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Umm Syuraik al-Qurasyiah

His name is Ghaziyah bint Jabir ibn Hakim. He is a woman of the Quraysh, women of Bani Amir bin Lu'ai and he never became the wife of Abu al-akr ad-Dausi.

His felt his heart sympathy with Islam since I was in Mecca, to be mantaplah faith in his heart and he understood his obligations to the din that is straight so that he dedicated his life to spreading the monotheistic call, elevate the word of Allah and hold up the banner laa ilaha illallahu Muhammadur rasulullahi. 

Start Umm Syuraik move to preach and encourage women of Quraish in secret. He was preaching to them, providing impetus for them to convert to Islam tirelessly and weary. He was aware of the risks that would befall him, both sacrifice and suffering, as well as the risks that have been confronting, in the form of harassment and torture against people and property. However, faith is not just a phrase spoken by the oral, but essentially have faith and trust consequence the load and faith means jihad that requires patience. 

Fate God wills after times gone for a while, start the exam days, days to face trial in which the activity of Umm Syuraik ra known Meccans. Finally, they arrested him and said, "Even if it were not for the offer, we will handle alone. However, we will hand you over to them. "

Umm Syuraik said, "Then came the family of Abu al-akr (ie ancestry husband) to me and said, 'Lest you have entered to religion (Muhammad)?' He said, 'By Allah, I have entered the religion of Muhammad'. They said, 'By Allah, I will torture you with a severe torment'. Then, they took me out of our house, we were in Dhul Khalashah (located in Sana '), they wanted to take me to a place by riding a camel is weak, the vehicle they are most ugly and rude. They fed me and honey, but do not give me a drop of water. Until the middle of the day and when the sun was hot, they dropped me and beat me, then they left me in the heat of the sun until almost lost my wits, my hearing and vision. They did it for three days. 

When the third day, they said to me, 'Leave your religion have you hold!' Umm Syuraik said, 'I'm no longer able to hear their words, but one word for the word and I will give gesture only with my finger to the sky as a gesture of monotheism' . "

 Umm Syuraik continued, "By God, when I in such circumstances, when it was heavy I feel, suddenly I get a bucket of cold water on my chest (he was in a state of lying), so I immediately took it and drank it in one gulp. Then, the bucket lifted and I saw that the bucket is hung between heaven and earth, and I was not able to pick it up. Then, the bucket stuck to me for the second time, then I drank from it and then lifted again. I saw the bucket located between heaven and earth. Then, the bucket stuck to me for the third time, then I drink from it until I was satisfied and I flush to the head, face and my shirt. Then, they came out and saw me and said, 'Where did you get the water O enemy of Allah'. He said, 'Verily Allah is an enemy than myself that deviate from his religion. As for your question of where the water was, then it is on the side of God that was given to me '. They hasten to look at them and they get the bucket of the bucket is still closed not open. Then, they say, 'We testify that your Lord is our Lord and we testify that which has given you good luck in this place after we torture you is he who ordained Islam'." 

Finally, they all go into the religion of Islam and all emigrated together with the Prophet respectfully and they know over them and what God has done to me. 

May God bless Syuraik Um, who has carved out the best of examples in preaching to the way of Allah, in terms of faith and constancy in fighting for his aqidah and the patient in the face of trials and hold on to the rope of Allah .... Distress does not make him loose or weak that result although he shifted a little to save his soul from death and destruction. However, the result of his obstinacy, God exalted him and make his eyes with a beautiful view of the entry of his people to Islam. This is the target of what is aspired by a Muslim in jihad. 

Prophet respectfully said that means, "Indeed, if Allah gives guidance to one person because your propaganda, then it is better than red camels (the most precious treasure)." 

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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