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Muadh bin Jabal (Died 18 H)

Muadh bin Jabal Aus ibn 'Amr ibn al-Khazraji, nicknamed "Abu Abdurrahman", was born in Medina. He converted to Islam at the age of 18 years, he had the privilege as a very smart and dedicated. Physically, he was gallant and brave. God also gave him intelligence and speech-language beautiful, Muadz included in the group of around 72 people of Medina who came pledge allegiance to the Prophet.

After that Muadz back to Medina as a preacher of Islam in Medina community. He managed to convert some of the prominent companions such as Amr ibn al-Jamuh.

At the time of Prophet Muhammad emigrated to Medina, Muaz always be with the Prophet so that he can understand the Qur'an and Shari'a-sharia well. It is made at a later emerged as a most expert of the Qur'an from among the companions. He is the nicest guy reading the Qur'an and Shari'a-Shari'a most understand God. That is why the Prophet praised him said, "I mean my people the most pious of halal and haram is Muaz bin Jabal." (Hadith Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah).

He narrated the hadith of Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah ibn Umar and narrated from him is Anas bin Malik, Masruq, Abu Thufail Amir bin Wasilah. Additionally, Muadz was one of six people who collect the Qur'an at the time of the Prophet.

After the city was visited by the Prophet Makkah, Makkah residents need of education staff who remain with them to teach Islamic religious laws. Prophet then proceed accordingly and ask that Muaz live together with residents of Makkah to teach the Qur'an and give them an understanding of the religion of Allah. Good character, he is also evident when the group of the kings of Yemen came to meet the Messenger-right clicking isytihar their Muslim and asked the Prophet in order to deliver to their teachers. Likewise, the Prophet chose Muaz to hold the job together with some friends.Prophet respectfully with Abdullah bin Mas'ud
bring together. The Prophet sent him to the land of Yemen to teach, provide religious knowledge and educate until memorized the Koran to the Yemeni population. Messenger him on foot while driving Mu'adh, and the Prophet said to him, "Truly, I love you".

Then he bequeath to Muadz by saying: "O Muadh! Chances are you will not be able to meet again with me after this year. "

Then Muadz cry because it's too sad to part with Shallalahu Prophet alaihi respectfully. After the incident turns Muadz Prophet died and no longer can see it.

Muadz was devastated by the death of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. He even sobbed for a few moments. But he soon realized the responsibility of preaching on his shoulders. He always keep ghirah (spirit) has become Muslim in order not to recede. After Umar was inducted into the caliph, he sent Muaz to reconcile conflicts that occur among Bani Kilab. He also successfully execute the mission.

In the reign of Caliph Umar Similarly, the governor of Sham (now Egypt) send Yazid ibn Abi Sofian to ask the teacher for its residents. Then Muaz bin Jabal Omar call, Ubaidah ibn As-somites, Abu Ayub al-Ansary, Ubai bin Ka'b and Abu Darda 'in one chamber. Caliph Umar said to them:"Surely your brother in the land of Sham has asked for help than I that accompany anyone who can teach the Qur'an to them and give them an understanding of the religion of Islam. Therefore help me to get three persons from among you may Allah bless you. Now if you want to make the draw, you may create a lottery, if not I will induct three persons from among you. "

So they answered: "We are not going to make a drawing of the view that Abu Ayub was too old, being Ubai was in constant pain, and who lived only three of us alone." Then Umar said to them: "You start serving in Hims, in case you like the state of the population, so-so one of you stay there. Then one than you should go to Damascus, and another went to Palestine. "

Then the three of them came out to Hims and they leave Ubaidah ibn As-somites there, Abu Darda 'went to Damascus. Muaz bin Jabal ticking away to the country Urdun. Muaz bin Jabal was in the country Urdun during the middle of developing infectious disease outbreaks.

Mu'adh bin Jabal died in 18 H when the great plague in the Urdun, then the age of 33 years. 

- Biography in Al-Ishabah Mu'adh Ibn Hajar Asqalani no.8039 and Thabaqat Ibn Sa'ad 3 / Q2,120.