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Shafiyah Bint Abdul Muttalib

His full name is Safia bint Abdul Muttalib ibn Hisham ibn Abd Manaf ibn Qusai ibn Kilab al-Qurasyiyah al-Hashemite. She is the aunt of the Prophet respectfully, sister of the lion of God Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib. She is also a mother of noble companions, namely Zubayr ibn al-Awam. 

Safia ra grow at home Abdul Muttalib, Quraysh leaders and people who have a high position, respected, and noble. He is believed to take care of the pilgrimage entrants.

All activities that impress upon Safia ra, thus forming his strong personality. She is a woman who is fluent verbal and linguists. A scholar and brave horsemen. He ra including women who early in his son believe that honest and trustworthy that Muhammad respectfully, and good become Muslim. He emigrated with his son named Zubeir bin Awwam to keep his Islam.

Safia ra witnessed the spread of Islam and contributing to the spread. It jihad is flesh and blood. Therefore, he did not waste the opportunity on the day of Uhud became a pioneer for women who come out to help the Mujahideen and sacrificing their spirit to fight, in addition he also treat wounded fighters who among them.

When destiny God wants the Muslims hit back because archers violates the command Apostle as commander, the troops were scattered from Rasulullah srespectfully. However, Safia stood bravely, while holding a stick in his hand and he was at the faces of those who mudurdari war and said, "You are about to leave the Prophet respectfully?"

When Safia know the martyrdom of his brother, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib ra, who dubbed the lion of God who was murdered in cold blood, then Safia give a great example for us in terms of patience, fortitude, and fortitude. He himself tells us what he saw, he said:"On the day of the killing of Hamza, Zubeir see me and said, 'O my mother, indeed the Prophet respectfully tell you to come back '. He replied, 'Why? It has reached me about slashed brother, but he was martyred by God, we are very pleased with what has happened, really I will be patient and steadfast, God willing. After Zubeir ra notify the Prophet respectfully about my comment, he said,' Give way for him ...! "So I get Hamzah and when I saw it, I said, 'Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un, then I ask for forgiveness for him, after The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully ordered to bury him'. "

Another picture of the Mujahidah Safia and horsemen are happening when the Trench War when Jewish forces tried to attack a woman when the Muslim women and children are in a castle. There was also Hassan bin Thabit. When there are Jews around the castle, while the Muslims are facing an enemy, then stood Safia ra and said to Hassan, "Surely this Jewish man makes us insecure, because they will know our shortcomings, then stand up and kill it. Then, Hassan said, 'May God forgive you, you really know that as it is not my forte'. "

When Safia Hassan heard the answer, he immediately got up and full of spirit in his soul, he took a hard stick and then down from the fort. He waited for an opportunity
careless the Jewish people and he hit it right on the head crown in repeatedly to be able to kill him. He is "the first woman to kill a man". He returned to the fort and implied excitement in his eyes, because it is able to eliminate the enemy of God, which means it is to keep a secret persembuyian women and Muslim women from them. Then he said to Hassan, "Come down and lucutilah him, because nothing is blocking me to disarm them, but because he is a man." Hassan said: "I am not interested to disarm O bint Abdul Muttalib."

That the Muslims gain a victory in this war with the faithful and brave souls who do not know the term impossible to achieve the victory.

When Khaibar, Safia ra out with Muslim women to pump up the spirit of the troops of the Muslims. They made camp on the battlefield of jihad to treat wounded troops since the war.

Prophet respectfully feel happy with the role of the Mujahidah so that they also get a share of the spoils.

The Prophet respectfully loving aunt, Safia ra, and honor him and give him part of the lot. When down the verse: "Wa andzir 'Asyiratakal aqrabin' (And give warning to the nearest kin-kin)." (As-Shura: 214).

He said, "O Fatima bint Muhammad, O Safia bint Abdul Muttalib, O Bani Abdul Muttalib, I can not help you from the torment of the power of God. Ask me anything that is within me. "

Safia love the Prophet respectfully since childhood and followed him. He was amazed by the state of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully and finally the prophethood of him, accompanying him in battle, and felt sad as the death of the Prophet  respectfully that he expressed with beautiful poem:O eyes, reveal tears and do not sleepCried the best of human beings who have noWeep with the weeping al-Musthofa veryThat goes to the heart of hits likeI barely left alive when destiny came to himWhich has been outlined in a noble bookIt was his compassionate to fellow servantMercy for them and best of Giving instructionsMay Allah be pleased with her when he was alive and deadAnd reward him with Jannah on the eternal

Safia life after the death of the Prophet respectfully with full authority and glorified. Everyone knows the virtues and his position. Until when he died at the time of Caliph Umar reached his age more than 70 years. 

Source:- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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