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Sa'id ibn Amir al-Jumahi

Sa'id ibn Amir was the one who bought the Hereafter with the world, and he was more concerned with Allah and His Messenger, upon besides Him. (Historian).

Is a young man Sa'id bin Amir Al-Jumahi one of the thousands of people who are interested to go to the Tan'im area outside the city of Makkah, in order to attend the call magistrates Quraish, to witness the death penalty to be inflicted upon Khubaib bin 'Adiy, one of the companions of Muhammad who was kidnapped by them.

Expertise and stout stature, he gained position over the people, so that he can sit side by side with the dignitaries of the Quraysh, as Abu Sufyan ibn Harb, Safwan ibn Umayya, and those who have more authority.

Thus he can clearly see that the Quraish prisoners bound with rope, the roar of women, children and adolescents continue to encourage prisoners to the arena of death, because of the Quraysh wanted to avenge the death of Muhammad on his men when the battle of Badr in a way to kill him.

When the group that this fierce with his prisoner, to the place that has been provided, the younger son Sa'id bin Amir Al-Jumahi upright staring Khubaib being paraded to the crucifixion of wood, and he heard her voice firm and calm in between shouts of women and children, Khubaib said, "Allow me to pray two rak'ahs before my murder if you are pleased."

Then she looked at him, while Khubaib facing the Qiblah and prayed two rak'ahs, it would be nice and beautiful prayer that ...

Then he saw, Khubaib if the
magistrates people and said, "By Allah! Jjika you do not think that I extend my prayers for fear of death, of course I have to multiply prayers ... "

Then he saw his people with his eyes, they cut up Khubaib alive, they cut it off piece by piece, saying, "Do you want that Muhammad be in your place and you survived?", Then he answer- while blood pouring from his body, "For The Sake Of Allah! I do not like to have fun and hang out with his wife and children while Muhammad thorn ". Then people waved his hand up, and their shouts grew louder, "Kill! -bunuh ... !."

Then Sa'id ibn Amir see Khubaib directing his gaze to the sky from the cross, and said, "O Allah our Lord! Count them and kill them one by one and you do not leave any of them ", then he breathed his last, and in his countless former's sword and lance.

The Quraish had returned to Makkah, and they have forgotten the incident Khubaib and killing as many of the events thereafter.

However, young people Sa'id bin Amir Al-Jumahi can not eliminate shadows Khubaib of view even blink of an eye.

He is dreaming while asleep, and saw with fantasy when his eyes open, Khubaib always looming in front of him were two rak'ah prayers quietly in front of the cross, and he heard a groaning sound in his ears, when Khubaib pray for the destruction of those Quraish, he was afraid that he was struck by lightning or ketiban stones from the sky.

Khubaib has taught Sa'id something he had never known before. He taught her that real life is aqidah and jihad in the path of aqidah it until the end of life.

He also taught him that a strong faith will make the miracle and

And he taught him something else, namely that in fact a man who is loved by his companions with such passion, none other than the prophet who received a mandate from heaven.

Since then God opened the chest Sa'id ibn Amir to Islam, and he stood in front of the crowd and proclaimed freedom from sin Quraish, idols and figurines them, and expressed his vow to the religion of Allah.

Sa'id ibn Amir emigrated to Medina, and devote themselves to the Prophet, and he participated in the battle of Khaibar and wars thereafter.

And when the noble Prophet summoned to his Lord, that he had
pleasure her- -when he devoted himself with his sword drawn at the time of two caliphs Abu Bakr and Umar, and live like the only example for the believers who bought hereafter with the world, and concerned with the pleasure of Allah and His reward for all the lust and desire of his lust.

The second caliph of the Prophet had learned about honesty and piety Sa'id ibn Amir, both hear and heed his admonitions opinion.

At the beginning of the Caliphate of Umar, he came to him and said, "O Umar, I intestate unto you, that ye may fear God in human affairs, and do not be afraid of the man in the affairs of God, and the words do not contradict with deeds, for surely the best speech is in accordance with the act ...

O Umar,
front face to those who submit affairs unto God, both Muslims are far or near, love them as you love yourselves and your families, and their hate for something you hate for yourself and your family, and abase the load becomes truth and do not fear the reproach of people who denounced in the affairs of God.

Then Umar said, Who is able to run the O Sa'id?!. "

He replied, "A man like you are able to do so, ie among those who God affairs of the Ummah of Muhammad submit to him, and no one intermediary between him and God."

