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Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (Died 3 H)

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid is the best of women of Paradise. It's as saying of the Prophet, "The best of women of Paradise are Maryam bint Imran and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid." Khadija was the first woman who poured her heart and devoted faith God to give birth to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully., Became the first woman to be Ummahatul the Faithful , and also feel the distress in the early phase of jihad pcnyebaran agarna God to all mankind.

Khadija was a woman who lived and grew up in the environment and the Quraysh tribe born of a respectable family in the fifteen years before the Year of the Elephant, so many young people who want marrird Quraisv. Before she married the Prophet, Khadija was twice married. Khadija was the first husband of Abu Halah at-Tamimi, who died leaving a lot of wealth, as well as extensive commercial network and growing. Khadija was the second marriage with Atiq bin Aidz bin Makhzum, who also died leaving property and commerce. Thus, Khadijah became the richest man in the tribe of Quraysh.

Holy Women 

Lady Khadija known as a holy woman since his marriage to Abu Halah and Atiq bin Aidz for virtue? Khlak and admirable trait. Therefore, do not be surprised if the Quraish and the reward in the form of a high tribute to him.

Abundant wealth that makes Khadija still trade. However, Khadija was not possible if the rest of his done without the help of others. It is impossible if he had to work directly in the trade and travel brought merchandise to Yemen in winter and in summer to Sham. Conditions that cause Khadija start hiring some employees who can maintain the trust of property and merchandise. To that end, the employees receive a salary and share of profits in accordance with the agreement. Although it was quite hard work, intellectual ability and kecemer1angan capitalize mind backed by a basic knowledge of the business and working together, Khadija able to select people who can do business with. That's what drove Khadilah towards a resounding success.

Honest youth 

Khadija had an employee who can be trusted and known by the name Maisarah. He was known as a sincere and brave young man, so Khadija dared to delegate responsibility for the appointment of a new employee who will escort and prepare the caravan, set prices, and choose the merchandise. Actually it is hard work, but the assignment to Maisarah not in vain.

Youth Fiduciary 

The Quraysh did not know any young man who wara, piety, and to be honest apart from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who since the age of fifteen years have been invited by Maisarah to the accompanying trade.

As usual, Maisarah accompany Muhammad to Sham to bring merchandise Khadija, as indeed they have agreed to work together.

Commerce them when it gives the advantage that very much so Maisarah back brings profits doubled. Maisarah said that their profits were due to Muhammad that trade with honesty. Maisarah tells the strange events during a trip to Sham with Muhammad. During the trip, he saw a roll of thick cloud that always accompany Muhammad as if to protect him from the sun. He also heard a monk named Bahira, who said that Muhammad is the man who will be the long-awaited prophet by Arabs sec- tors as it is written in the Torah and the Gospel.

Stories about Muhammad that seep into the soul of Khadija, and basically Khadija also have felt the presence of honesty, trust, and the light that always illuminates the face of Muhammad. Khadijah feeling it raises a tendency toward Muhammad in heart and mind, so that he met his uncle child, Waraqa ibn Nawfal, who is known for his knowledge of those who passed. Waraqa said that there would be a great prophet to look forward to humans and will release people from darkness into the light of God. Waraqa narrative that makes the intention and tendency towards Khadijah Muhammad grew, so he wants to get married to Muhammad. After that he sent Nafisa, sister Ya'la bin Umayya to investigate further about Muhammad, so finally Muhammad asked to marry her.

When the forty-year-old Khadija, but she is a woman of class respectable and wealthy families, so many young men of Quraysh who wanted to marry her. Khadijah Muhammad also approve the request. Then, with one of his uncle, Muhammad went to see my uncle named Khadija Amru bin As'ad to woo Khadija.

First wife of the Prophet 

God desires His chosen servants marriage with Khadija. When it is, the age of Muhammad just turned twenty-five years, while Khadija forty years. Despite their age so far adrift and their property was not worth it, their marriage is not a strange marriage, because Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has given the blessing and glory to them.

