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Thufail bin 'Amr Ad-dausi

Ath-Thufail ibn Amr ad-Dausi is Daus tribe leader at the time of ignorance. He is also one of the highly respected among Arab and one authoritative nobility. Kitchen fire always steaming and roads are always open for him. He was happy to feed the hungry, protect those who are afraid, and gave the wages of workers. In addition, he is also a polite, intelligent, and clever, subtle poet feelings, clear, and sweet words. As if the words were out of his mouth like magic.

Ath-Thufail leave their villages, Tihamah, toward Mecca. When that happens the battle between the noble apostle with the Quraish. Each wanted to win and tried to find supporters. Apostle Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam pray to his Lord and his weapon is faith and truth, while the Quraish tried to spread their invitation with a sword and blocking people follow Muhammad in every way.

Ath-Thufail felt himself entering this battle without any preparation and without it accidentally. Though he did not go towards Mecca with that goal and never crossed his mind about the conflict between Muhammad and the Quraish. As a result, the battle became a never-forgotten memories for ath-Thufail ibn Amr ad-Dausi. Let us hear this amazing story sequence.

Ath-Thufail tells that one day he set foot in Mecca. No one else knew Quraysh leaders until they meet me and greeted me with great fanfare. They
glorify me as they glorify their leaders. Then, the leaders and princes Quraysh gathered with me. They said, "Yes Thufail, you have come to our country. There was a man who claimed he was a prophet. He has troubled our affairs and divide us. We are very afraid that this also happens in your families as we are experiencing now. So, do not ever talk to him. Thou shalt not listen to his words. Indeed, he has such magic words that can distinguish between a child and his father. Between siblings and other relatives. Between a wife and her husband."

Ath-Thufail said, "By Allah, they always tell an amazing situation to me, to frighten me, my nation with his actions, so that I was influenced to not approach it, do not talk to him, and did not listen to his words at all. When I went to the mosque for tawaf around the Ka'bah and ask for blessings from the gods that we have always cherished and our pilgrimage for him, I closed my ears with cotton so as not to hear the words of Muhammad. However, when I entered the mosque, I saw a man praying at the Kaaba with different prayer with the procedures of our prayers.

Doing worship different from the procedures of our worship. The scenery that makes me happy. Worship
fabulous you and I felt myself lower thereof. Little by little, without realizing it, I approached him. And God made the ears to hear most of his words. I also heard a very good speech. "I also said in my heart," Your mother fade you to death, yes Thufail. In fact you are a poet intelligent and smart. Why you can not distinguish the bad from the good. What put you hear her? If it carries the kindness you shall receive, if ugly let you leave. "

Then ath-Thufail remain there until the Prophet went out of the House. He followed her to her house. When he entered the house, he had come in, then said, "O Muhammad, your people have told me about you all. By Allah, they always scare me with deeds so I closed my ears with cotton so as not to listen to your message. But God still play your words into my ear. And I hear something good, then say everything to me. "

Then Muhammad also said it all, he recited Surah al-Ikhlas and al-Falaq. By Allah, ath-Thufail've heard better than his word and he did not see a business any more fair than business.

At that time, she spread her hands and testify that there is no God (god) but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and he embraced Islam.

Then ath-Thufail settled in Mecca while. He learned from him the teachings of Islam and memorize the verses of the Qur'an easy for him. When he intends to return to his people, he said, "O Messenger of Allah, I was someone who adhered to in this society. I will come back to them and invite them to embrace Islam. Pray to God to make me a sign that will help encourage them. "

Prophet was immediately prayed, "O Allah, make him a sign."

Ath-Thufail Then came his people. When he stood before them, terpancarlah light between the eyes like light bulbs. He said, "O Allah, make lamp is not on my face, because I was worried about my people think there is something in my face for leaving their religion. Then move it to the end my
whip the lamp, so that people vying my whip see the light in it as light-dependent. "

Then he met them in the valley. When he fell, to see her elderly father. Then ath-Thufail said, "O my Father, stay away from me, I'm no longer in your religion and you are not in my religion."

Then his father said, "What, O my dear boy?" Ath-Thufail replied, "I have embraced Islam and follow the religion of Muhammad Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam .."

Then his father said, "O my son, your religion is my religion too."

Then ath-Thufail said, "Now go, bathe and clean the clothes, then come to me so that I teach what I know."

Then her father go, shower, and clean clothes. Not long after, he met ath-Thufail and he taught him about Islam and eventually, his father embraced Islam.

After his wife also came to see him, he said, "O my wife, stay away from me. I'm not in your religion and you are not in my religion. "

Then his wife said, "For the Father and mother, what is it, O my husband?"

Ath-Thufail replied, "Islam has separated our religion. I have embraced Islam and follow the religion of Muhammad Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam .. "

Then she said, "Your religion is my religion too." Ath-Thufail said, "Now go and wash yourself of Dhul Syaara water."

