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Hudhayfah bin Yemen (Died 36 H)

Friends of this conquest figure holds many secrets of the Prophet. Caliph Umar bin Khattab appointed him, governments in Madain. In the year 642 M, he defeated the Persian army in the war Nahawand, then he followed the war of conquest of the Arabian Peninsula and eventually died in the city of Madain.

"If you want to be classified to the immigrants, thou Muhajir. And if you want to be classified to Ansar, you are indeed a Ansar. Choose which one you like best. "

That sentence spoken Messenger to Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen, when it first met in Mecca. Regarding the choice of whether he is classified as immigrants or Ansar there own story for Hudzaifah.

Al-Yaman, Hudhayfah's father, was the Mecca of Bani Abbas. Because a blood debt to his people, he was forced to step aside from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina). There he appealed to the Banu Abd Asyhal and swear to be loyal to their tribal family in Bani Abd Asyhal.

He later married the daughter Asyhal tribe. From his marriage, his son was born, Hudzaifah. So, there goes the barriers that Al-Yemen to enter the city of Mecca. Since then he is free to commute between Mecca and Medina. However, he is more lived and settled in Medina.

When Islam emit light is to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Yemen, including one of the ten men of Banu Abbas who wish to see the Prophet and declared his Islam. This all happened before the Prophet migrated to Medina. In accordance with applicable lineage in Arab countries, namely lineage father (patriarch), then Hudzaifah is the Meccans who were born and raised in Medina.

Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen was born in a Muslim household, nurtured and brought up in the lap of the mother and father who have embraced the religion of God, as the first group. Therefore, Hudhayfah was Islam before he met face to face with the Prophet.

Hudzaifah longing wish to meet with the Prophet meets every heart cavity. Since converting to Islam, he was always waiting for the news, and cynical asked about the personality and characteristics of his. When it was explained to her people, growing in love and longing to the Prophet.

One day he went to Mecca deliberately want to see the Prophet. After the meeting, Hudhayfah asked him, "Do I have a Muhajir or Ansar, O Messenger of Allah?"Prophet replied, "If you want to be called Muhajir you did a Muhajir and if you want to be called Ansar, you did the Ansar. Choose which one you like best. "Hudhayfah said," I chose Ansar, O Messenger of Allah! "

After the Prophet migrated to Medina, Hudzaifah always accompany him like a lover. Hudzaifah participate together in every war they lead, except in the Battle of Badr. Why he did not participate in the Battle of Badr? Problem was once told by Hudzaifah. He said, "What is my way to fought in the battle of Badr because at that time I and my father were to go out of Medina. On the way home, we were arrested by the Quraish as he asked him, "Where are you?"They replied, "To Medina!"They asked, "You want him to Muhammad?""We want to return to our home in Medina," we replied.They are not willing to liberate us, except with the agreement that we will not help Muhammad, and will not fight them. Afterward we release.After meeting with the Messenger of Allah, we told him we capture events by the Quraish and deal with them. Then, we asked him about what we should do.He replied, "Cancel the deal, and let us ask God's help to defeat them!"

In the Battle of Uhud, Hudzaifah join the fight against the infidels along with his father, Al-Yemen. In that war, Hudzaifah got a big ordeal. He came home safely, but his father martyred by the sword of the Muslims themselves, not the idolaters.

Here's her story, on the day of Uhud, the Prophet commissioned Al-Yemen (father Hudzaifah) and Thabit ibn Waqsy guarding the fort where the women and children, since both are elderly. When the war peaked and raged fiercely, Al-Yaman said to her, "What do you think, what else should we wait. Age we live as long we waited donkey drink with satisfaction. We may die today or tomorrow. Is not it better if we take the sword, then stormed into the midst of the enemy to help the Prophet. Hopefully God gives us sustenance become martyrs together with his prophet. "They then took his sword and plunged into battle.

