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Rabi'a ibn Ka'b

Rabi'a ibn Ka'b told me about the history of his life in Islam. He said, "In the young age of my soul has been brilliant with the light of faith. My little heart has been filled with insight and understanding of Islam. The first time I met with the Messenger of Allah, I instantly fell in love with him with all my body and soul. I'm very attracted to him, so I turned to him one of the others. "

One day my little heart said, "Hi Rabi'a! Why are you not trying to be a servant submissive to Allah? Try try. If he likes you will certainly happy to be next to him in love and will receive profits in the world and the hereafter. "

Thanks to the impulse, I soon came to the Prophet with full hope that he accepted to humble him. It turned out that my hopes are not in vain. He loved and accepted me into his servant. Since that day I always beside him, always under the shadow. I go where he goes and always ready in an environment where he is. When he winked at me, I immediately in front of him. When he needed anything, I was ready to serve.

I serve him all day until the end of time 'Isha' last. When he returned home he was sleeping, then I split up with him. However, my heart always says, "Where where thou O Rabi'a? Perhaps the Prophet need midnight. "So I sat down in front of his door and did not go far from home sill.

Middle of the night he got up to pray. Many times I heard him reciting surat Al-Fatihah. He always read them over and over again since the middle of the night to the top. After a sleepy eyes right before I go to sleep. Often I hear him read, "Liman Sami'allaahu hamidah." Sometimes he read it over with maturity longer than the distance replicates reading Al-Fatihah.

It has become a habit of the Prophet, if a do good to him, he prefers to respond with the most good. That is, he replied to him with the ministry also the most good. One day he called me and said, "Hi Rabi'a ibn Ka'b!"

"I, O Messenger of Allah!" I said, preparing to receive his orders. "Tell me your request, fulfill your future," he said.

I instantly silent, thinking. Then I said, "Ya Rasulallah, give me a little time to think about what that should be asked. After that, I'll tell it to you. "

"Well then," replied the Prophet.

I am a poor boy, no family, no wealth and have no homes in shuffatul masjid (mosque porch), together with colleagues in the same boat, the poor people of the Muslims. People called us "dhuyuful Islam" (guests) Islam. When a Muslim to give alms to the Messenger of Allah, alms were given him to us entirely. When someone gives a gift to him, he took a little and more shall be given him to us.

Encourage my soul so I asked for riches of the world to him, so I was free of poverty as the other people who became rich, has the property, wives, and children. However, little heart said, "Woe thee, O Rabi'a ibn Ka'b! The world will be burned and your fortune in the world has been guaranteed by Allah, there must be. In fact, the Prophet who is close God, never denied his request. Ask that he prayed to God for you hereafter virtue. "

My heart is steady and relieved with such a request. Then I came to the Prophet, then he asked, "What is your wish, O Rabi'a?"

And I said, "O Messenger of Allah! I ask hopefully you willing to pray to Allah Taala me to your friend in heaven. "

Prophet also rather long silence. Afterward he said, "Is there no longer permintaamu else?"I replied, "No, O Messenger of Allah! it seems there is no longer demand that exceeds the request for me. "

"Then help me with yourself. Plenty of you bow down, "said the Prophet. Since then I earnestly pray, in order to benefit accompany the Prophet in heaven, serving him as my advantage in the world.Not long after the Prophet called me, he said, "Are you not going to get married, O Rabi'a?"

I replied, "I do not want some thing that bothers me in submissive to you, O Messenger of Allah. In addition, I do not have anything to dowry to marry, and for the sake of survival or household. Prophet have nothing to answer. Not long after he called a second time. He said, "Do you not want to get married, yes Rabi'a?"

I replied as the first answer. But as I sit alone, I'm sorry. I said to myself, "O thou Rabi'a Woe! Why do you answer that? Did not the Prophet knows better what is good for you about religion and the world, and he knows better than you about yourself? By Allah if the Prophet called me again and asked the problem mate, I will answer, yes. "

It was not long after Rasululah asked again, "Are you not going to get married, O Rabi'a?" I replied, "Certainly, O Messenger of Allah! But who wants to marry me, as you understand, my situation. "The word Rasululah," So and so family Meet. Tell them that the Prophet told you marry your daughter, the someone with you. "

Shyly I came to their house. Then I said, "Messenger of Allah sent me here, you marry me your daughter the fulanah."

