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'Umair Bin Sa'ad

Umair Bin Saad Al Ansari, had felt orphaned and poor life since she was a child. His father died without leaving sufficient inheritance. But fortunately his mother soon married again with a wealthy man from the tribe of Aus, Al Julas bin Suwaid. Then 'Umair borne by Julas and gathered into his family. Since it 'Umair find good offices Julas, good maintenance, the beauty of compassion, so that' Umair can forget that she had been orphaned.

Umair love Julas as affection like a child to the father. Similarly Julas, very menyintai 'Umair as usual love of the father to the child. Every age 'Umair grow and become teenagers, so does compassion and sympathy Julas him, because his nature intelligent and noble deeds are always seen, fineness of character, trustworthy and honest are always demonstrated.

Umair ibn Sa'ad converted to Islam in a very young age, approximately ten years less. When that faith has been steady in his heart is still fresh, soft and smooth. Therefore Faith firmly attached to him. Islamic and get his soul clean and smooth, like getting fertile soil. In such an age 'Umair never miss a prayer congregation behind the Prophet. Her mother always filled excitement every see her go or go home from the mosque, sometimes together and sometimes her son alone.

Life 'Umair bin Sa'ad in small time went well, happy and quiet, nothing is muddied and fouled. So the time comes for God wants to develop a spirit of small children will rise this teenager with a heavy workout, and tested with test less traveled kids her own age.

Ninth year of Hijrah of the Prophet respectfully. announced wanted: Rum combat troops in Tabuk (Tabuk, somewhere in the region of Sham pcmerintahan. There never happen very famous battle between the Muslims with Roman soldiers). He ordered the Muslims in order to prepare for the war. Usually when the Prophet was about to go to war, he never announced objectives to be addressed, except the battle of Tabuk. Prophet tells Muslims intended target, as it will travel long distances and difficult, and the strength of the enemy doubled, so that the Muslims understand their duty to prepare for the war. In addition, the summer has started with the temperature of the sting. Fruits have fruit and began to cook. Nice clouds. Everyone tends to want to slow down and laze around. However, the Muslims are loyal and obedient allow their prophet's call, prepare everything for the war quickly and carefully.

Another class of hypocrites. They deliberately stalling. Underestimated every respect to the essential; raise doubts; even criticize the wisdom of the Prophet respectfully. and say the words toxic in their special assemblies, which lead to infidelity.

A few days before the departure of the troops into battle Muslims Tabuk, Umair bin Sa'ad newly increased teens return home after prayers at the mosque. His soul was deeply stirred very scintillating witnessed sacrifice, genuine and sincere, sego-Relief from the Muslims, had seen and heard with their own eyes and ears. He watched the women muhajirat and Ansar, spontaneously respond to the call of the Prophet.

They put down their jewelry on the spot, and handed it to the Prophet to the cost of the war fi sabilillah. He witnessed with his own eyes. 'Uthman ibn' Affan came to bring the coffers containing thousands of gold dinars, and handed it to the Prophet. 'Abdur Rahman bin' Auf came also carrying two hundred Uqiyah (1 Uqiyah = 1/2 tahil) gold and gave it to the noble Prophet. In fact, he saw a man selling the bed to buy a sword that will carry and wear battle fi sabilillah.

Umair feel proud to see obedience and sacrifice was very impressed. Instead he was very surprised to see people who are indifferent to make preparations to leave together the Prophet, and the postponement-ngundur time to submit their contributions to him, whereupon he was able and rich enough to do so segerai possible. Because the soul was moved about to evoke the spirit of those who are inattentive and indifferent to this.

Then he told them all the events he had seen and heard about in-group contribution and sacrifice the believers who are obedient and faithful to the Prophet, especially stories about the people who came to the Prophet with a sob begged them accepted as a member troops will be fought. But the Prophet refused their request, because they do not have a horse or camel own vehicle. Then the people went home crying sad, because it does not have a vehicle to achieve the goals they want to join the jihad and prove his desire to obtain a martyr.

But when the hypocrites who intentionally dawdle and indifferent is heard stories 'Umair who he thinks will raise morale and their sacrifice, on the contrary' Umair receive an answer in the form of words that are truly puzzling young girl who is a believer . They said, "If what is said about the prophethood of Muhammad is true, we would have been worse than donkeys."

