Saturday, 11 April 2015

5 Other Famale Companions of the Prophet edition (2)

Khaulah bint Anwar al-Asadi (Died 35 H) 
Poetess which includes this brave similar to Khalid ibn al-Walid in its military activities. He has a collection of stories about the conquest of the lands of Sham. Poems considered a poem depicting the glory and splendor.

Laila Al-Gifariah (Died 40 H) 
This respected friend of the woman who often follow the Prophet to the battlefield to treat the sick and wounded warriors. At the time of the War "Jamal" he took off to fight in the ranks Basrah Ali ibn Abu Talib.

Lubabah Kubra (Lubabah bint Harith Al-Hilali) (Died 30 H) 

Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib wife, including the lady who gave birth to a lot of character. He converted to Islam in Mecca after Khadija, thus she is the second woman to Islam.

Muazah bint Abdullah Al-Adawiah (
Died 83 H) 
This woman is a tradition that many scholars narrated from Aisha and Ali bin Abu Talib ra. He was among the reliable narrators who reach level siqah and proof in the science of hadith.

Qatilah bint Harith bin Kaldah (
Died 20 H) 
This first ranking female poet, are siblings Nadhar which often hinder people who want to see the Prophet. He managed to capture and kill his brother at the Battle of Badr, while reciting a poem that is considered is the cause of Allah. prohibits the killing of prisoners of Quraysh. He converted to Islam and narrated hadiths from the Prophet.

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