After that Umar took Sa'id to help him and said, "O Sa'id; We assign you as governor over Himsh population. "He said," O Umar! I warn you against God. Do not plunges me into trial. Then Umar angry and say, Woe to you, you put this matter on my shoulders, and then you distanced themselves from me !!. By Allah, I will not let you go. "Then he appointed him governor in Himsh, and he said," We will give you a salary. "Sa'id said," For what it is, O Amir al-Mumineen salary? for granting me of Baitul Mal has exceeded my needs. "Then he went to Himsh.

Not long after came the messengers of the population to Amirul Mumineen Himsh, then he said to them, "Write down the names of people you are indigent, so that I can close their needs." Then they handed me a sheet of paper, in which there is so and so, so and so and Sa'id ibn Amir.

Umar asked: "Who is this ?. Sa'id ibn Amir" They replied, "our governor." Umar said, "Gubernurmu fakir?" They said, "Yes, and for the sake of God is in his house a few days there was no fire." So Umar wept until his beard was wet with tears, and then he took a thousand dinars and put it in a small bag and said, "Say hello, and tell him Amirul Mumineen give you this treasure, so that you can close your needs."

When the messengers came to Sa'id with carrying pouch, and Sa'id open turns in it there is the dinar, then he put it away from him and said: (Surely we belong to Allah, and indeed we will be returned to him) - as -olah he was stricken from the sky or there is a danger in front of him, until his wife came out to face confusion and said, "What, O Sa'id?!, Do Amirul Mumineen died ?. He said, "Even bigger than that." She said, "Are the Muslims in danger?" He replied, "Even bigger than that." She said, "What's bigger than that?" He replied, "The world has entered myself to ruin my hereafter, and slander has come to my house." She said, "Liberate yourself from him." -when that his wife does not know about money-money at all-the dinar. He said, "Do you want to help me for it?" She replied, "Yes!" Then he took the money-dinar money and put it into small pockets and then he distributed them to the needy Muslims.

Not long after Umar ibn al-Khattab? came to the land of Sham to see the situation, and when he stopped in Himsh-time was called 'Al-Kuwaifah' is a small form of sentence Al-Kufah-, because it Himsh like it either in shape or number of complaints from residents will be officials and rulers. When he stopped in the country, its people welcomed and greeted him, then he said to them, "What do you think about your governor?"

So they complained to him about four terms, each of which is greater than the other. Umar said, so I collected him with them, and I pray to God that He does not distort guess to it, because I'm actually a very large trust him. And when they and the governor have gathered in front of me, I said, "What are you complaining about your governor?"

They replied, "He did not come out to us unless it was already noon." So I said, "What do you say about it, O Sa'id ?." Then he paused, then said, "By Allah! I do not want to say it it, but if it had to be answered, the real family did not have a maid, so every morning I make the dough, then I wait for a while so that it becomes fluffy dough, then I make the dough into bread for them, then I berwudlu and out to meet people . "'Umar said," Then I said to them, "What are you complaining about him?" They replied, "Surely he did not receive guests at night." I said, "What do you say about it, O Sa'id?" He replied, "Verily By Allah I do not like to announce this as well, I have made to them during the day and night to God Almighty." I said, "What else do you complain about him?"

They replied, "Surely he did not come out to see us one day in a month." I said, "And what is this, O Sa'id?" He replied, "I do not have a maid, O Amir al-Mumineen, and I have no clothes except that I wear this, and I wash it once a month, and I'm waiting for it to dry clothes, and then I went out to meet them in the afternoon. "Then I said:" What else do you complain about him? "

They replied, "He is often unconscious, until he did not know the people who sit
assembly." Then I said, "And what is this, O Sa'id?" And he replied, "I have witnessed the killing of bin Adiy Khubaib, at that time I still polytheists, and I saw the Quraysh cut up his body and said, "Do you want that Muhammad be your place?" he said, "By Allah, I do not want to feel at ease with his wife and son, while Muhammad thorn ... And for the sake of Allah, I do not remember that day and how I did not help him, but I think that God does not forgive me ... then I will faint. "

Immediately Umar said, "Praise be to God that does not distort I thought about it." Then he gave him a thousand dinars, and when she saw it she said to him, "Praise be to Allah who has freed us from the hard work for you, buy groceries and hire a maid for us ", So he said to his wife," Do you want something better than that? "She replied," What's that? "He said," We gave it to the dinar bring it to us, when we more need it. "She said," What's that? ", he replied," We lend dinars to God with a good loan. "She said," Yes, and hopefully you are rewarded with good. "So before he left his seat dinar -dinar it has to be in small pockets, and he said to one of his family, "Give this to the widow so and so. and to her children fatherless so and so, and to the poor families so and so, and so and so to her poor family ".

Hopefully Allah be pleased with Sa'eed ibn Amir al-Jumahi, because he was among those who put the (others) on him even though he desperately needs.

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