Saturday, 11 April 2015

5 Other Famale Companions of the Prophet edition (3)

Rabayi` bint Al-Harith bin Mi`waz Anshariah (Died 45 H) 
The leading female companions who had to pledge allegiance to the Prophet at the time of allegiance Ridwan and participated in various battles along the Messenger. He was in charge of supplying liquor to the fighters and care and treat them as well as transporting the fallen heroes and the wounded to Medina.

Rufaidah Al-Anshariah (Died 35 H)Girlfriends nurse wounded soldiers has devoted himself to serving the Islamic fighters and nurses are considered as the first in the history of Islam. He who binds up wounds Saad ibn Abu Waqash when brought to his tent during Battle of the Trench.

Rumaisha bint Milhan (
Died 30 H) 
Girlfriends respected, Anas bin Malik's mother, took part in several battles. During the Battle of Uhud, he served as a supplier of beverage fighters and treat the injury.At the time of the battle of Hunain he was with Aisha duty took water and bring it with skins to be given to the Muslims at the time the war was raging, after which they again took the water and bring it to the ranks of the Muslims. 

Subaiah bint Harith 
Subaiah bint Al-Harith this Aslamiah, is a friend of ever married women with Saad bin Khaulah from the tribe of Bani Amir from Bani Luai. Saad, her husband, had participated in the Battle of Badr and died while performing the Farewell Pilgrimage. Umar ibn Abdullah ibn Arqam narrated concerning the divorce of a friend of this woman.

Shifa bint Abdullah Al-Adawiah Al-Qurasyiah (
Died 20 H) 
This leading lady companions, in the days of ignorance are good at and after the write-read Islam he taught Hafsah (wife of the Prophet.) Write-read. Prophet gave him a home in Medina. Umar always put his opinion.

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