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Raihanah bint Zaid Bin Amr

The narrators disagree about Raihanah life. Moreover, not much history that describes the Prophet's wife on this one. The problem centers on the data whether the Prophet married her or his release then just make it as a slave? Most history says that Raihanah including one of his wife, but another report said that she was not his wife.  

To be clear problem, following the journey of life Raihanah presented. In the Thabaqat narrated Ibn Saad, said that Raihanah himself said, "When the Children Quraizhah captivity, I included that faced the Messenger. He told me to be alone because the Prophet respectfully. have the right to vote first on the booty acquired the Muslims. When I was alone, God gave me a clue. He send me to Urnrnul home Mundhir bint Qais for a few days. He called me and request me sitting in front of him while herkata, 'If you choose to Allah and His Messenger, His Messenger will choose for himself.' I replied, 'I have chosen God and His Messenger.' When I embraced Islam, he frees and marry. Then utilized uqiyah he gave me twelve and one Nasha as he gave to other wives, then married to me at home Umm-Mundhir. He gave me as part of the other wives, and he told me to wear the hijab. " 

His full name is Raihanah bint Zayd ibn Amr ibn Syam'un Khunaqah bin Zaid and Banu Nadir. Her husband, al-Hakam, come and Bani Quraizhah. 

In the book As-Samthust-Tsamin FII Manaqih Ummahatul-Mumineen (Precious Pearls coupling in Excellence wives of the Prophet), Tabari history, "Muhammad ibn Umar informs us that Abdullah ibn Ja'far ibn Yazid Ibn al-Haad informs we, of Tha'labah ibn Abi Malik, 'Raihanah bint Zayd ibn Amr ibn Khunaqah of Banu Nadir wife someone from among those who called al-Hakam. When Bani Quraizhah captive, the Prophet give her, then released her and marry her until she died at his side. "In this book also mentioned that Muhammad ibn Umar informs karni, Salih ibn Ja'far Muhammad ibn Ka'b preach from," God Raihanah including the release . She is a beautiful and charming woman. When her husband was killed, he was in the prisoner. He became part of the Prophet on the day of the conquest of Bani Quraizhah. Rasululah sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully. give him a choice between Islam and remained in his religion, and it turns out he chose Islam. Prophet release later married and gave hijab. One time he was very jealous of the Prophet so that he divorced her. Broken home result, he could not sleep and was very sad. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully. meet and refer back so he remained with the Prophet until he died before the Prophet died. "

In another report in the same book mentioned that Raihanah not including the wives of the Prophet. Abdul Malik bin Sulaiman preach to us, from Ayyub ibn Abdur-Rahman bin Sha'shaah, from Ayyub ibn Bashir al-Mu'awy, "When Bani Quraizhah captive, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi respectfully. send Raihanah Salma bint Qais home or known as Umm-Mundhir. She stayed with him until the last menstruation once sacred of the menstrual. Umm al-Mundhir give the news to the Prophet. He came in Umm Al-Mundhir house, and said, 'If you like, I will release you and marry you, surely I will do. And if you like, I will make you as my slave. 'He replied,' O Messenger of Allah, I would rather be a slave. It lightened me and to you. "Then he continues to be his slave and was clocked as a slave until his death." 

So a history Raihanah bint Zayd ibn Amr. In our case (author) is not overly analyze other narrations, it's just that we've believed the agreement of the narrators of the death Raihanah during life the Prophet respectfully. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala loves and pleased with her. Amen. 

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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