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Sumayyah bint Khayyat

His name is Sumayyah bint Khayyat, slave of Abu Hudhayfah ibn Mughirah. He is married to Yasir, a newcomer who later settled in Mecca. Therefore, there are no tribes who can defend him, help him, and prevent tyranny over her. Because, she lives alone, so its position is difficult under the auspices of the rules in force at the time of ignorance.

That Yasir get her hand over to the Children perlindugannya Makhzum. He lived in the reign of Abu Hudhayfah, so eventually he was married to a slave woman named Sumayyah. He lived with him and peace with him. Not long out of marriage, their children born both named Ammar and Ubaydullah.When Ammar almost adulthood and is perfect as a man, he heard of a new religion preached by Muhammad ibn Abdullah respectfully to him. Finally, think Ammar as he thinks Meccans. Because of the seriousness of thought and nature are lururs, then he entered into Islam.

Ammar back home and meet his parents in the state feel the delicious faith that has been etched in his soul. He recounted that he experienced until his encounter with the Prophet respectfully, then offer it to both of them to follow the new propaganda. Turns Yasir and Sumayyah replied blessed propaganda and even announced his Islam, thus becoming the seventh Sumayyah who converted to Islam.

On this basis the glorious history of Sumayyah which coincides with the beginning of the Islamic da'wah and since dawn for the first time.

Bani Makhzum know about it, because Ammar and his family do not deny that they had converted to Islam even announced his conversion to the strong, so that unbelievers do not respond, but the opposition and hostility.

Children of families Yasir Makhzum immediately capture and torture them with an assortment of torment for them out of their din, they are forced by issuing them to the desert when the situation is very hot and stinging. They throw Sumayyah to a place and sprinkled with sand very hot, then put on top of a rock hard chest, but no audible groan or lament but ... Ahad ... Ahad speech, he repeated these words, as was done by Yasir, Ammar, and Bilal.

Once the Prophet respectfully watched the Muslim families who were cruelly tortured degan, then he lifted up into the sky and shouted:"Be patient, O family of Yasir, because you are actually a re-Jannah."

Sumayyah heard the call of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully, then he grew strong and optimistic, and with the authority of him repeating his faith boldly, "I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah and I testify that the promise is true."

Thus, Sumayyah has tasted delicious and the sweetness of faith, so for his death is something trivial in order to fight for his aqidah. In his heart was filled with the greatness of Allaah, then he considers every little torture committed by the despotic taghut. They do not shift the power of faith and belief just one step ants.

While Yasir has taken a decision as he saw and he heard from his wife, Sumayyah also has
carving in him to get together with her husband's success that has been promised by the Prophet respectfully.

When the taghut been desperate to hear words that constantly repeated by Sumayyah, then the enemies of Allah Abu Jahl vent to Sumayyah with the bayonet thrust in his hands to Sumayyah. Then fly lives he who is faithful and holy clean from his body. She is the first woman to die a martyr in Islam. He fall after giving a good and noble examples for us in terms of courage and faith. He has put all what he had and underestimate the death in order to fight for his faith. He had sacrificed his life expensive in order to achieve the good pleasure of his Lord. "And donate soul is the highest peak of his generosity." 

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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