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Umm Waraqa bint Nawfal

Her name was Umm Waraqa bint Abdullah, known as Umm Waraqa bint Nawfal, she the daughter of Abdullah ibn al-Haris bin Uwaimar ibn Nawfal al-Ansaria, ascribed to his grandfather.

He includes a noble lady and the most noble of his day. Prophet respectfully have visited him several times and he was dubbed with the title of ash-martyr.

She is a woman who has ghirah (spirit) tall against Islam and aspire to martyrdom in the way of Allah in order to elevate the word of Allah. Therefore, he is not hindered to strive together with the Muslims and get reward mujahideen. When the Prophet respectfully about to leave the battle of Badr, Umm Waraqa said to the Prophet  respectfully, "O Messenger of Allah, let me leave with you, so that I can treat people injured in among you, care for the sick in between you, and that God gifted me shahadah (martyrdom). "

Then the Prophet respectfully replied, "Allah will imbue you shahadah, but stay with you in your house, because in fact you are shahidas (people who would die a martyr)."

He also collects the Qur'an al-Karim, and he is a woman who is an expert in reading the Qur'an. Therefore, the Prophet respectfully ordered him to be a priest for the women in the region. And, the Prophet respectfully prepare a muezzin for him.

Mentioned in al-Musnad and as-Sunan of hadith Abdurrahman bin Khalad of Umm Waraqa said that the Prophet respectfully visited him at his home, then give him a muezzin. Abdurrahman said, "I saw the muezzin of a man who is old."

Be home Umm Waraqa ra, house of God there, upheld the five daily prayers. How much more honored a woman who occupies a position as a woman mukminah like Umm Waraqa.Umm Waraqa always committed and the circumstances, ie keeping the Shari'ah-shari'ah of Allah until one when slaves -which has promised he will be set free after he wafat- kill him. When morning Umar said, "By Allah, I did not hear a voice reading the Koran from my aunt last night." Then he entered his house, but did not see any one, then he entered his room, it turns out he has been wrapped with a cloth on the side of the house (ie has died). Umar said, "How true the words of the Prophet respectfully when it said,' Let's go with us to visit the woman martyr '." Furthermore, Umar climbed the pulpit and delivered the news and then said, "Toward the two slave to me."
Then, came the two slaves and he questioned them and they admitted that they had both been killed him, then he commanded these two men crucified slaves, and they the first cross in the history of Islam.

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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