. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum was berislam together mother and sisters.

Allaah gives a much better substitute. Rukayya bintu Prophet something from 'anha edited by a noble friend,' Uthman ibn 'Affan something from' anhu.

As with other Muslims, they both face a test wave so powerful through the hands of the polytheists of Mecca in the grip of faith. Until finally, in the fifth year after nubuwah, Allaah opened the way to move to the earth Habasyah, towards the protection of a king who was never wrong anyone who is with him. 'Uthman ibn' Affan something from 'anhu bring his wife on a donkey, leaving Mecca, along with ten other friends, walk to the beach. There they rented a boat for half a dinar.

On earth Habasyah, Rukayya something from 'anha gave birth to a son named' Abdullah. However, the son of 'Uthman was not long-lived. Once upon a time, there was a cock that pecks his eyes to swell. By reason of this tragedy, 'Abdullah died at the age of six years.

Their journey is not over. When the Muslims left Mecca country to migrate to Madinah, they both also emigrated to the country. So even Umm Kulthum something from 'anha, emigrated with the family of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam.

Hoses how long they stay in Medina, echoed the call Badr. The companions prepare to face the enemies of God. But along with it, Rukayya bintu Prophet something from 'anha attacked sick. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also ordered' Uthman ibn 'Affan something from' anhu to stay with his wife.

It turns out that their last meeting. Among those nights Badr, the Prophet bintu Rukayya something from 'anha back to before his Lord because of his illness. 'Uthman ibn' Affan something from 'anhu own that go down to put his wife's body in his grave.

When the burial ground leveled Rukayya something from 'anha, sounding good news glories Muslims troops bulldoze the Pagans called by Zaid bin Haritha something from' anhu. Grief that took place alongside the arrival of victory, when Rukayya bintu Muhammad something from 'anha gone forever in the second year after the Hijrah.

After the death of Rukayya something from 'anha,' Umar bin Al-Khattab something from 'anhu offer to' Uthman ibn 'Affan something from' anhu to marry his daughter, Hafsa bintu 'Umar something from' anhuma who lost her husband in the field of Badr. But then 'Uthman gently rejects. Come 'Umar bin Al-Khattab something from' anhu to the presence of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam complaining disappointment.

Turns Allaah choose better than it all. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam Hafsah propose something from' anha to him, and marry 'Uthman ibn' Affan something from 'anhu with his daughter, Umm Kulthum something from' anha. Noted events in the month of Rabi 'al-Awwal is the third year after the Hijrah.

Six years passed. Bond of love that must be re-decomposed. Umm Kulthum something from 'anha back to the presence of his Lord in the ninth year after the Hijrah, without leaving a son also of her husband. His body was bathed by Asma 'bintu' Umais and Shafiyah bintu 'Abd al-Muttalib something from' anhuma.

Looks Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam menshalati her daughter's body. After that, he sat down on the side of the grave of his daughter. While his eyes in tears, he asked, "Is there anyone who does not come to his wife last night?" Abu Talha replied, "I do." He said, "Come down!"

The bodies of Umm Kulthum something from 'anha was brought down in the soil her grave by' Ali ibn Abi Talib, Al-Fadl ibn al-'Abbas, Usama bin Zaid and Abu Talha al-Ansari something from 'anhu. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum, the two daughters of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, may Allah be pleased with both of them ....
Wallahu ta’ala a’lamu bish-shawab. 

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