Khadija was the first wife of the Prophet and his wife became the sole before he rneninggal. God endowed Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. through rahirn Khadijah some children when needed unity and the number of offspring. He has give love and affection to Rasuluflah
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. at difficult moments and acts of violence and cruelty come from a close relative. Together Khadijah, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. mernperoleh per1akuan good and peaceful serene household, and full of love, after all this time he felt the bitterness become orphans and poor children yatirn.

Sons and daughters of the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam
Khadija gave birth to two sons, namely Qasim and Abdullah and four girls, that Zainab, Ruqayah, Umm Kulthum and Fatimah. Entire son and daughter were born before the prophetic, except Abdullah. Therefore, Abdullah later dubbed ath-Tayeb (Balk) and ath-Tahir (holy).

Zainab many rnenyerupai mother. After great, aunt Zainab married with children, Abul Ash Ibnur Rabi '. Zainab's wedding was the first event of the Prophet married his daughter, and the last one he married Umm Kulthum and Ruqayah with two sons of Abu Lahab, namely Atabah and Utaibah. When the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. sent into the Prophet, Fatima az-Zahra, his youngest daughter rnasih small.

Besides them there are also Zayd ibn Harithah who is often called the son of Muhammad. Initially, Zaid was bought by Khadijah of market Mecca, which then made his slave. When Khadija was married to Muhammad, Khadija give Zaid to Muhammad as a gift. Messenger of love Zaid because he has admirable qualities. Zaid was very loving Prophet. But in other places, father Zaid always looking for his son and finally she got the news that Zaid is in place Muhammad and Khadijah. He came to the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam to request that he return the Zaid him even though he had to pay dearly. Prophetsallallaahu alaihi wa sallam  give full freedom to Zaid to choose between tet? P lived with him and joined with his father. Zaid still choose to live together with the Prophet, and this is where we can schingga noble mengetahuisifat Zaid.

In order to later day is not a problem that will incriminate his father, the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. and Zaid bin Haritha towards the Kaaba page for freedom anaunce Zaid and appointment as a child. After that, his father gave up his son and feel calm. From there why many have dubbed as Zaid bin Zaid Mohammed. However, the law's adoption fall after dropping verses cancel, because it is the custom of ignorance, as Allah says the following:"... If you know their fathers, then (call to merela as) your brothers in religion and Maula-maulamu ..." (QS. At-Tawbah: 5)

In the period of Prophethood of Muhammad
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam 
Muhammad ibn Abdullah home life with Khadijah bint Khuwaylid with tenterarn under the auspices of noble character and holy spirit husband. At that time, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. be a place to complain Quraish in resolving disputes and conflicts that occur between them. It shows just how high their position in front of the Prophet during prakenabian. He was alone in the Cave of Hira, Thrall din Allah the Almighty, in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Abraham.Khadija very ik.hlas with everything that made her husband and not to worry as long as her husband left. Even her visit as well as preparing food and drink for him in the cave, because he was convinced that whatever made him an important issue that will change the world. At that time, the Prophet Muhammad was forty years.

Once, as he usually alone in the Cave of Hira-time the Ramadan month. He was very shaky when he heard a voice calling his magical Angel Gabriel. The angel Gabriel told him to read, but he simply replied, "I can not read." Finally, the angel Gabriel approached and hugged him to her chest, saying, "Read, O Muhammad!" When that Muhammad was very confused and frightened, as he replied, "I can not read." Hearing that, the Angel Gabriel tightened his arms, and said, "Read in the name of your Lord who created man from a clot. Read and your Lord the Most Noble. He taught them by the hand of a pen. He taught everything they do not know. "Prophet Muhammad followed the reading. Profusely sweat pouring from his entire body so that he exhausted and did not find the way to the house. Khadija see him in such a state of shocked, then led her into the house, and tried to allay the fears and concerns that filled his chest. "Give me a blanket, Khadija!" Several times he asked his wife to envelop her. Khadijah give peace to the Prophet with all the tenderness and affection that he felt at ease and safe. He ridak directly tell what happened to her to Khadijah fearing Khadijah regard it as a mere illusion or delusion him.

