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Zaid al-Khair

Told in the books of literature. Syaukani priest tells of an old Bani 'Amir, he said: "At one point we were able disaster drought, crops and livestock we perish. A man among us went with the family to the abandonment of his family Hirah there. He said, 'Wait for me here until I get back!' "

Then diabersumpah not going back to them, but after successfully obtaining a treasure for them, or he dies. Then prepared supplies, and then he walked all day. On the evening he came to a tent, near the tent there foal. He said, "This is the first rampasanku." Then dihampirinya foal and lost its sting. When he was about to drive it, suddenly heard a voice calling him. "Remove the foal, and go with you!" Then he left the horse and then he continued to leave that place.

Seven days and seven nights; running. Finally he came to a camel resting place. Not far away there is a large camping tent skin. Shows the wealth and luxury owners.

Male traveler said to himself, "Here of course there are camels, and in a tent was certainly no inhabitants."

When the day is almost sunset. He entered into the tent, and he found an old man who had udzur (nursing). Then he sat in the back of the old man with a secret.

Not long after, the day was getting dark. A horseman (Al-Faris) tall stature come to camp. Two of the harem and follow from the left and right foot. They took about a hundred camels which was preceded by a large male camel. When the male camel kneel resting place, the whole she-camel knelt down anyway.

Pointing to a female camel fat, Al-Faris told the slave, "The camel milk dairy, then give to sheikh (old man)!"

Slave was immediately flushed the whole bowl of camel's milk, then in
serve the Sheikh. After that he went. The old man took a sip of the milk mouthful two sips, then laid back. The traveler said, "I crawled slowly approached Sheikh. I took the vessel in front of him, then I spend all of it. "Then the slave come take a bowl of milk. He said to his master, "Sheikh has finished his drink."

Al-Faris (horseman) exultant to the slave, "Milch again this camel milk!", Pointing to another camel. The slave immediately orders his employer and serve a bowl of milk to the Shaykh again. Shaykh drank a sip of milk and placed. Then a bowl of milk was taken by the traveler and half drunk, he said, "I'm reluctant to spend it, because I was worried about the horseman suspicious."

Then Al-Faris ordered another slave slaughter. Al-Faris cook the lamb, then feed the Sheikh with his own hands until he satisfied. After Sheikh satisfied, then Al-Faris eat together with the slave. Not long after, they all went to bed.

While they slept soundly, I went to a male camel. Then I took off the leash, I then drove away. Other camels following the male camel to go and I continue to go middle of the night. Once the day came, I looked around. It turns out there was no perceptible people to catch up. I kept running until noon. At one point I looked back. Suddenly visible to me in the distance a shadow moving fast towards me, like a huge bird. The longer, the shadow was added close to me and a real plus. Finally clear to me, it is nothing but the shadow of Al-Faris (horseman) looking for his camel which I brought away. I immediately fell tether male camel. Then I took an arrow from the tube and I put on a bow. I stood with his back to the camels. Rather far in front of me stood Al-Faris. He said to me, "Release the male camel!" I replied, "No! I left my family in Hirah are starving. I have vowed never to go back to them before they managed to bring food or I die. "

Al Faris said, "If you do not remove it, I'll kill you. Release! Curse thee! "

I replied, "No! Will not let go though what will happen !. "

Al Faris said, "Woe to you! You thief! "

He said also continued, "Stretch gusset strap the middle." He took aim, then release the dart right on target as if plugged with hands like. Then dipanahnya well as second and third gusset without missing iota. Seeing kenyatan it, I put my arrow child back into tube. I stood up and gave up. He came up to me, and took the sword and my arrow child. He said commanded me "Bonceng behind me!"

I ride ride behind him. He asked, "Do you think I will drop what punishment against you?"

I replied, "Sure severe punishment!"

He asked them, "Why!"

I replied, "Because that is not commendable actions and trouble you. God won and beat you! "

He said, "Why do you think so? Did not you have to meet 'Muhailil' (my father) to eat, drink and sleep overnight with him? "

Heard him say 'Muhailil', I asked him, "Are you Zaid al-Khail?"

He answered, "Yes!"

I said, "You are a good trap."

He replied, "Do not worry!"

