Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (8)

Ahnaf bin Qais (Died 67 H) 
His full name is Ahnaf bin Qais bin Hashin Mari El Munqari At Tamimi. Leaders of Bani Tamim including scholars and orators group. He participated in the war against Khurasan under the command of Abu Musa Asy`ari. In Jamal war he had a chance to get out the line as to avoid a libel action, but in the battle of Siffin he has been in the line of Ali ibn Abi Talib. Ketikapemilihan Abu Musa Asy`ari become arbitrator, he does not agree with Ali, but after Muawiah became caliph caliph he refused a request to be designated as official. 

Akra 'ibn Habis (Died 31 H) 
His full name is Akra` bin Habis bin Iqal Ad Darimi. He included the Arab community leaders in an age of ignorance. When the children of Darim delegation came to the Prophet respectfully he participated in it, that's when he announced his Islamic along with members of the delegation. He followed Khalid ibn al-Walid in many wars in Yamamah at the time of confrontation against the apostate. He also had to follow panaklukan Iraq war, at the time that he received numerous trials (severe injury). He died as a martyr in the war Khauzjan. 

Alaa bin Hadrami (Died 21 H) 
His full name is Alaa Ammar bin Abdullah bin Al-Hadrami, a friend who was born and raised in the city of Mecca. He was appointed as governor of Bahrain by the Prophet Muhammad respectfully. in 8 H and actively suppress the apostate who was there. It is said that it was he the leader of the first Islamic fleet in order to expand the territory of Islam. 

Amar bin Ma'd Yakrib (Died 21 H) 
He converted to Islam in the ninth year of Hijrah. After the death of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully confess he had lapsed back into a good Muslim. He had followed the battle of Yarmuk, he suffered severe injuries in which one eye tercongkel. In Qadisiah war he also suffered serious injuries and died in the war Nahawand. 

Amir bin Fahirah At Tamimi 
Friends who came from the tribe Azdi including people who converted to Islam from an early age. He was a good religion, the history books name is widely known as a persistent hero. He was martyred in the war Bi`ri Maunah.

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