'Umair heard the speech was really confused. He did not think iota words like that just come out of the mouth of intelligent adults, Julas bin Suwaid, stepfather who care for and raise him for this; words which clearly issued the person who chants of Faith and Islam, turned into pagan instantly, through the main door of the most wide.

While confusion, the child was also thinking about what action should be done. He came to the conclusion, that Julas silent, do not take part in the activities of preparation for war, is a betrayal of Allah and His Messenger; obviously harm Islam, and includes tactics hypocrites blown their neighbors. While the report and broadcast speech Julas, means disobeys people who had been regarded as the father of his own. It also means milk with tubal reply. Similarly, analysis of 'Umair.The little boy felt he had to pull the trigger immediately reported and broadcast speech stepfather or silent. He chose to report. Then he said to Julas, "By Allah, O sir Julas! Nothing on this earth more people I love apart from the Prophet Muhammad. I loved him even more than his own father. Mr. indeed a boon to me, because I have intervened happy. But Dad had said the words that if I report it certainly would be a shame Mr. Conversely, if I let it means I betray the trust that would hurt myself and my religion. Indeed, I have determined to report and convey my father to the Prophet, and the father would be a real witness to the affairs of his own father. "

'Umair bin Sa'd who was a child went to the mosque, and then report to the Prophet's words that he heard himself from his step father, Julas bin Suwaid. Prophet asked 'Umair first so stay close to him. Meanwhile he sent a friend to call Julas. Not long after came Julas. Prophet called him that sat in front of him.

He asked, "Is it true that you say the words as I heard of 'Umair bin Sa'ad?"

Julas replied, "That boy lie, O Messenger of Allah I never uttered such words!"

The friend looked Julas and 'Umair interchangeably, as if they want to read on the faces of both what is really implied in the hearts of both of them. Then the friends whispering among themselves, "This child is truly ungodly. He is evil to those who have rendered great services nurture and upbringing. "Said another, "No! He was a child who obediently to God. Her face was beautiful and elegant emit light of faith, showed he was right. "

Prophet turned to 'Umair. Visible by his son's face was bright red. Her tears fell loose on her cheeks. The word 'Umair mendo'a, "O Allah! Derive the witness to Your Prophet, that I was right. "Said Julas strengthen his confession, "Yes Rasululah actually what I told you earlier that right. If you want, I swear in front of you. "I swear by Allah, that I never actually uttered the words as reported 'Umair to you."

After Julas finished oath, all eyes in attendance looked to 'Umair bin Sa'ad, so the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. silent, squinting, showing revelations are down. The Companions understand it. They were silent no reads iota. No one could speak and move. All eyes are on the Prophet respectfully.

Saw the Messenger of arrival revelation, Julas be frightened. He was sorry and turned to 'Umair. Such a situation lasted until the revelation is complete down. Then the Prophet respectfully. read recently received his verse:"They swear by (the name of God, that they do not say it. Indeed they had uttered words of disbelief, and has become infidels after embracing Islam, and they decide what they can not. They run (to kill the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully., Destroy Islam and the Muslims). They denounced (Allah and His Messenger) is nothing but because God had provided them with his gifts. But if they repent, it will be best for them, and if they turn one, Allah will torture them with a painful torment in this world and the Hereafter, and they have no protector and helper in the earth. "(Tawbah: 74)

Julas shake at a very frightening verse it. He was barely able to speak with surprise. Then he turned to the Prophet respectfully. saying, 'I repent, O Messenger of Allah. . . I repentance. . . 'Umairlah right, O Messenger of Allah. I'm the one who lies. May the God you pray to, may He accept my repentance. I am willing to make amends me, O Messenger of Allah! "

Prophet exposes his face to the 'Umair bin Sa'ad sudden tears in his face radiant excited by the light of Faith. Then the Prophet excited noble extended his hand pull the ears' Umair softly and said, "Your ears loud enough, boy! Allah confirming what you heard. "

Julas has returned to Islam and become a good Muslim. The friend has the same amount of services know how to care for and raise good Julas' Umair as stepchildren. He takes full responsibility as the likely biological father 'Umair. Whenever people mention the name 'Umair in front of him, he said sincerely, "May Allah membalasi' Umair with all the virtues, because he has freed me from disbelief and from the fire of hell."

The story that we tell, there is a picture of the peak of life 'Umair, but new is a picture of life as a child. Let's see the picture of a more glorious life and beautiful in his youth.

