Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (14)

Ka'b bin Ujrah (Died 51 H) 
His name was Ka'b bin Ujrah Al-Ansari, a friend who was called by Abu Muhammad. He heard the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad respectfully. and hadeeth about Hajj and Umrah many narrated by Abdurrahman bin Abdullah bin Abu Laila and Mughaffal. He died in the city of Medina. 

Ka'b bin Zuhair (Died 26 H) 
Poetic son Zuhair bin Abi Salma is a poetic living in two times (ignorance and Islam). He was chided Islam, the Prophet respectfully and women of Islam that the Prophet respectfully justifies his blood, but he quickly apologized to the Prophet and expressed regret kasidah before the Prophet. The Prophet forgave him and gave gifts to his clothes. 

Khabbab bin Art (Died 37 H) 
Friends who had converted to Islam from this early opportunity to follow all the wars that followed the Prophet respectfully. In defending his religion is, he received many trials. Prophet respectfully unite him with Jubair bin Atiq. He died in the city Koufah. 

Khabib bin Adi (Died 4 H) 
Friends of origin Ansar, Aus tribe has had the opportunity to follow the battle of Badr. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully delegate him to the tribe of Bani Bani Adal and Qarah with a mission to teach them the teachings of Islam, but they deceive the Prophet, he was captured and sold residents of the area to the tribe of Bani Harith ibn Amir ibn Nawfal. Therefore, at the time the battle of Badr Khabib grandfather managed to kill them, then they killed him. 

Khalid bin Walid (Died 21 H)  
Companions Makhzumi ethnic origin are Arab entrusted to lead the Islamic forces in the Persian conquest and Sham (Syria and vicinity). He defeated the Roman army in the war Ajnadin and Yarmuk, but then he died in the city of Homs.

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