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Abu Talha al-Ansari

Zaid ibn Sahl-Najjary an alias Abu Talha know that women named Rumaisha bint Milhan late-Najjariyah, aka Umm Sulaym, live widow since her husband died. Abu Talha was very happy to learn Umm Sulaym a good woman, intelligent, and has the properties of a perfect woman.

Abu Talha Umm Sulaym wished to apply immediately, before another man before him. Because, Abu Talha know, many other men who want to be his wife Umm Sulaym. However, Abu Talha believe no one other man who will own heart Umm Sulaym besides Abu Talha own. Abu Talha perfect man, occupying a high social status, and wealthy. In addition, he is best known as a horseman who deftly among the Bani Najjar, and archers telling of Yathrib to be reckoned with.

Abu Talha went to the house of Umm Sulaym. On the way he remembered, Umm Sulaym heard propaganda of a missionary who came from Mecca, Mushab bin Umair. Then, Umm Sulaym by Muhammad's faith and embrace Islam. However, stelah think so, he said kepda himself, "This is not a hindrance. Is not the religion of her husband who died of his ancestors? In fact, her husband was against him and his message. "

Abu Talha arrived at the house of Umm Sulaym. He asked permission to enter, then allowed by Umm Sulaym. Umm Sulaym's son, Anas, they were present at the meeting. Abu Talha express purpose of his arrival, that is going to apply to be his wife Umm Sulaym. It turns out that Umm Sulaym reject an application Abu Talha.

Umm Sulaym said, "Surely a man like you, O Abu Talhah, I rejected his proposal inappropriate. But I'm not going to marry you, because you are an infidel. "

Abu Talha thought that Umm Sulaym just looking for excuses. Maybe in the heart of Umm Sulaym had the pleasure another man richer and nobler thereof.

Abu Talha said, "By Allah! What sesungguhnyayang hinder you to accept the proposal, O Umm Sulaym? "

Umm Sulaym replied, "No, other than that."

Abu Talha asked, "What is yellow or white ...? Gold or silver? "

Umm Sulaym asked back, "Gold or silver ...?"

"Yes, gold or silver?" Replied Abu Talha asserted.

Umm Sulaym said, "I watched you, O Abu Talhah, I saw Allah and His Messenger, in fact if you are Muslim, I am willing you to be my husband without gold and silver, gold enough it became a dowry for me."

Hearing the words of Umm Sulaym, Abu Talha remembered sembahannya statue made of wood nice and expensive. The statue was specially made for personal, such as custom-ment ment of his people, Bani Najjar.

Umm Sulaym was determined to forge the iron while it's hot (Islamize Abu Talhah). While Abu Talha was stunned to see idols sesembahannya, Umm Sulaym continues, "Know you, O Abu Talha, who you worship the statue was made of wood that grows in the earth?" Asked Umm Sulaym."Yes, Yes!" Replied Abu Talha.

"Are you not ashamed to worship a piece of wood to the Lord, while others you make the cut firewood for cooking? If you convert to Islam, O Abu Talhah, I'm willing you to be my husband. I'm not going to ask for dowry from you other than that, "said Umm Sulaym.

"Who should mengislamkanku?" Asked Abu Talha.

"I could," said Umm Sulaym.

"How?" Asked Abu Talha.

"It's not hard. Just Say the words of the Declaration! Watch there is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad indeed. After that return to your house, destroy your idols, then discard! "Said Umm Sulaym explained.

Abu Talha seemed happy. Then, he uttered two sentences of the Declaration. After that Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym. Heard Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym with a dowry of Islam, the Muslims said, "We have never heard a more expensive dowry to marry than dowry to marry Umm Sulaym. Dowry is converted to Islam. "

From that day Abu Talha was under the auspices of the flag of Islam. All the power available to him sacrificed for submissive to Islam.

Abu Talha and his wife, Umm Sulaym, including a group of seventy who swore allegiance (allegiance) to the Prophet at Aqabah. Abu Talha was appointed Prophet became head of one of the team of twelve teams were formed that night on the orders of the Prophet to Islamize Yathrib.He fought with the Prophet in every battle that led him. In war, there is nevertheless also Abu Talha get glorious trials. However, the greatest ordeal suffered Abu Talha is when fighting with the Prophet in the Battle of Uhud. Listen to the story!

