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Hind bint 'Utbah

His full name was Hind bint 'Utbah bin Robi'ah son of Abdi Shams ibn Abd Manaf al-Umayyad al-Qurasyiyah. His mother named Safia bint Umayya ibn Haritha ibn al-Auqashi bin bin Hilal bin Offers Falih bin Dzikwan bin Tha'labah bin Salim bin Bahtah.

Hind is a woman who has a noble trait among women in Saudi. She is a woman who is fluent speech, brave, strong, and high-minded, a thinker, a poet, and a wise woman, she had raised herself and nasabnya glory. His son named Mu'awiya bint Abi Sofyan told me about him, "My mother is a woman who is very dangerous in times of Ignorance and Islam became a noble and good woman."Imam Ibn 'Abd al-Barr said of Hind, "She is a woman who has a big heart and honor."

His father married with Fakihah Mughirah bint al-Makhzumi and from whom she gave birth to two children and then after the second divorce. He told his parents, "I am a woman who has the right, then don't marry myself with a man before offering it to me." His parents said, "It's up to you."

One day his parents said to him, "Surely there are two men of thy people themselves who come propose, I will not mention the name of one of them before I mentioned traits them to you. As for which one is an honorable, noble glory, you can influence it as folly, refined temperament, sociable, obedient, if you follow it, then he will follow you, if you deviate so he stays with you, you can take care of his property and sufficient drawbacks you cover with your intelligence. "

As for the latter, he has honor, nasab and genuine intelligence, agile motion, commanding her family, she can organize her family while her family is subject to him, he will make it easy for them to follow, if they stay away from it is a disgrace for them, have spirit high and very fast flight (agile), a small stomach, if hungry it's normal, if the debate can not be defeated.

His father said, "Have I explained to you about the two of them," Hind said: "The first man, he was a master who will disappear glory, will destroy any future wife he can not keep to always prostrate to him after previously rejected, he will humble themselves under the hull of his wife, if the produce offspring be foolish child, if given birth then becomes one of them. "

Hind then continued, "the man Urungkanlah me and you will not have mentioned his name to me."The other would be a husband who has a real freedom, in fact I'm interested in kepribadiaannya and I became his wife, because I will be able to get along with him with loyalty and little flaws, and indeed in terms of nasab between me and him then it would be in inappropriate and there is no barrier for us to settle down, to protect the essence of the real beauty without representatives and intermediaries when talking, who is the man? "

Said his father named Utbah, "He is Abu Sufyan ibn Harb." Hind said, "I Nikahkanlah him, but do not rush as people who" beser ", do not also dictates like a fire in the stove and requets option to God in heaven that choose for you with his knowledge of the making up. "

Thus, we see how Hind face of adversity, he raised his head to the top of the peak, he does not want to marry well, but later her husband only a puppet that he permainkan arbitrarily, but he wants seoang husband who has a personality, noble and strong , so that the husband can be a companion himself, instead he is the companion of her husband.

Hind undergo home life with Abu Sufyan, and we see that the spirit of Hind to gain greater glory than just a desire to shed the lust of a man against a woman.

He has serious ambitions for something he believed that he was capable of. Among the evidence that shows it is that once people saw it was with his son Mu'awiya, then when the same people muttering, "If the child is already large, will soon lead his people."

The praise did not encourage him, even with dissatisfaction and want more of it he said, "Woe to him if only just become the leader of his people."

When the battle of Badr al-Kubra in the war terbunuhlah Hind's father and uncle were named Abi Shaybah and his brother, al-Walid. There is growing resentment Hind hearts burning, when in the market Ukazh he met with al-Khansa 'who asked him, "What makes you cry, O Hind?", Then he said:I was crying because of the pain of two injuredKeeping both of which will destroy the destroyerI cried because my father Utbah who have done goodDuhai unfortunately? .ketahuilahAlso because Syaibah who has been keeping that deserves to be defendedThey are the noble families above the average familyAt the moment the authority began to grow exponentially.

When the battle of Uhud, Hind bin Utbah play a role as a reliable interpreter of war, which he went out with the Pagans Qurasy and when it was her husband's their leader, Abu Sufyan, Hind gives the fighting spirit to those Qurasy with her other Pagans beating tambourine and poetry:We are women streetRunning brings a soft pillowIf you forward us hugsIf you will run our divorceHe also repeated the poem:O Bani Abdi DaarO fightersStrike with any sharp weapons

At that time Hind written in dark black sheets were never forgotten by history. The Gazette in the form of its treatment of the father of the martyrs 'and princes, that Hamzah ibn' Abd al Muthallib. He has been ordered to al-Wahsy ibn Harb, slave, with promises of independence for themselves if they can kill Hamzah and revenge, always blazing flames of hostility in his chest and he said, "O Abu Dasmah Treat me? Heal the wounds of my heart."

Speech is not surprising out of the mouth of a man who saves resentment, but that is not acceptable is the treatment that is not fair to the bodies of the martyred hero -which had been killed outside the acceptable limit by cutting the nose and both ears, then tore his stomach and take heart then chew, only she was not authorized to swallow the spit back, then he went up the mountain with a feeling of satisfaction, then shouted in a loud voice.

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