Just now we have seen clearly the noble companions of life forms, 'Umair bin Sa'ad, when he was a child. Now let's look at the form of his life when he had a brilliant diewasa. You will see the second phase of his life is no less triumphant than the first stage, grand and magnificent.

Himsh population was highly critical of the authorities, so they often complained to the Caliph. Each new magnifying coming reign, there are only blemish for them. He noted all the magnifying error, then report to the Caliph, and asked to be replaced with a better one.

Therefore Caliph Umar looking man blameless, and whose name has not been broken to become governor there. Then he spread his aides look most appropriate person. So not obtaining a better person, apart from Umair bin Sa'ad. But unfortunately, 'Umair when it is being charged with leading his troops in the battle fi sabilillah Sham. In that task he succeeded in freeing some of the city, destroying several forts, state some of the tribes, and build mosques in every country in its path.Times that of Amir al-Mumineen called him back to Medina, to assume the post of Governor in Himsh. Caliph 'Umar ordered him to immediately leave for Himsh. 'Umair receive the command with heart reluctantly, because for him there is nothing more important than war fi sabilillah.

Arriving at Himsh, he called the crowd gathered to the mosque to pray in congregation. Finished the prayer he addressed. First he praised God and say salawat to the Prophet. Then he said:"Hey, man! Indeed Islam is a solid bulwark, and a strong door. Islamic fortress that is justice, and the door is the truth (al haq). When the fort was collapsed and the door collapsed, then the defense of this religion will disappear. Islam will always be strong for power firmly upright. The enforcement power is not with whips and nor by sword, but with justice and implement the right. "

Finished his speech, he went on duty in accordance with khiththah which has been outlined in the brief speech.

'Umair bin Sa'ad served as governor in Himsh only full year. At no time did he Sepucuk wrote a letter to Amir al-Mumineen. And not a single dinar or dirham did he pay the tax to the Muslim Baitul Maal (Treasury) in Medina. Hence arose suspicion in the hearts of Caliph Umar. He was very worried that government-led 'Umair experienced disasters (embezzled) because no one is Ma'shum (Reserved of sin) in addition to the Prophet. Then he instructed the Secretary of State wrote to the Governor 'Umair.

Caliph Umar said, "Write a letter to the 'Umair, told him:" If this letter in your hands, leave Himsh and soon came to Amir al-Mumineen. Do not forget to bring all that you collect taxes from the Muslims! "

Finish the letter read by the Governor 'Umair, then took the bag and filled it supplies water to a water supply wudu' on the way. Then he departed leaving Himsh, the officials and the people they lead. He went swinging step towards Medina by foot. When nearly arrived in Medina, the situation is pale (due to lack of food on the way), his body emaciated and weak, has long hair and beard, and he looked very tired from the trip so far.

'Umair immediately went in Amirul Mumineen Umar ibn Khatthab. Caliph Umar was shocked to see the state of 'Umair, then asked, "How are you, O' Umair?"

Answer 'Umair, "No less a what. I am healthy and 'afiat. Alhamdulillah! I bring the whole world, I pull on both horns. "

Caliph Umar asked, "Which world do you take?" (Caliph suspect, he took the money in taxes to Baitul Maal).

Answer 'Umair, "I brought a bag of supplies and water for lunch on the way, a few pieces of clothing, water for wudu', to moisten the head and to drink. That's the whole world that I carry. That Iain etc. I do not need. "

Caliph asked, "Did you come on foot?"

Replied, "Yes, O Amir al-Mumineen!"

Asked, "Do you not given animal vehicles by the government?"

Replied, "No! They did not give me, and I do not also ask of them. "

Asked, "Where the deposit that you bring to the Baitul Maal?"

Replied, "I did not bring anything to the Baitul Maal."

Asked, "Why?"

Replied, "Since I started to arrive in Himsh, I collected population well, and I have ordered them to levy and collect taxes. Every time they managed to collect it, I consulted with them, for what a treasure it is to be used, and how to distribute it to those entitled to. "

Caliph 'Umar said to the clerk, "Extend the term' Umair as governor Hismh!"

The word 'Umair, "Sorry, Caliph! I do not want the job anymore. Starting this sa'at, I do not want to work anymore for you or for someone else after you, O Amir al-Mumineen. "

Then 'Umair ask permission to go to a town on the outskirts of Medina and will settle there with his family. Then the Caliph allow it.

