Friday, 10 April 2015

5 Other Companions of the Prophet edition (9)

Amir bin Rabi'a (Died 35 H) 
Amir bin Rabi'a, including those who converted to Islam from an early age and had the opportunity to follow the emigration to Abessinia and migrate to Madinah. He had followed the battle of Badr and subsequent wars. Caliph Uthman in Medina government appointed him as caliph pilgrimage. He died a few days after Usman died. 

Ammar (Died 37 H) 
Friends who converted to Islam from this early convert to Islam along with his father and mother (Yasir and Sumaiyah) which consequently they both suffer various trials of their tribe is Mahzum. His father had died in the trial, while his mother was stabbed by Abu Jahl so doomed. He went to Abessinia emigrants, returning from Abessinia he joined migrate to Madinah. In the battle of Badr and Khandak this he suffered severe injuries. He joined the war Siffin behind Ali ibn Abu Talib and died in the war. 

Amr bin Ash (Died 43 H) 
Amr ibn al-'As bin Wail ibn Hashim ibn Said ibn Shares are prominent Arab leader who conquered Egypt and built the city of Fustat (Cairo now). He had followed arbitration after the war Siffin where Muawiah win thanks to his ingenuity. He died in Cairo. 

Amru bin Jammuh (Died 3 H) 
Friends of origin is classified bangShallallahu Ansar 'alaihi wassalaman Ansar that the Prophet respectfully appointed him leader of Banu Salamah. He died in the battle of Uhud. 

Amru bin Umaiah (Died 55 H) 
His full name is Amr bin Umaiah Khuwailid bin Abdullah bin Ad-Dlamiri, a friend who is very brave. When the Battle of Badr and Uhud, he is still in the ranks of the idolaters. After he converted to Islam, he participated in the Battle of Bir Maunah participation. He narrated the hadith 20 and died in the city of Medina at the time Muawiah bin Abu Sufyan.

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