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Hafsa Bint Umar (Died 45 H)

Hafsa bint Umar ibn al-Khattab was the daughter of a man who best and know the rights of Allah and the Muslims. Umar was a fair ruler and has a heart fervently. Marriage of the Prophet. with Hafsa is a testament to his love for the believers widowed after her husband left, Khunais bin Hudzafah as-Sahami, who strive in the path of Allah, never emigrated to Habasyah, then to Medina, and the fall in the Battle of Badr. After her husband died, with feelings of sadness, Urnar facing the Prophet to preach his fate widowed. When the eighteen-year-old Hafsa. Hear the narrative of Umar, the Prophet gave him the good news by saying that he was willing to marry Hafsa.

If we call name Hafsah, our memory will be on his services greatly to the Muslims at that time. He was the first wife of the Prophet save Qur'an in written form on the skin, bones, and palm fronds, to then become a very great book.

Nasab and Future Growth
Full name is Hafsah Hafsah bint Umar ibn Naf'al bin Abdul-Uzza bin Riyah bin Abdullah bin Qurt son of Rajah bin Adi bin Luay of Arab tribes Adawiyah. His mother was Zaynab bint Wahab bin Madh'un bin Hubaib Hudzafah son, sister of Uthman ibn Madh'un. Hafsah was born in a very well-known in the history of the Quraysh, ie when Rasullullah. Black Stone moved into place after the Kaaba was rebuilt after collapsing due to flooding. In that year also born Fatima az-Zahra, the youngest daughter of the Prophet of four daughters, and welcomed by his birth.

A few days after birth Fatima, was born Hafsa bint Umar ibn al-Khattab. Heard that the baby is born is a woman, Umar very angry and restless, as was the custom fathers Arab Quraysh when he heard the news of the birth of his daughter. At that time they assume that the birth of a daughter has brought disgrace to the family. In fact, if only when it Umar knew that her daughter's birth will bring good luck, of course Umar will be the happiest person, because children are named Hafsa was to become the wife of the Prophet. In the Thabaqat, Ibn Sa'd said, "Muhammad ibn Umar said that Muhammad ibn Zayd ibn Aslam, from his father, from his grandfather, Umar said, 'Hafsah was born at the time of the Quraish built the Kaaba, five years before Prophet was sent into the Apostle."

Hazrat Hafsa r.a. grew up with inherited his father, Urnar bin Khattab. Dalarn about courage, he differed with another woman, a strong personality and assertive speech. Aisha illustrates that Hafsah properties equal to his father.
Another advantage is owned Hafsah is cleverness in reading and writing, whereas when it is not uncommon ability possessed by women.
Embracing Islam
Hafsah not belong to the first group of people who converted to Islam, because when the early spread of Islam, his father, Urnar ibn al-Khattab, is still the enemy of Muslims until one day Umar attracted to Islam. When a time of Umar knowing Islamic his sister, Fatima and her husband Said bin Zaid, he was very angry and intend to torture them. Arriving at his sister's house, Umar heard the recitation of the Qur'an were floated and the house, and topped temper when he entered the house. Without mercy he slapped them until blood flowed from his forehead two. However, unexpected things happen, Umar heart was touched when meihat blood pouring from his brother's forehead, then utilized he took Qur'an that is on them. When he read the initial letter briefly Taha, a miracle happened. Hearts Umar began illuminated light of truth and faith. God has answered the prayer of the Prophet. who expect that God will open the hearts of one of the two Umar to Islam. The meaning of the Prophet with two Umar was Amr ibn Hisham, or better known as Abu Jahl and Umar.

After the incident, from her sister's house immediately to the Prophet and Islamic states in front of him, Umar like stars that started illuminate the Islamic world and began flying the flag of jihad and da'wa until several years after the Prophet died. After declaring Islam, Umar went to see relatives to invite them to Islam. All members of the family received a call Umar, including Hafsah that when he was only ten years old.

Married and Hijrah to Madinah
Umar Islam brought an enormous fortune for the Muslims in the face of cruelty Quraish. Umar Islam's news motivate the muhajirin are in Habasyah to return to their land of origin rnereka after so Larna abandoned. Among those returning was there a young man named Khunais bin Hudzafah as-Sahami. The young man loved the Prophet as he loves his family and his hometown. He moved to Habasyah to sav themselves and their religion. Arriving in Mecca, he immediately visited Umar, and there he saw Hafsa. He asked Umar to marry him with Hafsah, and Umar was blessing. Marriage between jihadists and noble mukminah was held. Households they are very happy because it is based faith and piety.

When God illuminates the population of Yathrib to convert to Islam, the Prophet. 
Determine new backrest that can help the Muslims. That is why he allowed the Muslims migrated to Yathrib to keep them while keeping their creed and torture and tyranny of the Quraysh. In this move, Hafsa and her husband participated to Yathrib.
Trials and rewards 
After the muslirnin is in Medina and the Prophet. managed to unite them in a strong lineup, it was time for them to face the polytheists who has turned against them and take a right. In addition, the command of God to battle against the polytheists had arrived.