I replied, "Yes, the fulanah?"

They said, "Marhaban, bi Rasulilah, Marhaban wa bi apostolic Rasulillah!" (Welcome to the Messenger of Allah and the Prophet and welcome delegates). For The Sake Of Allah!

Messenger Prophet should not go home, but after his business met! "Then, they marry me with her daughter. Then I came to the Messenger. I said, "O Messenger of Allah! I have returned from a nice family home. They trust, honor, and marrying his daughter to me. But, how do I have to pay a dowry dowry? "

Messenger call Buraidah ibn al-Kasib, a Sayyid Sayyid among some in my nation, Bani Aslam. He said, "Hi, Buraidah! collect gold weighing date stones to Rabi'a ibn Ka'b! "

They immediately carried out the orders of the Prophet. Gold has been collected for me. Prophet said to me, "Give it to them gold. Say, "It's dowry to marry your daughter."

I went to get them, then I give gold as the Prophet said. They were very happy and said, "Well, a lot!"

I went back to the Messenger. I said, "I've never met a people who are as good as it was. They were delighted to receive the gold I gave. Although little, they say, "Well, a lot!" Now, how do I also hold a feast, as the marriage feast? From where I'm going to get charged, O Messenger of Allah? "

Prophet said to Buraidah, "Collect money for a kibasy, buy kibasy big fat!"

Then the Prophet said to me, "Aisha Meet wheat Ask him how there is to it."

I came to 'Aisha Mother of the Faithful. I said, "Yes, Mother of the Faithful! Prophet told me to ask how the existing wheat in the mother. "'Aisha saved available wheat was at his house. He said, "This is what is in us, there are only seven bushels. For The Sake Of Allah! no more than this, take it! "

I went home to my wife brought kibasy and wheat. They said, "Let us cook wheat. But kibasy, you should submit it to friends you cook it. "

I and some of the tribe of Aslam take kibasy it, and we slaughtered and skinned, then we cook together. Now available bread and meat for the marriage feast, he came fulfilling my invitation. 

Praise Be To God.

Then, the Prophet presented to me a piece of garden, bordered by gardens Abu Bakr Siddeeq. The world is now entering my life. So, I was at odds with senior companions Abu Bakr Siddeeq, on the palm tree. I said that the dates are in my garden, so is mine. Abu Bakr said, no, dates that are in the garden and into hers. I persisted and deny it, so he said the words that is not worth listening to. Once he is aware of already utter these words, he was sorry and said to me, "Hi Rabi'a! Say the words as well as I are bringing to you, as a punishment (Qisas) for me! "

I replied, "No! I will not say it! "Abu Bakr said," I reported you to the Messenger, if you do not want to say it! "Then he went to the Messenger. I followed him from behind.

My people of Bani Aslam denounced my attitude. They said, "Is not he the memakimu first? Then he also tell on the Prophet? "

I said to them, "Woe to you! Do not you know who he is? That "Ash-shidiq", the closest friend of the Prophet and the parents of the Muslims. Go you shortly before he saw a crowd of you here. I'm afraid that he thought you wanted to help me in this matter so that he became angry. Then in anger he came to complain to the Prophet. Messenger will be angry because anger Abu Bakr. Because both of his anger, Allah will be angry too, eventually the Rabi'a the wretched? "

Hearing my words they go. Abu Bakr met with Rasululah, then he told him what happened about me and him, in accordance with the facts. Prophet raised his head and said to me, "What happened among the Siddiq?"

And I said, "O Messenger of Allah! He want me to say cuss words to him, as he spoke to me. But, I do not want to say it. "

Prophet said, "Good!" Do not say those words. But, let's say, "li abi Ghaffarallaahu fuel." (May Allah forgive Abu Bakr).

Abu Bakr went in tears, he said, "Jazaakallaahu Khairan, yes Rabi'a ibn Ka'b." (May Allah reward you with goodness, O Rabi'a ibn Ka'b). 

- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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