Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (21)

Salamah bin Akwa` (Died 47 H) 
Friends are among those who pledge allegiance to the Prophet in allegiance Ridwan. He followed the Prophet respectfully in times of war are headed. He has a patriotic spirit, gunner and flight agile exceed keccepatan horse. He died at the age of 80 years. 

Salman Al-Farisi (Died 35 H) 
Friends of the former Persian Zoroastrian religion departed leaving his hometown with a purpose of seeking the true religion. First of all he embraced Christianity, he was captured and sold and changed hands, last up to Madinah then purchased and freed by the Prophet respectfully. He it is who has the idea of ​​extracting Paret in Khandak war. He attended all the wars, including the conquest of Iraq, then he was appointed as the government in Madain. He was living and dying in this last post. 

Samurah bin Jundub (Died 56 H) 
He is very honest, never lie and love Islam, one of the officials from the Ansar Caliphate. He domiciled and died in Basra in Muawiah reign, when he went to town Koufah task he was replaced by Ziad. He is very firm in the face of the separatist Khawarij. 

Al-Shaab bin Jatsamah Laitsi (Died 25 H) 
His full name is Shaab Jatsamah bin Qais bin Al-Laitsi, one of the companions of the famous bold. He always took part in many battles in the days of the Prophet Muhammad respectfully. also in the fight to conquer Istakher and Persian. 

Suhaib Ar Rumi (Died 28 H) 
His full name was Suhaib bin Sannan bin Malik, he was dubbed by Ar Rumi, as long he is domiciled in Rome when he was captured. This he converted to Islam in Dar Arqom together Ammar. She including weak people who receive various kinds of trials in defending his religion. He joined emigrated to Medina and had followed the battle of Badr. Quraish gave him the option to migrate to Madinah and that his rights are in Mecca, but he chose to move, because that is the Word of God fell on him which means "There are some people who dare to buy him for the sake of Allah's approval hope" Al-Baqarah verse 207 . He had followed all wars start of the battle of Badr, then died in Medina.

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