Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (15)

Khuzaimah bin Thabit Al-Ansari (Died 37 H) 
Khuzaima ibn Thabit bin Fakah bin Saidah al Ansari is among those who converted to Islam from an early age the opportunity to follow all the wars that followed the Prophet since the battle of Badr. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully menganngap testimony commensurate with the testimony of two men as a priority for him. He is a command of the troops in the battle of Siffin and died in that war. 

Ma `qil bin Yasar 
His full name is Ma `qil bin Yasar bin Abdullah Al Mazni, a narrator of hadith, dubbed by Abu Ali. He was residing in the city of Basra, died at the time of Caliph Abdullah ibn Ziyad Muawiah when serving governor there. Imam Hasan Basri many narrated him about marriage and interpretation of surah Al-Baqarah. 

Malik bin Huwairits (Died 74 H) 
Malik ibn Al-Laitsi Huwairits This is a friend who was called by Abu Sulaiman. He heard the hadith directly from the Prophet Muhammad respectfully. and hadeeth about prayer narrated by Abu Qilabah. He was residing in the city of Basra and died there. 

Miqdad ibn Aswad al-Kindi (Died 33 H) 
His full name is Miqdad ibn Umar ibn Malik ibn Tsaklabah. He includes seven people who converted to Islam from the early and first knight who went to war with horse riding in Islam. She is to marry Daba`ah bint Zubair ibn Abdul Muttalib, the nephew of the Prophet respectfully. He was among those who followed the double move, to Abessina and to Medina and had followed the battle of Badr and all the wars after that. He died throughout the reign of Uthman.

Miswar bin Makhramah (Died 64 H) 
His full name is Miswar Makhramah bin Naufal bin Al-Qurasyi Ahyab bin Az-Zuhri, a friend who was called by Abu Abdurrahman. He had watched his Prophet Muhammad respectfully when he was a child and had heard some of the traditions from the Prophet. He narrated from khulafaurrasyidin the four narrators and characters other companions.

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