Saturday, 11 April 2015

Rubai bint Ma'udz

The actual name is Rubai bin Ma'udz bin al-Haris bin Fifa'ah bin al-Haris bin Sawad ibn Malik ibn Ghanam bin Malik al-Ansaria late-Najariyah. His mother Umm Qays bint Yazid bin Za'wa 'bin Haram bin Jundub bin Amr bin Ghanam bin Adi bin an-Najar.

Ruba'i ra including first generation who converted to Islam, it was apparent sincerity of his faith and his belief Pharmaceutics when he pledge allegiance to the Prophet respectfully under a tree, that's allegiance named with Baitur ridhwan. Thus, he has been successful people get the good pleasure of God as God says, "Allah has the pleasure of the believers when they pledged allegiance to you in that although the tree, then God knows what is in their hearts and He sent down tranquility upon them and reward them with a close victory (time). And booty that much they can take. Allah is Mighty, Wise. "(Al-Fath: 18-19).

Rubai bint Ma'udz including grand sahabiyah fostered by Islam and then took part in their lives and plunge Islamiyah in fostering the great Islamic society. He fought in the way of God by keeping the limits that have been prescribed by Islam. He berbaiat to the Prophet respectfully and narrated from him and is he a clever woman of affairs Dien.

Muslims acknowledge his abilities, even the senior companions asked him in case dien, and he has described the nature of the Prophet respectfully as narrated by Abu Ubaidah ibn Muhammad ibn Ammar asked to Rubai, "Describe the nature of the Prophet respectfully to me! "He replied," O my son, if you see it as if you see the sun rise. "(Al-Ishabah VIII / 267, ath-Thabaqat VIII / 279, and sh-Shaum II / 248).

He also has been reported about the nature of the ablution of the Prophet respectfully issued by Abu Dawud in Sunannya of Rubai said: "It is the Prophet respectfully came to us and talked to us and he said," Pour out the water so that I perform ablutions with him. "Then Rubai call ablution Prophet respectfully, he said," Then he washed his hands three outsmart .... "(Al-Ishabah in Tamyizish Shahabah VIII / 80).

Rubai continued, "So I return all goods that belong to him besides my armor, but he menggugatkan at it in front of Uthman, he said," That is including terms! "Then I return the goods to him."

As for his participation in jihad alongside the Muslims is not in doubt. Rubai fight with the Muslims. He is in charge of preparing drinks for the troops and help them and bring those who were killed or wounded to Medina. He complements the heroism of the Islamic forces in the battlefield with the rest of what is causing the power in themselves, either in the form of motivation, supplies, and others. When he had enough of their affairs, he rode horses he then attacked the enemies of God with his arrows point to their neck and he tried to resist their guile. (Al-Ishabah VIII / 80 and ath-Thabaqat VIII / 447).

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