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Hakim bin Huzam (Died 54 H)

His full name is Hakim bin Huzam bin Asad bin Abdul Gazi, nephew of the Prophet's wife Khadijah. Before and after his prophethood is a close friend of the Prophet, when the Quraysh boycott of the Prophet, he was not included, because the honor of the Prophet. He is new to Islam when the conquest of Mecca and famous as the man who many good services and charity. 

History records, he was the only child born in the Kaaba great. The story is as follows. On a day that was heavily pregnant mother into the Kaaba in the entourage of people peers to look around the Kaaba. Today the Kaaba was opened to the public in accordance with the provisions. When I was in the Kaaba, the mother's abdomen suddenly seemed about to give birth. He was no longer able to walk out the Kaaba. Someone then give her skin mat, and the baby was born on top of the mat. The baby is the son of Hakim ibn Hazm lived Khuwailid, the son of the sister Khadija bint Umm al-Mumineen Khuwailid. 

Hakim ibn Hazm lived grew up in a family of devel- rooted in the rich and famous. Therefore, do not be surprised if he becomes intelligent, noble, and many worship. He was appointed head of his people and entrusted with the affairs of rifadah (institutions that deal with people who run out of stock when the pilgrimage season) in the period of ignorance. For that he sacrifices his personal possessions. He is wise and friends close to the Prophet before he became a prophet. 

Although Hakim ibn Hazm lived about five years older than the Prophet, but he is more happy, more friendly, and would rather be friends and hang out with him.

Prophet balanced this with affection and friendship that is more familiar. Then, coupled with family relationships, because the Prophet marry aunt Judge, Khadijah bint Khuwailid ra, the relationship between the two grew close. 

You may be surprised, although the relationship of friendship and kinship between the two so closely, it turns judge did not immediately converted to Islam, but after the liberation of the city of Mecca from power Quraish, approximately twenty years after Muhammad appointed prophet and apostle. People estimate Hakim bin Hazm lived, whom God has given common sense and a sharp mind coupled with family relationships, as well as an intimate friendship with the Prophet, will be the first believer propaganda justifying Muhammad, and received his teachings with spontaneous. But, God wills other. And, God will step that applies. 

We are surprised by the delay Hakim ibn Hazm lived to Islam, but the judge himself was no less astonishment. After he converted to Islam and feel the pleasure of faith, there arose a deep regret, because he's running out into idolatry and belie the Prophet. Her son never saw him crying and asked,
"Why are you crying?" 

"There are so many things that led to Mr. crying, my son!" Said Judge. 

"First, the delay to Islam cause I left behind seize many virtues. Had I shall spend all my gold earth, yet how trivial compared with the virtues that maybe I get with Islam. Second, Allah has saved in the Battle of Badr and Uhud, and then I said to myself at the time, I was no longer going to help the Quraysh fight Muhammad, and will not come out of the city of Mecca. But, I always pulled the Quraysh to help them. Third, every time I want to convert to Islam, I see the leaders of Quraish older stick to the habits of ignorance. Then, I just follow them fanatically. " 

"Now I'm sorry, why I do not go in early Islam. That harm us nothing but blind fanatics against fathers and our old people. How do I will not cry so, my child? " 

As we are surprised by the delay Hakim ibn Hazm lived to Islam, so also he wondered to himself. Prophet was astonished at the sharp minded and sensible broad as Hakim ibn Hazm lived, but cover yourself to accept Islam. In fact, he and a group of people who like she wanted to convert to Islam. 

Overnight before entering the city of Mecca, the Prophet said to his Companions, "In Mecca there are four people who do not like to polytheism, and more inclined to Islam." 

"Who are they, O Messenger of Allah," said the friend. "They are 'Attab bin Usaid, Jubair bin Muth'im, Hakim ibn Hazm lived, and Suhail bin Amr. So, with the grace of God, they converted to Islam at once, "replied the Prophet. 

When the Prophet entered Mecca as a winner, he does not want to treat Hakim ibn Hazm lived, but with dignity. So, he ordered the interpreter announcement that convey some announcements. 

Anyone who claims there is no god but Allah the almighty One, no partner unto Him, and claimed Muhammad indeed a servant of God and His Messenger, he is safe. 

Who sits at the Kaaba, then put the gun, he's safe. 
Who locked the door of his home, he was safe. 
Who went into the house of Abu Sufyan, he's safe. 
Who went into the house Hakim ibn Hazm lived, he was safe. 

Hakim ibn Hazm lived house is located in the city of Mecca bottom, being the home of Abu Sufyan ibn Harb is located at the top of the city of Mecca. 

Hakim ibn Hazm lived wholeheartedly embraced Islam, and ingrained in the hearts of faith. He vowed to always keep away from habits of ignorance and stop aid to the Quraysh to meet the Prophet and the Companions Beliu. Judge occupy oath seriously. 

Once the events in Darun Nadwah (Convention Center), a place of honor for the Quraysh in the ignorance of deliberation, leaders, elders, and the officials in the deliberation they decided to kill the Prophet. Judge wants to break away from the memories of this verdict. To that end, he made a curtain cover can forget the memories of the past that he hated it. Then he bought the building Darun Nadwah proficiency level for a hundred thousand dirhams. 

The young men of Quraysh asked him, "What are glorified building the Quraysh that you buy, you uncle? The judge replied, "Not so, O my son! glory was gone. Only noble piety. I do not want to buy it, but because they want to sell back to buy a home in heaven. I witnessed to you all, the money will donate to fi sabilillah struggle. " 

After converting to Islam, Hakim ibn Hazm lived away pilgrimage. He took a hundred camels which gave a magnificent oversized clothes. Then the camels were slaughtered as a sacrifice to draw closer to Allaah. 

Hajj time next year, he was standing at Arafat, along with a hundred people harem. Each slave hanging around his neck a silver necklace inscribed with the phrase, Non because Allaah, from Hakim ibn Hazm lived. Completed the pilgrimage, the slaves were freed everything. 

Time pilgrimage third time. Hakim ibn Hazm lived sacrificed a thousand sheep, a thousand exactly, slaughter in Mina, to eat meat by the poor, in order to bring himself to Allah Almighty. 

After the battle of Hunain, Hakim ibn Hazm lived ask the spoils to the Prophet and given by him. Then he asked again, given also by him. 

Finally booty received by the judge begging for it amounted to a hundred camels which has become the story (hadith) in Islam. 

Prophet then said to the judge, "Behold the treasure of sweet and tasty. Who took it with a sense of Sukur and sense enough, he will be blessed with the treasure. And, who took it with self-aggrandizement, he will not get blessed with the treasure, even for him as one meal that never feel full. Hand above (gives) is better than hand under (requesting or receiving). " 

Hearing the words of the Prophet, Hakim ibn Hazm lived swear, "O Messenger of Allah, by Allah who sent you the religion of truth, I promise I will not beg for anything to anyone after this. And, I promise not to take anything from anyone else until I parted with the world. " 

The Oath of Judges filled with earnest. In the reign of Abu Bakr, he was told that taking the salary of Baitul Mal, but he did not take it. When the office of caliph moved to Umar al-Faruq, the Judge did not want to take his salary after being called several times. 

Caliph Umar announced in front of the crowd, "Yes, maasyiral Muslims! I have called Hakim ibn Hazm lived several times to take a salary from the Baitul Mal, but he did not take it. "

 That is, since hearing the words of the Prophet mentioned above, Judge forever do not want to take anything from anyone until she died. 

- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, work, Doctor 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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