Great personal

 After he lost the fear, Khadilah sought to Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. express what he had experienced, and eventually he was telling the recent events happened. Khadijah listened to him with interest and trust everything, so the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. felt that she was suspected to be the stuff like that.

From the beginning Khadija was convinced that her husband would receive a mandate Almighty God for the whole universe. The incident was the beginning of Muhammad's prophethood and the task of conveying the message of God to man. It also represents a new chapter in the life of Khadija which he must trust and believe in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, so the Prophet said, "I hope her be a strong fortress for me."

This is where a personal look greatness and wisdom and maturity of thought Khadija. Khadija has achieved a high degree and perfect, which has never been achieved by any woman. He had said to the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, "By Allah, Allah is not going to vain you, you always connect friendship, speak true, bear the burdens of others, help the poor, respect guests, and help alleviate the pain and misfortune of others."

Once the Prophet was comforted and can sleep peacefully, Khadijah's uncle came to the child, Waraqa ibn Nawfal, who are not affected ignorance tradition. Khadija told the incident suffered by her husband. Hear the story of the Prophet, Waraqa exclaimed, "Exalted Exalted ... .... For the sake of the soul Waraqa in his grasp, if you believe in my words, then what diihat Muhammad in the Cave of Hira was a twist that is down to Moses and Jesus before, and Muhammad is the prophet of the end times, and his name is written in the Torah and the Gospel. " Hearing the news, Khadija soon meet him (the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) and convey what was said by Waraqa.

Initial period of Jihad in the Way of Allah

 Khadija believed and embraced her husband's call agarna carries before it was announced to rnasyarakat. That's the first step in the accompanying her husband Khadija strive in the way of Allah and bear the bittersweet interference in spreading the religion of Allah.

Some time later Gabriel returned to Muhammad
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. to bring a second revelation of God:"O ye who covered, Arise and deliver warning and glorify your Lord and your clothes clean up, and sin (idolatry) leave, and thou janganlab (with intent) memperoleb (children) are more. And to (fulfill orders) Lord, have patience "(QS. Al-Muddatstir: 1-7)

The above verse is a command for the Prophet to begin preaching to the people of the house and his close relatives. Khadija was the first to
pledge the faith in the minutes of the Prophet Muhammad and expressed willingness to be a loyal defender of the Prophet. Then followed Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet's uncle child who since childhood he was raised in a household. Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first to convert to Islam from among the children, then Zaid bin Haritha, a slave of the Prophet who was called Zayd ibn Muhammad. Of the adult male, Abu Bakr began to convert to Islam, followed by Uthman ibn Affan, Abdur Rahman bin Awf, Sa'd ibn Abi Waqash, az-Zubayr ibn Layman, Talha bin Ubaidilah, and other Sahat companions. They entered the Islamic states in secret and should be praying on the outskirts of the city of Mecca.

Preaching period Patently 

After preaching furtively, there came the command of Allah to the Prophet to launch propaganda openly. Therefore, he came into the midst of the people cried out loud, "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar ... There is no god but Allah, no partner to Him, He did not give birth, nor is born." Call him a very strange sound in the ears of Quraysh. Prophet Muhammad to call people to worship the one God, not Laata, Uzza, Hubal, Manat, and the other gods who mernenuhi courtyard of the Kaaba. Of course they refused, abused, and even did not hesitate to torture Messenger. Every path he sprinkled through animal waste and thorns.

Khadijah appear accompany the Prophet with great affection, love, and tenderness. His face always refract cheerfulness, and his lips slid honest words. Any anxiety that the Messenger of catapult the treatment of people of Quraysh always heard by Khadija attentively and then she motivates and liver stronged Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. Together with the Prophet, Khadija bear the hardship and grief, so it is not uncommon that he should precipitate unexpressed feelings on her husband's face and disturbing feelings. Which came out adalab speech gentle as conditioning and liver bidder.

