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Usamah bin Zaid

Seven years before the Hijrah. When the Prophet respectfully. are difficult because of the actions of the Qurasy who hurt him and the companions. Difficulties and distress preaching cause he always have to be patient. In such an atmosphere, a sudden beam of light radiating provide exciting entertainment. A news anchor news to him, "Um Ayman gave birth to a baby boy." The face of the Prophet beamed with joy welcomed the news.

Whose baby is it? Thus, the birth of the Prophet who can treat moderate heart grief, turned into excited? That he, Usama bin Zaid.

The friend did not feel strange when the Prophet rejoicing at the birth of the new baby. Because, they know the position of both parents in the side of the Prophet. The baby's mother Ethiopia blessed woman, famous for calling "Umm Ayman". Indeed Um Ayman was a former slave of the Prophet's mother Aminah bint Wahab. He is the Messenger of time caring for small, while his mother was still alive. He also who took care after the mother's death. Therefore, in the life of the Prophet, he almost did not recognize the glorious mother, in addition to Umm Ayman.

Prophet loved Um Ayman, as befits unfortunately seroang child to his mother. He often said, "Um Ayman is her only after the mother of a noble death, and the only family that still exist." That lucky baby's mother.

The father is a favorite (Hibb) Messenger, Zaid ibn Haritha. Prophet never raised as an adopted son Zaid before he converted to Islam. She became his friend and entrust all the secrets. He became a member of his family in the household and people who are very dear in Islam.

The Muslims rejoiced at the birth of Osama bin Zaid, exceeding meraka excitement over the birth of the other babies. It can happen because each thing that he also favored their liking. When he was delighted they rejoice. Babies are very lucky that they call "Al-Hibb wa Ibnil Hibb" (darling darling).The Muslims do not exaggerate call Osama infant was dengap the call. Because, the Prophet is very fond of Osama that's entirely likely envy. Osama contemporaries of the Prophet's grandson, Hasan bin Fatima bint Muhammad. Hasan white flowers handsome as awesome. He is very similar to his grandfather, the Prophet respectfully. Osama black skin, snub nose, very similar to her mother woman Ethiopia. However, the love of the Prophet to both no different. He often took Osama, then put on one of her thighs. Then, he took too Hasan, and laid him on the other thigh. Then, the two children were embraced together to his chest, saying, "O God, I love these boys, it is precisely their love!"

So unfortunately the Prophet to Osama bin Laden at a time so that the door tripped wounds and bloody forehead. Prophet told Aisha clean the blood from the wound of Osama, but was unable to do so. Therefore, he stands to get Osama, then he suck the blood out of the wound and Spit. After that, he persuaded Osama with sweet words fun until her feel at ease back.

As the Prophet loved Usamah as a child, when he also had a great stay loved. Hakim ibn Hazm lived, a leader Qurasy, expensive clothes ever presented to the Prophet. Hakam buy clothes in Yemen with the price of gold of fifty dinars Yazan, a ruler of Yemen. Prophet reluctant to accept the gift of Hakam, because when he was still idolatrous. Then, it was purchased by his clothes and wore only once when Friday. Clothing was then given to Osama. Osama always wear it in the morning and evening in the middle of the Emigrants and the Helpers young age.

Since Osama increase adolescents, qualities and noble character already looked at him, which deserves to make it as beloved Prophet. He was clever and intelligent, wise and clever, piety and wara. He always abstain from misconduct.

The time of the Battle of Uhud, Usamah bin Zaid came before the Prophet
respectfully. along with a group of peers, the sons of the companions. They want to join the jihad fi sabilillah. Most of them accepted the Prophet and partly rejected because he was still very young. Usamah bin Zaid teramasuk group of children who are not accepted. Therefore, Usama home crying. He is very sad because it is not allowed fought under the banner of the Prophet.

In the Battle of the Trench, Usama bin Zaid came also with my friends teenage son companions. Osama stood at attention in front of the Prophet in order to appear taller, so he allowed him to engage in war. Prophet sorry to see Osama hardhearted want fought. Therefore, he allowed him, Osama went to war bear the sword, jihad fi sabilillah. When he was only fifteen years old.

When the battle of Hunain, the Muslim army pressed so that their forces to become chaotic. However, Usamah bin Zaid remained together premises' Abbas (uncle of the Prophet), Sufyan ibn al-Harith (son Usamah uncle), and six others of the noble companions. Dengah this small group, the Prophet managed to restore his companions defeat into victory. He managed to rescue the Muslims who fled from the pursuit of the idolaters.

In Mu'tah War, bin Laden fought under the command of his father, Zaid ibn Haritha. When the age of about eighteen years.