His wife said, "For the Father and mother, are you afraid of Dhul Syaara?

Then ath-Thufail said, "Woe thou, O wife, and Dhul Syaara. Go and cleaned yourself in a place far away from humans. I will protect you from the stone idols. "

Then her wife go and wash. Then he came back and ath-Thufail he teach Islam and his wife finally embraced Islam.

After that, ath-new Thufail invites his people, the descendants of Daus, to embrace Islam. However, they are very slow to accept his invitation, except Abu Hurayrah. He is the fastest man to accept his invitation to embrace Islam.

After that, ath-Thufail with Abu Huraira came to the Prophet in Mecca. Sholallahu Prophet 'alaihi wasalam said to him, "How your
propaganda, O Thufail?"

He replied, "In their hearts is a disease and profound disbelief. They (the children of Dice) has been dominated by the godlessness and wickedness. "

Then the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam stand, perform ablution, then pray and pray to God. Abu Hurayrah said, "Really, I've never seen it before charity. I'm afraid he prayed ugliness for my people until they all perish. "

Ath-Thufail said, "Do not worry."

Then the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam began to pray, "O God, give guidance to the Daus. O Allah, give guidance to the Daus. O Allah, give guidance for the Dice. "

Then he turned to Thufail and said, "Go back to your families. 
Polite applicable to them, and invite them to Islam. "

After that, ath-Thufail always be on earth Daus and invites his people to Islam to the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam migrate to Madinah, finished the Battle of Badr, Uhud, and Trench. Then ath-Thufail meet Apostle Sholallahu 'alaihi wasalam after Islamize eighty homes and teach them. Hearing that, the Prophet was very happy, so he gave part ghanimah results Khaibar. Ath-Thufail said, "O Messenger of Allah, make us your troops on the right in each of your war, and the various us with 'Mabrur'."

After that, ath-Thufail always with the Prophet until the Fathu Mecca. Ath-Thufail said, "O Messenger of Allah, send me to 'Dhul Kaffain' Amr bin Hamamah idols, so I burned them."Rasulullahpun allow it. Then he went to the idol with the troops of his people. When he was up and about to burn, women, children, and men had surrounded him to destroy him. They are waiting for the call that "Dhul Kaffain" is in danger.

However, ath-Thufail still go to the location in front of the idol worshipers. Ath-Thufail furious to see the idols and said aloud, "O Dhul Kaffain, I'm not your
worship. Our birth is ahead of the birth. I will burn you. "

When the fire has burned idols idols along with others in the children of Daus, eventually people were converted to Islam and live by its precepts.

Furthermore, ath-Thufail Amr Ibn ad-Dausi be with his Lord of the Prophet until he was called to his side. When the Caliphate held by Abu Bakr, ath-Thufail and their families to submit and obey the Messenger Sholallahu Caliph 'alaihi wasalam .. When the movement arises murtaddin (they are out of Islam), ath-Thufail with his son, Amr, also participated in the fight against Musaylima al-Kadzdzab. While on the way to al-Yamamah, he dreamed. He told his friends, "Last night I had a dream, tell me the

They asked, "What you dream last night?"

Ath-Thufail said, "I dreamed that my head had been shaved off. Then out of a bird of my mouth and there was a woman trying to put myself into the stomach, but my son Amar asked to come with me but he was powerless. "

Then his friend said, "That's a good sign for you."

Then ath-Thufail said, "By Allah, I also have
depute dream, that my head were shaved, it means the head decapitated. The birds were out of my mouth is my soul, while the woman who tried to put me to stomach is earth dug to bury. I'd love to have been killed in a state of martyrdom. As for my son who asked to come with me was that he wanted to die a martyr, but insyaaAllah he would see him after that. "

When Yamamah War raged, the noble companions ath-Thufail Amr Ibn ad-Dausi finally martyr killed, while his son, Amr keep fighting until he was mortally wounded, his right hand. After the war, he returned to Medina leave his father and his hands.

During the caliphate of Umar Ibn al-Khattab, Amr bin Thufail came to Umar with food. The other companions sitting around him, and then he invited the audience to taste the food. He felt very happy. He said to 'Umar al-Faruq, "O Amirul Mu'minin!"

Umar said, "By Allah, I do not really have to taste the delicious food with your hands until you
complain stump. By Allah, no one from the majority of these people will go to heaven unless you (Umar intended for her). "

And Amr was always craved since her father's martyrdom martyrs. So when the battle of Yarmuk, Amr participate in the war. He is the spirit of fighting against the enemy until he met a martyr after his father.

God has blessed ath-Thufail ibn Amr ad-Dausi. He is a martyr martyr and father. 

- Book Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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