Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (25)

Uthman ibn Madz`un (Died 2 H) 
Friends who include Arab scholars at the time of this ignorance was following the battle of Badr and died on his return from the war. This he never intended to be single and leave the mundane but the Prophet respectfully prohibit berliau of such intentions. After the death of His Prophet respectfully kissed her while tears stream. This is the first friend he died in Medina. 

Wahshi ibn Harb ibn Harb (Died 25 H)  
These include Companions hero of Mecca slave group in the Jahiliyya. He is this killer Hamza in the battle of Uhud, after which he embraced Islam. He had followed the war crushing the apostate and killed Musaylima. He also participated in the battle of Yarmuk, then he is domiciled and died in Homs. 

Ya'la bin Umaiah (Died 37 H) 
His full name is Ya`la bin Umaiah bin Abu Ubaidah bin Hammam At Tamimi Al-Handali, a friend who converted to Islam in the conquest of Mecca. He went with the Prophet respectfully. in Taif War, Hunain and Tabuk. By Caliph Abu Bakr, he was appointed governor of Yemen. 

Zaid bin Arqam (Died 68 H) 
His full name is Zaid bin Arqam ibn Yazid ibn Qais bin Nukman bin Malik bin order bin Tsalabah bin Ka'b bin Khajraj, a friend who accompanied the Prophet Muhammad respectfully. in 17 times of war, the first was the Battle of the Trench. He also many hadiths narrated. 

Zaid bin Haritha (Died 8) 
This friend was once appointed by the Prophet respectfully as an adopted child, foster child before legality revoked. Prophet respectfully marry Zaynab bint Jahasy biological uncle's daughter, after they divorce, the Prophet respectfully marry again with Umu Kaltsum Bint Uqbah. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully gave him his freedom after their association familiar with the payment record ransom from his family. He handed the lead troops in battle Muktah.

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