Thabit bin Waqsy gain glory in the sight of Allah. He was martyred at the hands of the polytheists. However, Al-Yemen were subjected to the sword of the Muslims themselves, because they do not know him. Hudhayfah shouted, "That's my father ...! It was my father ...! "But unfortunately, nobody hear her, so that her father fell down by the sword of his own friends. Hudzaifah not say anything, but just pray to God, "May of Allah forgive you, He is the most Merciful of the merciful."

Prophet decided to pay a ransom of blood (diyat) Hudzaifah father to his son, Hudzaifah. Hudhayfah said, "My father wanted that he was martyred. His wish has now been achieved. O God! Please tune in! I
give alms blood diyat my father to the Muslims. "So, with that statement, the award Messenger to grow high and deep Hudzaifah. Prophet judge in private Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen, there are three features that stand out. First, smart, so he can escape the difficult situation. Second, rapid response, think fast, precise and accurate, which can be done every required. Third, closely held secrets, and strict and thorough, so that nobody can scrape up her sleeve.

It has become one of the wisdom of the Prophet, his companions tried to uncover privileges and distribute it in accordance with the latent talents and abilities in each of them personally. Namely, put someone in place aligned.

The biggest difficulty faced by the Muslims in Madinah is hypocritical Jewish presence and their allies, who always makes the issues and malicious deception, which is always launched them against the Prophet and the Companions. To deal with this difficulty, the Prophet entrusted a highly secret to Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen, with a list of names hypocrites him. That is a secret that never leaked to anyone until now, either to other friends or to anyone. By entrusting the secret things, the Messenger assigns Hudzaifah monitor every movement and their activities, to prevent the possible dangers posed them against Islam and the Muslims. Because of this, Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen dubbed by the companions of the Prophet Shaahibu Sirri (Holder Secret Messenger).

Once, the Prophet ordered Hudzaifah perform a task that is very dangerous, and requires exceptional skill to overcome.

That's why he chose the intelligent, responsive, and highly disciplined. The incident occurred at the height of the battle of the Trench. The Muslims have long been tightly surrounded by the enemy, so that they feel a severe test, endured almost no deferred, as well as the difficulties are not resolved. Every day the situation is getting serious, so shake a weak heart. In fact, while Muslims make unreasonable prejudice against God.

However, when the Muslims suffered a severe test and determine it, the Quraysh and their allies consisting of the idolaters are not better off than that experienced by the Muslims. Because of his wrath, God inflicted disaster to them and weaken its power. God breathed very powerful hurricane, so fly their tents, reverse the pot, a pot, and the pot, put out the fire, their faces splashed with sand and close their eyes and their noses to the ground.

At a critical point in the history of every war, the losers are the first to complain and was the winning side can survive master himself exceeded his opponent. In moments like that, very necessary information as soon as possible about the condition of the enemy, to establish a foundation in the assessment and take decisions by consensus.

It was then that the Prophet requires skill Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen to get the info-right and surely. So, he decided to send Hudhayfah into the heart of enemy defenses, in the pitch black darkness of night. Let us listen to him tell stories, how he carried out the deadly task.

Hudhayfah said, "That night we (Muslims soldiers) sit in rows, Abu Sufyan with two lines of troops against the unbelievers of Mecca surrounded us top. The Jews of Banu Quraizhah located on the bottom. What we worry about is their attacks on women and our children. Very dark night. We have never experienced the dark night as black as it was, so that the child can not see his own fingers. The wind was blowing hard, so
swish deafening noises. People are weak in faith, and hypocrites asked permission to return to the Prophet, by reason of their homes unlocked. And, in fact their house locked. Everyone who asked permission to return was given permission by the Prophet, no banned or arrested him. Everything came out in secret, so that we who remain only live 300 people. Prophet stood up and walked check us one by one. Once he got to me, I'm curled cold. There is nothing to protect me from the cold air prickling, besides a sarong worn belongs to my wife, who can only cover up to the knee. "He came up to me who was shivering, as he asked," Who is this? ""Hudzaifah!" I replied."Hudzaifah!" Asked the Prophet asked for certainty. "I move closer to the ground, it is difficult to stand because it is very hungry and cold.""Yes, O Messenger of Allah!" I replied."There are some events experienced enemy. Go thou to it by stealth to get exact data, and report to me immediately ...! "Said he ruled.

