Saturday, 11 April 2015

5 Other Famale Companions of the Prophet edition (1)

Arwa bint Abdul Muttalib (Died 15 H) 
The Prophet Habibi, including women who are respected during the period of ignorance and Islam. He has clear ideas and professional recite.

Fatimah bint Qais bin Khalid (Died 50 H) 
Broad minded female companions including the first group emigrated. At a meeting held kediamannyalah Islamic figures (expert shura) to deliberate replacement after the death of Caliph Umar.

Gazalah Al-Haruriah (
Died 77 H) 

Wife Syabib bin Yazid Al-Haruri is famous as a woman brave and agile. He fought in several battles as other heroes. There is a popular story about him is his running Hajjaj because they can not deal with it in a battle.

Hind bint Utbah ibn Rabiah (
Died 14 H) 
Girlfriends of Quraish tribe famous for volume eloquence, brilliant ideas and this firm, quite professional in reciting poetry. Before converting to Islam he often uplifting the Pagans to hit the Muslims. He converted to Islam at the time of the conquest of Mecca and also had the opportunity to follow the battle of Yarmuk and active awaken the spirit of the Muslims against the Roman army.

Juwairiah bint Abu Sufyan (
Died 54 H) 

A friend and warrior women who participated directly attack the enemy on the battle of Yarmuk. He also participated in many other battles to prove that he was a pioneer woman who agile.

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