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Fatimah Az Zahra Bint Rasulullah (Died 11 H)

Women leaders in this era is pui to 4 of the children of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, and his mother is Mother of the Faithful Khadijah bint Khuwalid. Verily Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala wills Fatima approaching birth to 5 years before Muhammad was appointed as the Apostle, to coincide with major events, namely the appointment of the Prophet as a medium when there perselisiha between Quraish tribe about who has the right to put back the Black Stone after Ka'aba updated. With his intellect intelligence capable of solving the problems that almost makes the war between the tribes in Mecca.

Birth Fahimah welcomed by Rasulullahu alaihi wa sallam to give name and epithet Fatima Zahra, while kunyahnya was Umm Abiha (mother of his father).

She princess like his father, he grew up and when the age of 5 years of the major events of the father is the revelation and heavy duty performed by her father. And he also witnessed the infidels launched disruption to her father.until ordeal with her mother Khadija died. She really was saddened by the death of her mother.

At the time of the Muslims migrated to Medina, and his sister Fathima Umm Kulsum remained in Makkah until the Prophet sent for
pick him up.After Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam married to Aisha bint Abu Bakr, the friend tried meminag Fatima. Abu Bakr and Umar go first to propose but the prophet refused to weak lembut.Lalau Ali dating to the Prophet to apply, and when the prophet asked, "Do you have anything?", No O Messenger of Allah, "I replied. "Where is your war clothes are black, which I give unto you," Ask him. "There's me, O Messenger of Allah," I replied. "Give it to him (Fatihmah) as dowry,". He said.

Then ali rushed home and brought his armor, then the Prophet ordered to sell and armor was sold to Uthman bin Affat for 470 dirhams, and then given to the Prophet and submitted to Bilal to buy bridal supplies.

Muslims feel excited about the marriage of Fatima and Ali ibn Abi Talib, after a year of marriage and blessed with a son named Al Hasan and when Hasan turns 1 year Hussein was born in the month of Sha'ban years 4 H H. the fifth year she gave birth to daughter Zainab and Umm Kulthum benama latter.

Rasullah very fond of Fatima, after the Prophet traveling he first met his wife met Fatima before. Aisha said, "I do not see someone whose words and conversations that resembles the Prophet besides Fatima, if he is dating visiting the Prophet, the Prophet stood up and kissed and welcomed warmly, and vice versa which is done when the Prophet dating Fatima visit.".Prophet expresses his love for his daughter takala onstage: "It Fathima part of me, Who made him angry bearti make me angry". And in another narration, "Fatima is part of me, I was annoyed when he was disturbed and I feel sick if he hurt.".
 After the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam run Farewell Pilgrimage and when he saw Fathima, he met him with a friendly and said, "Welcome, O my daughter dating". Then He asked sitting next to his right and whispered something, so Fatima crying with loud cries, when Fatima was sad and he whispered something to him which led to Fatima smiled.

When Aisha asked about what
whispered ago Fatima replied, "I do not want to spill the beans". After the Prophet's death, Aisha asked again to Fatima about what the Prophet whispered to him that makes Fatima crying and smiling. Then Fatima said, "As for the first time he told me was he told that the real Gabriel had recited al-Qura'an by rote to him once a year, now he read it 2 times a year, and then he said," Truly I see my death is near , then fear and be patient, as much as you Salaf (predecessor) for you is me. ". So I will cry when you see sadness. And when he whispered the second time, he said, "O Fatima if you do not like being the prince of the heavenly host ladies and you are the first of the family to be caught up". Then I laughed.

When 6 months since the death of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, Fatima fell ill, namaun he felt happy because the good news received from his father. Shortly thereafter he also switched to the side of his Lord on the night of Tuesday the 13th of Ramadan in 11 H at the age of 27 years.
- Sirah Shahabiyah works Mahmud al mahdi's Istambuli & Mustafa Abu Nasr asy Syalabi, Publisher Maktabah Salafi Press, year 2006.

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