He took me back to perkemahanya. He said, "For God's sake! If the camels is my own, really give it all to you. But unfortunately, this camel belongs to my sister. Stay here stuff two or three days. Soon there will be war, where I'm going to win and gain the spoils. "

The third day he attacked the sons Numair. He won and gained the spoils nearly a hundred camels. Camels spoils it exerts all to me. Then
assigned two guards to escort camels during the trip up to Hirah. That character Zaid al-Khail during the Ignorance. The form of life in Islam, many people written in the history books.

When news about the appearance of a prophet. With propaganda that
propaganda heard by Zaid al-Khail, then prepared the vehicle. Then he invited prominent leaders of his people visit to Yathrib (Medina) to the Prophet Muhammad. A large delegation consisting of the leaders went along with it to see the noble Prophet. Among others, there Zur bin Sadus, Malik ibn Jubayr, Amir bin Juwain and others. On arrival in Medina, they continue to go to the noble Prophet's mosque and their camels lay at the door of the mosque. When they go to the mosque, incidentally giving the sermon of the Prophet were in the pulpit. They were intrigued to hear the sayings of the Prophet, and was amazed to see the Muslims secretly listened attentively.

When the Prophet saw them, he made his speech to the Muslims: "I'm better for gentlemen and gentlemen than idol 'Uzza and all the idols worshiped gentlemen. I'm better for gentlemen than black camel and than all the gentlemen worship besides Allah. "

The sayings of the Prophet in his speech, it is very impressive in the heart Zaid al-Khair. People serombongannya divided. Most calls to the right, and others refused to arrogant. Most crave heaven and partly resigned to hell. Seeing the Prophet who spoke dazzle his audience, surrounded by the believers who shed tears of sorrow, hatred arises in the heart Zur bin Sardus fearful. He told his friends, "For God's sake! This person will definitely rule the whole Arab nation. For God'S Sake! I will not allow my neck mastered forever. "

Then he went to the land of Sham. There he shaved his head like a priest, then he converted to Christianity.

Zaid al-Khail another. When the Prophet finished his speech, he stood among the congregation of the Muslims. Zaid man handsome, capable and tall. If riding a horse, legs tergontai almost to the ground. He stood with his body upright and spoke with a loud voice. He said, "Yes, Muhammad! I testify there is no god but Allah and that you are the Messenger of Allah. "

Prophet turned to him as he asked, "Who are you?"

Zaid replied, "I Zaid ibn al-Khail Muhailil."

Prophet said, "Surely you Zaid al-Khair, no longer Zaid al-Khail. Praise be to God who brought you here from your hometown, and soften your heart to accept Islam. Since then Zaid al-Khail famous by the name of Zaid al-Khair. "

Then the Prophet took him to his house, followed by Umar ibn Khatthab and some other friends. Arriving at the house of the Prophet, he renounced his seat pedestal to Zaid. But Zaid al-Khair reluctant to accept and return it to him. Prophet threw up three times, but Zaid al-Khair still refused, because they feel awkward sitting on a cushion noble Prophet.

After Zaid sat quietly in the assembly, the Prophet said, "I've never known someone whose characteristics are different than those mentioned to me, but you're a. Hi Zaid! Within you there are two preferred nature of God and His Messenger. "

"What is that, O Messenger of Allah?" Asked Zaid.

Rasululah replied, "Patience and sponsors."

Zaid said, "Praise be to Allah who has to make me have preferred attributes of Allah and His Messenger."

Then he further said, "Give me three hundred horsemen were deft. I promise you will attack the country Rum and take the country out of their hands. "

Prophet admired Zaid's ideals. He said, "How the magnitude of your ideals, O Zaid. There is no one like you. "

Some people accompany Zaid, converted to Islam with him. When Zaid and those who disagree with him about to return to Nejed, the Prophet said, "I wish he was. Many of the benefits that might have happened if she survived the plague outbreak in Medina. "

When it Madinah Al-Munawarah was hit by an outbreak of fever. On a night Zaid al-Khair attacked the disease. Zaid al-Khair said to his followers, "Take me to the village Qais! Indeed, between us and them no hostility of Ignorance. But for the sake of Allah! I do not want to kill the Muslims so that they die of this illness outbreak. "

Zaid al-Khair proceeded to the village in Nejed. But unfortunately the fever is rampant. He wants to see his people in Nejed and expected them to convert to Islam at his hands. He has aspired good. But a preceding trial before the goal is accomplished. Not long after he breathed his last on the trip. Very little spare time for him after he converted to Islam, so there is no opportunity to sin. He died not long after he declared in front of the Prophet of Islam.


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