Osama witnessed with my own eyes when his father was killed in battle as a martyr. However, bin Laden is not afraid nor retreat. In fact, he was fighting under the command of persistent Ja'far ibn Abi Talib to Ja'far martyred in front of his eyes anyway. Osama stormed under the command of 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah to this hero fall also follows two friends who had been martyred. Then, the command is held by Khalid ibn al-Walid. Osama fought under the command of Khalid. With the number of soldiers who lived a little, the Muslims finally escape from the clutches of Roman soldiers.After the war, bin Laden returned to Medina to surrender his father's death in Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. The bodies were left on earth father Sham (Syria) to commemorate the goodness of the deceased.

In the eleventh year of Hijra Prophet lowering command to prepare an army to fight the Roman army. In the army there, among others shidiq Abu Bakr, Umar, Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas, Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah, and other friends of the older ones.

Prophet raised Usamah bin Zaid young teens entire army commander to be dispatched. When the age of Usama not exceed twenty years. He ordered him to give up Osama in Balqa 'and Qal'atut Daarum near Gazzah, including territory Rum.

When the army was preparing to wait for orders to leave, the Prophet respectfully. pain and illness increasingly louder day. Therefore, the departure of the troops suspended pending the Prophet circumstances improved.

Usama said, "When the Messenger of ill gain weight, I came to, he followed the crowd, as I entered, I found that he is silent not speak because of the rigors of his illness. Suddenly he raised his hand and put it into my body. I know he called me. "

Not long after the Prophet returned to Rahmatullah. Abu Bakr Siddeeq elected and sworn in as the caliph. Caliph Abu Bakr to continue sending troops under the command of Usama bin Zaid, according to the plan outlined Messenger. However, a group of Ansar want me to suspend the departure of the troops. They asked Umar to discuss it with the Caliph Abu Bakr.

They said, "If the caliph insisted want to continue sending troops as it chooses, we propose commanders (Osama) young teens exchanged with the older leaders and experienced."

Listening to Umar who had proposed from the Ansar, Abu Bakr wake up to Umar and said angrily, "O son of Khattab! Messenger has raised Osama. You know that. Now you tell me to overturn Rasululllah. By Allah, there is no way that! "

Tatkal Umar returned to the crowd, they ask how the results of its talks with the caliph. Umar said, "Once I submit your proposal to the Caliph, belaiu refused and instead I get angry. I said to talk tough decision to cancel the Prophet. Thus, Muslims departing troops under the command of the commander of a young teenager, Usama bin Zaid. Caliph Abu Bakr also delivered on foot, while Osama riding vehicle. "

Usama said, "O Prophet Caliph! Feel free to ride the vehicle. Let me get off and walk. "

Abu Bakr replied, "By Allah! do not go down! For The Sake Of Allah! I do not want to ride the vehicle! Let my feet dirty, while dropping you fight fisabilillah! I just leave thee, thou religion, loyalty thee, and thou struggle sequel to God. I intestate to you, be at your best all the commands of the Prophet to you! "

Then, Caliph Abu Bakr closer to Osama. He said, "If you agree to let Umar stayed with me. Let him stay to help me. Osama then allow it. "

Osama move forward to bring the troops they lead. All the commands of the Prophet him executed as well as possible. Arriving at Balqa 'and Qal'atud Daarum, including Palestine, Osama stopped and ordered his army camped. Rum greatness abolition of the hearts of the Muslims.

Then he spread the highway in front of them for the conquest of Sham (Syria) and Egypt.Osama managed to return from the battlefield with a resounding victory. They bring a lot of booty, exceeding forecasts suspected person. Thus, people say, "Never fight an army returning from the battlefield safely and intact and managed to bring as much booty brought Usama bin Zaid forces."Usamah bin Zaid throughout his life was in a place of honor and loved the Muslims. Because, he continues to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet with a perfect and personal glorify the Apostle.

Caliph Umar ibn Khattab never protested by his son, Abdullah ibn Umar, because exaggerate quota of ration Osama Abdullah as the son of Caliph. Abdullah ibn Umar said, "O my father! Mr. ration for Osama four thousand, whereas to me only three thousand. In fact, the service is unlikely to father more than his own father services. Similarly, Osama personally, it seems there is no privileges than me. "Caliph Umar replied," Well ?! far more cherished father ?! Prophet than your father. And, more cherished personal Osama Messenger than you. "Having heard the statements of his father, Abdullah bin Omar Osama willing ration more than it receives rations.

When met with bin Laden, Omar greeted with a greeting, "Marhaban bi amiri!" (Welcome, O commander ?!). If anyone is surprised by the greeting, Umar explained, "The Prophet never raised Osama become my commander."

May God continue to bestow His mercy to the companions who have the spirit and personality of this glorious as they are. And Allah knows best.
Source:- Book Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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