Not so long ago 'Umair lived in the village, Caliph' Umar wanted to know the state of his friend, how his life and what it has earned. Then he commanded Al Harith, a trust Caliph, "Go thou see 'Umair, stay with him for three days as a guest. When you see the situation is full ni'mat happy, as you come back. And if you look wretched circumstances, give this money to him! "

Caliph 'Umar provide a purse containing one hundred dinars to Al-Harith.

Al Harith went to the village where Umair stay. She wonders here and there where the house 'Umair. After the meeting, Al-Harith said hello, "Assalamu'alaika wa Rahmatullah."

Answer 'Umair, "Wa' alaikas salam wa rahmatullahi wa salam wa barakatuh. Where you come from?"

Harith replied, "From the Medina!"

Asked 'Umair, "What is the state of the Muslims after the death of you?"

Harith replied, "Fine."

Asked, "How's Amirul Mumineen?"

Replied, "Thank God, either."

Asked, "Is there a law enforcement?"

Replied, "Of course, even recently he punished his own flogging to death, because guilty of indecency."

The word 'Umair, "O God, help' Umar. I know indeed, he loved Thee, O God! "

Al Harith became a 'Umair for three nights. Each night Harith only treated to a bread made from wheat. On the third day, seroang village men said to Harith, "Surely you have troublesome 'Umair and his family. They do not have anything other than bread which presented it to you. They are more concerned with you, even though he was a family should starve. If you do not mind, maybe you moved into my house be my guest. "

Al Harith issued the coffers of the dinar, and gave it to the 'Umair.

Asked 'Umair, "What is this?"

Harith replied, "Amir al-Mumineen send it to you!"

The word 'Umair, "Restore only the money to him. Say hello, and tell him that I do not need the money. "

Wife 'Umair who heard her conversation with Harith shouted, "Accept, O' Umair! If you need something you can spend it.

If not, you can be distributed to people in need. Here many people need. "

Listening to wives 'Umair, Harith put the money in front of' Umair, then he goes. 'Umair picked up the money and put them into some small coffers. He did not sleep until midnight before the money is divisible them out to people in need. Very Importance Placed give ank-orphans whose parents have died as a martyr 'in fi sabilillah battlefield.

Al Harith returned to Medina. On arrival in Medina, Caliph 'Umar asked, "How is' Umair?"

Harith replied, "It is sad, yes Amir Mu minin."

Caliph asked, "It's the money you give him?"

Replied, "Yes, I give."

Asked, "What he did with the money?"

Replied, "I do not know. But I guess, that money may only stay one another dirhams for him. "Caliph 'Umar wrote to' Umair, he said, "When you finish reading this letter, then you do not put before came to me."

'Umar bin Sa'ad came to Madinah meet caliph call. Up in Medina he indirectly facing Amirul Mumineen. Caliph 'Umar would like to welcome and provide cushion she wore to the' Umair, as a tribute.

Caliph asked, "What do you do with the money, O 'Umair?"

Answer 'Umair, "What do you mean to ask, after the money that you give me?"

Caliph replied, "I just want to know, maybe you want to tell."

Answer 'Umair, "The money I save for my own, and I will forgive one day later, when wealth and children no longer bermanfa'at, ie the Day of Resurrection."

Hear the answer 'Umair, Caliph' Umar wept so profusely shed tears. He said, "I bear witness that you are indeed classified as those who are concerned with other people even yourself destitute."Then the caliph had someone take a wasqs (One wasqs, approximately sixty-sha '(bushels), or about the weight of the load kiia camel) two pieces of food and clothing, and given her to' Umair.

The word 'Umair, "We do not need food, yes Amirul Mumineen. I have left two sha 'wheat for my family. Hopefully it's enough to eat us up to God Almighty give again for our sustenance. But these clothes I received for my wife, because her clothes are too worn, so he almost naked. "

Not long after the meeting 'Umair with caliph, God allowed' Umair to meet with the Prophet's beloved and dear to his heart, that Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah,

Prophet, 'Umair go the way of the afterlife, risking body and soul with the steps that always steady. He was not carrying a heavy load on his back, in the form of the luxury world. But he went with the light of God that always guided him, wara 'and taqwa.

When Caliph 'Umar heard the death' Umair, not play play sad, so he sort chest because of regret. Caliph said, "I need people like 'Umair bin Sa'ad, to help my community melola the Muslims." 

- Book Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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