Saturday, 11 April 2015

5 Other Famale Companions of the Prophet edition (4)

Athiyah Umm Al-Anshariah (Nasibah bint Harith) (Died 8 H) 
This leading lady companions, had baiat to the Prophet, narrated hadiths from him and follow him to fight as much as seven times of war. He was in charge of making food for fighters Muslims, treating wounded soldiers and caring for the sick.

Umm Darda (Khairah bint Abu Hadrad) (Died 30 H) 

Girlfriends are reputable and have brilliant ideas that have managed to memorize the many traditions of the Prophet. Many Successors who narrated from him, as Sofwan bin Abdullah. He was living in Medina and died in the land of Sham (Syria).

Umm Kulsum bint Uqbah bin Muit (
Died 40 H) 
Friends of the woman who converted to Islam in Mecca is the women who participated emigrated in the first period. He walk from Mecca to Medina to.Umm Qais bint Mihsan. His real name is Aminah bint Al-Asadiah Mihsan, a friend of the woman who had converted to Islam from an early age and joined emigrated to pledge allegiance to the Prophet. He is the woman who came to give her baby to the Prophet and then by the Prophet placed on the lap, the baby urinate, the Prophet sent, and took up water and flush affected part urine clothes without washing.

Umm Waraqa bint Abdullah bin Harith (Died 15 H) 

Girlfriends who had berbaiat to this Prophet, is memorized and have a collection of the Qur'an. He had followed, the Battle of Badr, when he actively treating wounded soldiers and caring for the sick. 

Zaynab bint Ali bin Abu Talib (Died 62 H) 
She is the brother of Hasan and Husain who had come with his brother Husain in Karbela War. She is known for its authority and eloquence with a style that is interesting.

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