First war between Muslims and the polytheists of Quraish was the Battle of Badr. In this war, God has shown harnba- victory for His sincere servants even though their number is still small. Khunais including one member of the Muslim forces, and he suffered severe injuries on his return from the war. Hafsah always at his side and treat their injuries, but God willed to call Khunais as the first martyr in the battle against evil and injustice, so that Hafsa was widowed. When the new Hafsah age of eighteen, but Hafsah has to have patience over the ordeal that happened.

Umar is very sad because his son has become a widow at a very young age, so that in his heart conceived intention to marry Hafsa with a devout Muslim in order to calm his heart back. For that he went to the house of Abu Bakr and ask willingness to marry his daughter. However, Abu Bakr silent, no answer at all.

Then Umar came to Uthman ibn Affan and ask her willingness to marry his daughter. However, at the time of Uthman is still in mourning for his wife, Ruqayah bint Muhammad, had died. Umar Uthman refused the request. Faced with two companions attitude, Uman very disappointed, and he grew sad at the thought of the fate of his daughter. Then he went to the Prophet with the intention of complaining attitude of the two companions. Hear the narrative of Umar, the Prophet. said, "Hafsa will marry with someone who is better than Uthman and Abu Bakr. Uthman was going to marry someone better than Hafsah. "Originally Umar did not understand the words of the Prophet intent, but because of the intelligence of mind, he then understood that the Prophet who would woo her.

Umar felt very honored to hear the intention of the Prophet to marry his daughter, and happiness looked at his face. Umar Abu Bakr see directly to express the intent of the Prophet. Abu Bakr said, "I did not mean to turn you down with what I said, because I know that the Prophet had call references to Hafsa name, but I would not be open to you his secrets. If the Prophet let him, of course I'm the one who will marry Hafsa. "The new Umar understand why Abu Bakr refused to marry his daughter. While Uthman attitude just because Ruqayah sad over the death of his brother, and he intends to edit, Umm Kulthum, so
offspring can continue concatenated with the Prophet. After Uthman married to Umm Kulthum, he dubbed dzunnuraini (owner of two light). Marriage of the Prophet. with Hafsah is regarded as his tribute to Omar, as well as a widow Hafsa is a mujahid and Muhajir, Khunais bin Hudzafah as-Sahami.

Being in the House of the Prophet
In the house of the Prophet, Hafsah occupies a special room, the same as Sawda bint Zam'a and Aisha bint Abu Bakr. Humanly, Aisha very jealous Hafsah because they are the same age, the same Sawda bint Zam'a who considered noble woman's daughter Hafsa as Umar, the Prophet honorable friend.Umar Aisha understand how high position in the heart of the Prophet. He also know that people who cause Aisha anger as well as causing anger of Allah, and the pleasure to Aisha means the pleasure of the Prophet. Therefore Umar advised her to try to close with Aisha and love. In addition, Umar asked that Hafsah rnenjaga his actions so that in between the two of them did not dispute. However, very human indeed if among them still the misunderstanding that comes from jealousy. Rasulullah gracefully. reconcile them without causing grief among wives - his wife.

One example is the incident when Hafsah see Mariyah al-Qibtiyah come rnenemui Prophet in an affair. Mariyah was away from the mosque, and the Prophet told him to go into the house dalarn Hafsah that when it has gone to her father's house, he saw his room curtain closed, while the Prophet and Mariyah was in it. Seeing the incident, Hafsah anger exploded. Hafsah cried furiously. Prophet tried to persuade and appease the anger of Hafsah, even he swore to him that Mariyah Mariyah
proscribe ask not sorry to Hafsah, and the Prophet asked that Hafsah conceal the incident.

It is natural that the wives of the Prophet felt jealous of Mariyah, because she is the only woman who gave birth to the son of the Messenger after Siti Khadijah ra. The incident was soon spread, when the Prophet was ordered to cover up the secret. The news was finally known by the Prophet so that he was very angry. Most history says that after the incident, the Messenger. Hafsah divorce, but a few moments later he refer back because seeing Hafsah father, Umar, very restless. While another report mentions that the Prophet intended to divorce Hafsah, but Gabriel came to him with the intention ordered him to maintain his wife Hafsah as a woman because she is resolute. Prophet also maintains as his wife Hafsa, especially since the Hafsah deeply regretted his actions to unlock the secrets and
wrath Messenger.

Umar reminded her that no longer evoke anger and always obey the Messenger of Allah and seek His good pleasure. Umar put the good pleasure of Allah. the most important place to be done by Hafsah. Basically, the Prophet married Hafsah because look where Umar and Hafsa feel sorry for her husband abandoned. Allah revealed the following verse in anticipation of the issues that are scattered.