People who are hardest to hurt the Prophet was his own uncle, Abdul Uzza bin Abdul Muttalib, who is better known as Abu Lahab, and his wife, Umm Jamil. They ruled their children to break the engagement with the second daughter of the Prophet, Umm Kulthum and Ruqayah. However, God has provided a substitute for the more noble, namely Uthman ibn Affan for Ruqayah. God cursed Abu Lahab through His word:"Perish the hands of Abu Lahab will perish. It is not useful to him his property and what he seeks. Later he would go into the turbulent flame. And (so did) his wife, firewood carrier. Who in his neck and coir rope. "(QS. Al-Lahab: 1-5)

Khadija is a refuge for the Prophet. Of Khadija, he gained the hearts and joy shade her face which always adds to the spirit and patience to continue to strive to disseminate the religion of Allah to all corners. Khadija did not take into account the depleted treasury used in this struggle. Meanwhile, Abu Talib, the Prophet parnan, become a bastion of him and keep him from the torment of the Quraysh, because Abu Talib is a highly respected figure and calculated by the Quraysh.

The Quraysh boycott against Muslims

 After numerous unsuccessful attempts made to stop the propaganda Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully, either seduction, intimidation, and torture, the Quraysh decided to boycott and besiege the Muslims and write a declaration that then hung on the door of the Kaaba for people to boycott the Quraish Muslims, including the Prophet, his wife, and also his uncle. They were isolated in the outskirts of the city of Mecca and was boycotted by the Quraish in the form of an embargo on transportation, communication, and other daily necessities.

In such conditions, the Prophet and his wife can endure, even though his physical condition is old and weak. When the life of Khadija very much and previous life wallowing in wealth, prosperity, and height degrees. Khadijah willingly suffered thirst and hunger in accompanying the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. and the Muslims. He was very confident that soon the help of God will come. Their other families, occasional and in secret, sending food and drink to sustain life. The boycott lasted for three years, but not the slightest shake of their creed, even that they feel is increased Pharmaceutics faith in the liver. Thus, the Quraysh efforts have failed, so they ended the boycott and let the Muslims back to Mecca. Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. was again called on the name of God's Majesty and continue his jihad.

Khadija's death 

A few days after the boycott, Abu Talib fell ill, and everyone believes that sick time is late and hidupnva noodles. In such circumstances, Abu Jahl and Abu Sufjan persuade Abu Talib to Muhammad advised to stop preaching, and in its place is a treasure and rank. However, Abu Talib was not willing, and he knew that the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam will not be willing to exchange his message to the whole world rank and wealth.

Abu Talib died in the same year, the year it was referred to as' Aamul Huzni (in grief) in the life of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. Instead, the Quraysh very excited for the death of Abu Talib, because they will be more free to intimidate the Prophet
sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. and his followers. At a critical time before the death of his uncle, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. whispered something, As soon as I lose you?

In the same year, Lady Khadija was seriously ill as a result of several years of suffering from hunger and thirst because of the boycott. Every day, his condition worsening, so the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. getting sad. Together Khadijahlah Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. build a happy home life. In not too long illness, at the age of sixty-five years, Khadija died, after Abu Talib. Khadijah was buried in the highlands of Mecca, known as al-Hajun. Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. himself who takes care of his wife's body, and the last thing he said when removing his departure is: "The best of the heavenly host adalab woman Maryam bint Imran and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid."

Khadija died after getting the glory that never belonged to another woman, Mother of the Faithful He was the first wife of the Prophet, the first woman to mernpercayai minutes of the Prophet, and the first woman to give birth to sons and daughters of the Prophet. He gave up its property for the benefit of jihad in the path of Allah. He was the first to receive the good news that he is an expert heaven. Memory of Khadijah always win in the heart of the Prophet until his death. May Allah be with Lady Khadija bint Khuwaylid and may Allah give him a decent place in his side. Amen.


- Book Dzaujatur-Prophet, Joseph Amr work, Publisher Darus-Sa'abu, Riyadh.

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