I woke up with fear and cold are very piercing. So, the Prophet prayed, "O Allah! protect him, from the front, back, right, left, top, and bottom. "

For The Sake Of Allah! After the Prophet had finished praying, the fear that haunts in my chest and piercing cold that my body disappear instantly, so I feel fresh and powerful. When I turn myself of the Prophet, he called me and said, "Hi, Hudzaifah! occasionally do not do their suspicious actions until your job is finished, and come back to me! "I replied, "I am ready, O Messenger of Allah!"

Then, I went with stealth and caution once, in the darkness of the dark black night. I managed to infiltrate into the heart of enemy defense by claiming I'm a member of their squad. Not long ago I was in the middle of them, suddenly heard Abu Sufyan gave the command.

He said, "Hi, Quraish! listen to me talk to you all. I'm very worried, this conversation should not to be heard by Muhammad. Therefore, first examine every person who was beside each of you! "Hear the words of Abu Sufyan, I immediately held the hand of the person next to me as he asked, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am so and so, the son of so and so!"

After she felt safe, Abu Sufyan continued talking, "Hi, Quraish! For God's sake! Surely we can not stay here much longer. Animals vehicle we have a lot of dead. Bani Quraizhah betrayed leave us. Hurricane strikes us with such ferocity you feel. Therefore, leave you now and leave this place. Indeed, I myself will go. "

After saying this, Abu Sufyan then approached his camel, release the rope fastening, then climbed and struck. Camels it up and Abu Sufyan immediately departed. If the Prophet did not forbid perform an action outside of the command before coming to report to him, it was kill Abu Sufyan with my sword.

I went back to the command post to the Messenger. I found he was praying on a mat skin, belonging to one of his wives. When he saw me, and handed it to me near legs mat end told me to sit nearby. Then, I
report to him all the events that I saw and heard. He was very happy and rejoice the heart, and utter praise and thanksgiving to God.

Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen very closely and firmly holds the secrets of the hypocrites during his life, up to a caliph who tried to pry the secret even still he did not want to divulge. To the extent that the caliph Umar ibn Khathtab. there are Muslims who died, she asked, "Do Hudzaifah also pray bodies that person?" If they answered, "There," she also pray.

One time, Caliph Umar asked Hudhayfah cleverly, "Can any of employee-servant to hypocrites?"Hudhayfah replied, "There is a!""Please show me who?" Said Umar.Hudhayfah said, "Sorry Caliph, I banned the Prophet say.""If you show, of the Caliph would immediately dismiss employees concerned," said Hudzaifah storytelling.

However, very few people know that Hudhayfah Ibn Yemen is actually a hero conqueror Nahawand, Dainawar, Hamadzan, and Rai. He delivered these towns for the Muslims of Persian power grip idols. Hudzaifah also includes figures who initiated the uniformity Mushhaf, the Book of Allah after variegated pattern in the hands of the Muslims. And Hudzaifah, servant of God who so fear Allah, and very afraid of punishment.

When Hudzaifah seriously ill dying arrived, some friends came to visit him at midnight. Hudhayfah asked them, "What time is it?"They replied, "It's close to dawn."Hudhayfah said, "I seek refuge in Allah from the dawn that caused me to go to hell."He asked again, "Is there a gentlemen bring shroud?"

They replied, "There."

Hudhayfah said, "No need to shroud expensive. If I am good in the assessment of Allah, He will replace it for me with a better shroud. And, if I'm not good in the sight of God, He will throw off the shroud of my body. "Then he prayed to God," O God! actually you know, I prefer the indigent than the rich, I prefer simpler than luxury, I would rather die than live. "

After praying his spirit departed. A lover of God back to God in the longing. May Allah bestow His mercy.

And Allah knows best bish-sowab. 

- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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