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Khansa bint Amr

His full name is Tamadhar bint Amr bin al-Haris bin ash-Syarid, a woman famous poet. Some terlantun of oral poetry when he was in his brother's death in the past Shakhr ignorance, then he lamented the sad lament, that the poem eventually become the most famous poems in the poem of grief. Among the great poem which he created is as this: 

Weep with both eyes or one eye  
Would I be lonely because no more occupants in the house
And among his great poem is: 

Both my eyes cry and will not freeze 

How do the eyes do not cry for noble Shakhr

How do the eyes do not cry for the brave

How do the eyes do not cry for a young man of noble 

He came to the Prophet Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam with the people of Bani Salim, then announced to Islama and embraced the creed of monotheism, Islam very well be a symbol that he so brilliantly in courage, greatness of soul and is a symbol of glory for the figure of a Muslim woman. 

Prophet once asked him to write poetry, then his poetry, the Prophet said, "O Khansa 'and my days in His hands." 

When Adi bin Hatim came to the Prophet Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam, he said to the Prophet, "O Messenger of Shalalahu' alaihi Wassalam, indeed in our midst there is the most skilled in poetry, there is also the most generous among men and people The most skilled in horsemanship. "Then the Prophet Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam said," Who are their names? "Adi ibn Hatim said," The most skilled people poetry is al-Qais bin Hajar, while the most generous is Hatim bin Sa' ad (ie father Adi), while most experts in the riding is Amru bin Ma'di Carib. " 

Prophet said, "It is not true what you say, O Adi, while the most skilled people in the poem is Khansa' bint Amr, while the most generous person is Muhammad (Muhammad Shalalahu 'alaihi Wassalam), whereas the most expert riding is Ali ibn Abu Talib. " 

In addition to these advantages because of its merits its name says, 'It has been collected by the poet and did not found a woman who is an expert on poetry than beliau-, he also has a position and an amazing achievement in participating jihad for Islam and defend the truth. He also accompanies wars alongside the Muslims and accompany their troops to victory. 

When Mutsanna bin Haritha ash-Syaibani went to Qadisiyah in the Commander of the Faithful Umar bin Khattab, Khansa 'set out with his four children to accompany the troops.

On the battlefield, at the time of night when the troops were ready to fight each other, Khansa 'collect his four children to provide guidance to them and rekindle the spirit to them to fight and so they do not run away from the battle, and that they expect martyrdom in the way of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Then, listen to the will of al-Khansa 'noble: 

"O my children, you actually had converted to Islam with obedience, you had emigrated voluntarily and by Allah, there is no God but Him, in fact you are sons of a woman who never betrayed your father, you never need your uncle, never damage your honor nor changed nasab you. You know what God has promised for the Muslims form the great reward for the fight against the infidels, and know that country better than domestic eternal mortal (perish). Allah Almighty befirman, "O people say, be patient and strengthen your patience and remain on standby (on the border), and fear Allah, that you prosper." (Al-Imran: 20). 

So, when it comes time tomorrow, if God wants you still survived, prepare yourself to fight the enemy vigorously and ask God for the victory of the Muslims. If you look at the war was raging, when the fire was blazing, then you throw yourself on the battlefield, you have patience to face the heat of the struggle, surely you will be victorious with ghanimah (spoils of war) and martyrdom in the land of glory or eternal. 

Meanwhile, the fourth son of the discourse listen carefully to the full, they come out of their mother's room to receive his advice and his determination to implement the advice. So, when it came time in the morning, they soon joined forces and went to face the enemy, while they set off while reciting poetry. Greatest humming: 
O my brother, the real mother of the advisory 
Has intestate to us yesterday evening 
With a calm and clear explanations
Then made haste to the battlefield full of danger 
That you face are just the dogs that were barking 
While they believe that he will perish by you 

As you have been anticipated by a better life 
Or martyr to obtain favorable ghanimah 

Then he advanced to fight until he was killed. Then the second humming: 
Actually mother firm and straightforward 
Who has extensive knowledge and thoughts straight 

An advice from him as a sign of doing good to the child 
Then haste falls in battle with male 
Up to get a win hearts conditioning 
Or martyr as eternal glory 
In Jannah Paradise and live happily 

Then he stepped forward and fight to meet martyrdom. Then turn the son of al-Khansa 'third humming: 
By Allah, I will not disobey my mother even a single letter 
He has commanded me to go to war 
An advice, good treatment, sincere and affectionate 

So, haste plunged into fierce battle 
Until you get the D'Andrea family (emperor) in defeat 
If not, then they will break into your protection 
We see that you are a weakness laziness 
As for who was killed among you is victory and approach to Him

Later, he developed and fought to get martyred. Then turn the son of al-Khansa 'last hum: 
I'm not the son of al-Khansa, nor belong to al-akhram 
Nor Amr who have the majesty 
If I do not join the forces fighting the Persian 
Forward in a scary scene 
Until triumphed in the world and got ghanimah 
Or die in the most noble 
Later, he advanced to fight until he was killed 

When the news of the martyrdom of the four brothers were up to her mother who mukminah and patient, he not be shaken nor wail, even he said the famous words recorded by history and will be constantly repeated by history until the desired time of God, namely: 

"Praise be to God who honors me with their martyrdom, and I look forward to my Lord that He might gather myself with them in His mercy".

Is Umar know very well about the virtues of al-Khansa 'and his sons so that he continues to provide assistance that is allotted to his four children until he died.

Then, wafatlah al-Khansa 'in Badiyah at the beginning of the caliphate of Uthman ibn Affan ra in the year 24 H. 

May God bless al-Khansa 'that really him as a mother who was not as befits another mother, if only the Islamic ummahatul thereafter such as he, surely none of those who have gone missing, will not be able to sleep the eyes of people who are anxious. 

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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