"O Prophet, why do you forbid what Allah has made for you, - you're looking for fun -istrimu wife's heart? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful Allah has required all of you liberate yourself and your vows; and Allah is the guardian, and He is Knower, Wise. When the Prophet talking confidentially to one and his wives (Hafsah) an event. And when (Hafsah) described the event (to Aisha) and God tells it (all talks between Hafsah with Aisha) to Muhammad, then Muhammad notify portion (which
reported God to him) and hide others (to Hafsah). And when (Muhammad) notify the conversation (between Hafsa and Aisha) and Hafsa asked, 'Who has revealed this to you?' He replied, 'It has been told to me by Allah is Knower, Aware. If you both repent to Allah, then indeed your hearts both been inclined (to receive goodness); and if you two aids help troublesome Prophet, Allah is the protector (so did) Gabriel and those who haik mukrnin; and besides, and the angels are his salvation anyway. If the Prophet divorce you, may god will replace him with wives better than you, submissive, the faithful, obedient, repentant, who do worship, the fasting, the widow, and the virgin. "( Qs. At-Tahrim: 1-5)

Large trials 
Hafsah always asked the Messenger in various rnasalah, and it causes anger Umar to Hafsa, while the Prophet. Hafsah always treated gently and lovingly. He said, "you Berwasiatlah to women well." The Messenger. never angry with his wives when they ask for extra income so that as soon as Umar went to the house of the Prophet.

Umar saw the wives of the Prophet gloomy and sad, it seems there has been a dispute between them and the Prophet. In particular Umar summoned his daughter, Hafsa, and reminded to avoid behavior that can arouse his anger and realize that he did not have many possessions to give to them. In desperation, the Prophet vowed not to get together with his wives for a month until they realized his mistake, or divorce them if they do not realize the mistake. This regard, Allah says,

"O Prophet, tell your wives, if you want the life of the world and all her jewelry, then come here, I will fulfill that desire and I will divorce you as well. And if you want (pleasure) of Allah and His messenger and (pleasure) in the village Hereafter, Allah will provide for a good servants of you a great reward. "(QS. Al-Ahzab)

The Prophet. away from his wives for a month in a room called the treasury, and a slave named Rabah sitting in the front door of the room.

After the incident disturbing the rumor spread that the Messenger. has divorced his wife-jstri. Most feel the anxiety is Urnar bin Khattab, so he immediately see daughter was crying. Urnar said, "It seems that the Prophet had to divorce you." With a sob Hafsah said, "I do not know." Umar said, "He has divorce and refer once again because of me. If he divorce you once again, I'm not going to talk to you forever. "Hafsah cry and regret the negligence of the husband and father. After a few days of the Prophet alone, yet no one can be sure whether he divorced his wives or not. Impatient, Umar came to the Messenger treasures being aloof. Today Umar came to the Prophet were not for her, but because of his love for her and felt very sad to see the state of his, in addition to really want to make sure the issues are scattered. He felt
daughter that cause him grief. Umar was asked for an explanation from him though on the other hand he is very confident that he will not divorce his wife - his wife. And indeed, the Prophet. will not divorce his wives so that Umar asked permission to announce the good news to the Muslims. Umar went to the mosque and reported that the Messenger of Allah. not divorce his wives. The Muslims welcomed the news, and certainly more excited again is his wives.

Barely a month after the Prophet away from his wives, his back to them. He saw regret drawn from their faces. They came back to Allah and His Messenger. For more convincing, he announce regret them to clan Muslims. Hafsah can be said to be the wife of the Prophet which was most apologetic that he draw closer to God with all my heart and make it as a ransom for the Prophet. Hafsah reproduce worship, especially fasting and prayer night. The habit continued until after the Prophet died. Even during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr and Urnar, he followed the development of the great conquests, both in the east and west.

Hafsah feel very lost when his father died at the hands of Abu Lu'luah. He lived up to the caliphate of Uthman, which when it occurs between muslirnin great slander that avenge the death of Caliph until the pembai'atan Ali as caliph. When it is, Hafsah was in Aisha camp as it reveals, "My opinions are as said Aisha." However, he does not belong to the class of people who declare themselves berba'iat to Ali as his brother, Abdullah ibn Umar, asked him to stay at home and do not come out to declare ba'iat.

On the death of Hafsah, some history says that Hazrat Hafsa died in the forty-seven during the reign of Mu'awiya ibn Abu Sufyan. He was buried in Baqi ', next to the grave of the Prophet's wives others.

First manuscripts owner 
Hafsah works great for Islam is the accumulation A1-Quran in his hand after a deletion because he was the only istrii Prophet. are able to read and write. At the time of the Prophet, A1-Quran awake in the chest and memorized by the companions to then written on palm frond or sheets are not collected in a special book.

During the caliphate of Abu Bakr, the A1-Quran penghafal many die in battle Riddah (rnelawan the apostasy wars). Such conditions are pushing for urgent Umar Abu Bakr Al-Qur'an in order to collect runoff. Abu Bakr was initially worried that collect the Qur'an in one book that is something that fetched because in the days of the Apostle it was never done. However, at the urging of Umar, Abu Bakr finally ruled Hafsah to collect the Qur'an, as well as save and preserve it. The original manuscripts of the Qur'an that were in the house until she died Hafsah.May Allah be with Hafsah. and may Allah give him a decent place in his side. Amen.
-Book Dzaujatur-Prophet, Joseph Amr work, Publisher Darus-Sa'abu, Riyadh.

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