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Juwairiah bint Harith ibn Abu Dhirar (Died 56 H)

We have seen that every wife of the Prophet. it has a surplus. Similarly, Juwairiyah that has brought great blessing to his people, Banil-Musthaliq. How not, after he converted to Islam, Banil-Musthaliq pledged themselves become followers of the Prophet. It is never disclosed Ayesha, "I do not know if there is a woman who is blessed for his people than Juwairiyah."

Juwairiyah is the daughter of a leader-Musthaliq Banil named al-Harith bin Abi Dhiraar very hostile to Islam. Prophet fighting them so much among those killed and women were a prisoner of war. Among the prisoners there Juwairiyah who later converted to Islam, and the Islamic faith is the beginning of the good of his people.

Birth and Growth Period 
Juwairiyah born fourteen years before the Prophet migrated to Medina. Originally his name was Burrah, which later changed to Juwairiyah. His full name is Juwayriyya bint al-Harith bin Abi Dhiraar bin Habib bin Aid bin Malik bin Judzaimah bin Musthaliq bin Khuzaah. His father, al-Harith, was the leader of his people who are still idolatrous and pagan so Juwairiyah grew up in a family situation like that. Surely he has a family trait and honor as a leader. She is a beautiful girl most extensive and most virtuous science in attitude among his people. Then she married a young man named Musafi 'bin Safwan.

Being in Prisoner Prophet 
Under the command of al-Harith bin Abi Dhiraar, people munaflk intend to destroy the Muslims. Al-Harith already know the defeat of the Quraysh who successively by the Muslims. Al-Harith think, if his forces defeated the Muslims, they can become the ruler of the Arab tribes after the reign of the Quraysh. Al-Harith inciting his followers to fight the Prophet and the Muslims. However, the news of the attack preparation heard by the Prophet, so he took the initiative to precede their attack. During the attack, Aisha r.a. participate with the Prophet, who later narrated the Prophet meeting with Juwairiyah after he became a prisoner. The war between the forces of the Muslims with Banil-Musthaliq broke out, and eventually won by the Muslim forces. Leader. them, al-Harith, escape, and daughter, Juwainiyah, captive in the hands of Thabit ibn Qays al-Ansari. Juwairiyah came to the Prophet and complained of humiliation and misfortune that happened, especially about her husband who was killed in battle.

About Juwairiyah, Aisha mengemukan story as mentioned by Ibn Saad in Thabaqatnya, "Messenger of charming women of Bani Musthaliq, then he set aside one fifth of them and distribute them to the Muslims. For riders got two parts, and another man got the part. Juwainiyah fall into the hands of Thabit bin Qais bin Samas al-Ansari. Previously, Juwairiyah uncle married with children, namely Musafi bin Safwan ibn Malik ibn Juzaimah, who was killed in battle against the Muslims.

When the Prophet gathered with me, Juwainiyah come inquire about agreement release. I really hate it when she met him. Then he say, 'O Messenger of Allah, I bint al-Harith Juwainiyah, the leader of his people. Today I was in a power Thabit bin Qais. She burden me with nine pieces of gold, and I really wanted my freedom. 'He asked,' Do you want something more than that? "He asked in return, 'What on earth is that?' He replied, 'I fulfill your wish to pay nine pieces of gold and I will marry you. 'He replied,' Well, yes Messenger of Allah! "He said, 'I'll do it." So the news that, and the companions of the Prophet. said, 'brother in-law of the Prophet does not deserve to be slaves. "They freed prisoners Banil-Musthaliq which amount to one hundred families because Juwairiyah marriage with the Prophet. I never found a woman who has more than Juwairiyah blessing. "In addition, Aisha very concerned Juwairiyah beauty, and that among the causes of the Prophet offered to marry her. Aisha very jealous with such circumstances. Though the Prophet. do good to Juwairiyah not only because of her cute, but because of his mercy to him.

Juwairiyah is a woman who left her husband died and then he has become a prisoner of war booty of the Muslims.

Hearing her daughter was in a prisoner of the Muslims, al-Harith bin Abi Dhiraar collect tens of camel and brought to Medina to make up for his daughter. Prior to the Medina he argued not to bring the whole camel, but he only brought two best camels, which were then taken to al-Haqiq under the supervision of guards. Then he went to Medina and see the Prophet in the mosque. There are two that describe the history of al-Harith meeting with the Prophet. In the first history, as expressed by Ibn Saad in his Thabaqat, said that the Messenger of leaving the decision to Juwairiyah.

Juwairiyah said, "I have chosen the Messenger .." His father said, "By Allah, you have been humiliating us." In the history like Ibn Hisham mentioned that al-Harith see the Prophet and said, "O Muhammad, you have a charming daughter. This is a ransom for his release. "He replied," Where are you two camel hide in al-Haqiq? In such and such a place? "Al-Harith said," I testify there is no god but Allah, and you are His messenger. No one knows it but Allah. "Al-Harith embraced Islam and followed by most of his people. Prophet woo Juwairiyah with a dowry of 400 dirhams.

Being in the House of the Prophet
When Juwairiyah married to the Prophet, he changed his name, which originally Burrah be Juwairiyah, as mentioned in his Thabaqat Ibn Saad, "Name bint al-Harith Juwainiyah a change and Burrah. The Prophet. replace it became Juwairiyah, fearing that he called out and home Burrah. "Juwairiyah have embraced Islam and faith in his heart was strong. Solely he sincere themselves to Allah and His Messenger. Ibn Abbas narrated a lot of prayer and worship, among them, "When the Prophet was about to perform the dawn prayer and out and place. After the dawn prayer and sat up sun rising, he came home, while Juwairiyah remain in prayer. Juwairiah said, 'I'm still viable after you pray, O Messenger of Allah. "The Prophet said,' I would say a sentence after you. If you worked, will undoubtedly heavier dalarn scales, 'Glory to God, as He created. Glory to God His Throne decoration. Glory be to God, the whole element of his sentence. "After the Prophet. died, Juwairiyah seclusion and multiply worship and charity in Allah's way with the wealth of the Baitul-Mal. When there is a big slander related to Aisha, she was a lot of silence, do not take sides anywhere.

When Death
Juwairiyah died during the caliphate of Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan, at the age of sixty. He was buried in Baqi ', next to the grave of the Prophet's wives others. May Allah willing to him and to all the wives of the Prophet.

May God give glory to him in the hereafter and placed alongside the pious servants. Amen.
-Book Dzaujatur-Prophet, Joseph Amr work, Publisher Darus-Sa'abu, Riyadh.

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