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Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Talib (3-50 H)

He is the eldest son of Ali bin Abu Talib with Fatimah posture and his face looks similar to the Messenger. He was appointed as caliph after the death of his father. He prefers not to fight, to avoid bloodshed fellow Muslims, for that she give up her seat to the Caliphate to Muawiah until he died in Medina.

CVs Al-Hasan and Death 
By Ustadz Muhammad Umar sewed 
He was born in the month of Ramadan year 3 AH according to most of the scholars as Ibn Hajar said. (See Fath Bari juz VII, p. 464)

After his father Ali ibn Abi Talib radi 'anhu been killed, the majority of the Muslims membai'at him, but not because of the will of Ali. Said Sheikh al-Khatib Muhibbudin that was narrated by Imam Ahmad in Musnadnyajuz to-1 p. 130 -after mentioned that Ali will murdered- they said to him: "Name your place for us." Then he answered: "No, but I leave you on what has been left behind by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam ...." And mentioned by him (Muhibuddin Al-Khatib) some traditions in this matter. (See the book of Al-'Awashim Ta'liq Minal Qawashim, Ibn Arabi, pp. 198-199). But after that Al-Hasan handed obedience to Mu'awiya to prevent bloodshed among Muslims.

The story is narrated by Imam Bukhari in the book As-Shulh of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Basri, he said: -for God-Al-Hasan bin Ali has been facing Mu'awiya and several groups of horsemen like a mountain, then said, 'Amr bin 'Ash: "Indeed, I argue that the troops will not be turned away but after killing forces comparable to him". Mu'awiya said to him for the sake of God-and the best among the two parents: "O 'Amr! If they kill each other, then who will hold human affairs? Who will keep their women? And who will control the land they? "So he sent him (al-Hasan) two envoys of Quraysh from Bani 'Abdi Shams Abdullah bin Samurah and Abdullah bin Amr bin Kuraiz, he said:" Go you both to the people! Persuade and speak to him and ask him (peace -peny.) "So both of them came to him, talk to him and begged him ...) and then at the end of the hadith Al-Hasan bin Ali narrated from Abi Bakrah that he saw the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in the pulpit and Hasan bin Ali on his side facing the human instantaneous and momentary look at him and said:إن ابنى هذا سيد, ولعل الله أن يصلح به بين فئتين عظيمتين من المسلمين. (رواه البخارى مع الفتح? / 64? رقم 2? 04)Indeed this is my son Sayyid, may Allah would reconcile with him between two large groups from among the Muslims. (HR. Bukhari with Fath Bari, juz V, pp. 647, hadith no. 2704)

Says Ibn Kathir in Al-Bidayah: "... .al-Hussein blames his brother Al-Hasan on this opinion, but he did not want to accept it. And the truth is on Al-Hasan, as theorem that will come .... "(See AlBidayah wan Nihayah, juz VIII p. 17). What is meant by him is the proposition that we have mentioned above narrated from Abi Bakrah radi 'anhu.

That is the virtue of Al-Hasan greatest praised by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Then unite the Muslims until the year famous for the congregation.

What is surprising is precisely the Shiites Rafidlah regret this incident and dub Al-Hasan radi 'anhu as' pencoreng the faces of believers'. Most of them consider it wicked while some even heathen for it. Sheikh said Al-Khatib Muhibbudin comment on this Rafidlah speech as follows: "Whereas, including from the basics of faith Rafidlah -even the most main- basic belief is their belief that Al-Hasan, father, brother and nine offspring is infallible. And of the consequences of their infallibility, that they will not make mistakes. And what each of them means the right source that will not irrevocably. As for what comes from Al-Hasan ibn Ali radi 'anhuma is greatest pembai'atan against the Faithful Mu'awiya Amiril, then they should be included in this allegiance and faith that this is right because this is a practice that is infallible according to them. (See footnote book Al-Awashim terminal Qawashim pp. 197-198).

But in fact they menyelisihi their own priests infallible even blame, fasiq, or
heathen. So there are two possibilities:- First, they lie on their speech about the infallibility of twelve priests, then ruined their religion (religion Ithna ''Ashariyya).- Secondly, they believe in the infallibility of Al-Hasan, then they are traitors who difference infallible imam with hostility and arrogance and infidelity. And there is no third possibility.

As for the Ahlus Sunnah who believe in the prophetic "grandfather Al-Hasan 'alaihi wa sallam found peace and his allegiance to Mu'awiya radi' anhu is one proof of his prophethood sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and the largest charity Al-Hasan and they were delighted with it then considers alhasan that whiten the face of the believers.

Thus caliphate Mu'awiya took place with the unity of the Muslims as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta 'ala the sacrifice because al-Hasan ibn Ali radi' anhu great that he -for God-more right to the caliphate than Mu'awiya radi 'anhu as saying by Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi and the scholars. May God meridlai whole of the Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. In the year to 10 times caliphate diedd Mu'awiya Al-Hasan radi `anhu at the age of 47 years. And this is considered authentic by Ibn Kathir, while the celebrated was 49 years old. And Allaah knows best bish-sowab. When he was examined by a doctor, he said that Al-Hasan radi 'anhu died of poison that decides intestines. But unknown in the history of who killed him. The greeting Rafidlah the accused as the killer Mu'aawiyah totally unacceptable as stated by Ibn 'Arabi with his words:

"We say that this is not possible because of two things:First, that he (Mu'awiya) was not at all worried about any ugliness of Al-Hasan because he had handed his business to Mu'awiya. Second, it is a matter of the unseen which no one knows except God, then how could accuse to one of His creatures without evidence of distant era that we can not easily trust with a penukil excerpt from among the followers of the passions (Syi ' ah). In the state of slander and asabiyya, everyone will accuse their opponents with charges of improper, then it may not be accepted except on a clean and did not hear it but justice. "(See Al-Awashim terminal Qawashim pp. 213-214)

Similarly, said by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah that the allegations are untrue and Shiites are not imported by shar'i evidence and no testimony nor acceptable and there is also no firm
excerpt about it. (See Minhajus Sunnah juz 2 p. 225)

May God bless Al-Hasan bin Ali and ridla and multiply the reward of charity and merits. And may God accept her as a martyr. Ameen.

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