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Anas bin Malik (Died 93 H)

Anas bin Malik sequence to three of the companions who narrated many hadiths, he narrated the hadith as many as 2,286.

Anas is (wage earner) are reliable steward of the Prophet, when he was 10 years, his mother Umm Solomon took him to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully to submissive. His father named Malik ibn an-Nadlr. Prophet often joked with Anas bin Malik, and the Prophet himself was not acting like a master to his servant.

Anas himself once said: "The Messenger sallallaahu alaihi wasssalam never reprimanded what I am doing, he also never ask you about something I did not do, but he always said Masya'allahu the wa ma lam yasya".

Anas bin Malik did not fight in the battle of Badr were grand, because he is still very young. But he was much more after that followed the war. At the time of Abu Bakr Umar asked the opinion regarding the appointment of Anas bin Malik became employees in Bahrain, Umar praised him: "He was a brilliant young man and could read and write, and also a long time to hang out with the Messenger of Allah".

While Abu Hurayrah comments about him: "I have never seen anyone else who prayed resemble the Messenger except Ibn Sulaiman (Anas bin Malik)".

Ibn Sirin said: "He (Anas) Prayer nicest both at home and while on the way".

On the last day of his life, Anas moved to Basra, Others said the move because of fitnah Ibn al-Hajjaj Ash'ath pushing threatened. Then there is no other way for anas bin Malik to move to Basrah which makes the only companions of the Prophet there.

That is why the scholars say THAT Anas bin Malik was the last friend who died in Basra., On the death of Muwarriq said: "It has lost half of the science. If there are people like to indulge in pleasure when disagree with us, we said to him, let's face to people who never hear of Rasululah sallallaahu alaihi respectfully ".

The most authentic sanad sourced originally from: Malik, from az-Zuhri, and he (Anas bin Malik). While most Dlaif from Dawud ibn al-Muhabbir, from his father Muhabbir of Abban bin Abi Iyasy of him.

He died in 93 H in age beyond one hundred years.

 - Biography Anas Ibn Sa'ad in Thabaqaat Tahdheeb 7/10 and 3/319.

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