Abu Talha love the Prophet wholeheartedly, so that the feeling of love that flows into all blood vessels. He never feel bored seeing the noble face, and never feel tired of hearing his hadiths are always sweet to her. When the Messenger of Allah alone with him, she knelt before him, saying, "This is me, I made ransom for yourself and face your face replacement."

When the battle of Uhud, the ranks of the Muslims divided. They fled in disorder from the side of the Prophet. Therefore, the Muslims had to break through their defenses up close to him. Managed to injure his enemies, break the teeth, injuring his forehead, and his lips, so that the blood streaming down his face. Then the Pagans broadcast issues Prophet had died.

Hearing the cry of the Prophet, the Muslims became discouraged and fled the ravaged give their backs to the enemies of God. Only a few people Tentar Muslims who stayed to guard and protect the Messenger. Among them was Abu Talha who stood at the front.

Abu Talha was in the presence of the Prophet like a hill standing with Pharmaceutics protect him. Prophet stood behind her, protected from enemy arrows and javelins by the body of Abu Talha. Abu Talha pull rope arrows, then release the rope dart right on target without fail. He shoot the enemy one by one. Suddenly the Prophet looked up to see who the target arrow Abu Talha.

Abu Talha backward toward him, fearing he was hit by enemy arrows. "For God's sake, let the Prophet looked up to see them, later exposed their arrows. Let the neck and chest parallel to the neck and chest of the Prophet. Make me be your shield, "he said steadily.

A Muslim soldier suddenly ran close to the Prophet carrying a bag of arrows. Prophet summoned soldiers. He said, "Give the child to Abu Talha thine. Do not be carried away! "Abu Talha always protect the Messenger so that three rods broken bow to him, and the number of soldiers killed arrowed idolaters.

God save and preserve His Prophet always under his supervision until the meeting is over.Abu Talha was so generous with his life fighting fisabilillah, but more bounteous again sacrificed his property to the religion of Allah. Abu Talha has plot withdraw it very wide. No garden in Yathrib area and gardens as good as Abu Talha. Trees lush, lush fruits, and sweet water.

On a day when Abu Talha prayer under the shade of a shady, distracted by a bird whistling green, red beak, and both kaikinya beautifully colored. The bird hopped from branch to branch with his love, whistling and dancing. Abu Talha was amazed to see the bird. He read the rosary, but his mind is not separated from the bird.

When he realized that he was praying, he forgot how many cycles prayer. Two or three rakaatkah he could not remember. Finished the prayer he went to the Prophet and told him about recent events experienced in prayer. She said also to him shady trees and birds whistling while dancing when she was praying.

Then he said, "Watch the Messenger of Allah! I garden as charity in Allah and His Messenger. * Use the will of Allah and His Messenger. "

Abu Talha often fasted and fought all his life. In fact, he died while fasting and war fisabilillah.At the time of Caliph Uthman ibn Affan, the Muslims were determined to do battle at sea. Abu Talha was getting ready to take part in the battle together with the Muslim army.

Said her children, "O our father!" Mr. already old. Father had fought together the Prophet, Abu Bakr and Umar. Now Mr. must rest. Let us fight for you. "

Abu Talha replied, "Is not Allah Almighty has said, which means," Leave you in a state of happy and hard, and you strive with their wealth and yourselves in the way of Allah. That is better for you if you are aware. "(At-Tawbah: 41). God's Word commands us all, both young and old. God does not limit our age to fight. "

Abu Talha refuse their children to stay at home, and insisted to join the war.

When Abu Talhah who are elderly it was on the ship together with the Muslim army in the middle of the ocean, he fell ill and died on the ship. Muslims look around the mainland, looking for a place to bury Abu Talha. However, six days after his death, then they met with the mainland. During the Abu Talha bodies buried in the midst of them on the boat without the slightest change nevertheless. In fact, he's just like people who sleep well alone.


- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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