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Umm Fadl (bint al-Harith Lubabah)

His full name is Lubabah bint al-Haris bin Huzn bin Bajir bin Hilaliyah. He is Lubabah al-Kubra, known as the Umm Fadl kuniyah. Umm Fadl was one of four women who expressed his faith by the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam. The fourth woman is Maimunah, Umm Fadl, Asma 'and Salma.

The Maimunah is Ummul Mumineen Rodhiallahu 'anha siblings of Umm Fadl. While Asma 'and Salma are two sisters from his father the way for both of these is the daughter of' Umais.Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha is the wife of Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam, and the mother of six noble, intelligent and yet there was a woman who gave birth to men such as they are. They are Fadl, Abdullah al-Faqih, Ubaidullah al-Faqih, Ma'bad, Qatsam and Abdurrahman.

About this Umm Fadl Abdullah bin Yazid said:Nobody gave birth to those leadinglike what I see as the six sons of Umm FadlThe son of two noble parentsNoble uncle Mustafa NabiyulCover the Apostles and the best of the apostle

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha converted to Islam before moving, he was the first woman who converted to Islam after Khadijah (Mother of the Faithful Rodhiallahu' anha) as spoken by his son Abdullah bin Abbas Rodhiallahu 'anhu, "I and my mother are among those who are oppressed of women and children. "

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha including a woman of high rank and noble among the ladies. Sholallahu Prophet 'alaihi wasallam sometimes visited him and sometimes a nap in his house.

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha is a woman who is brave and faithful, Abu Lahab who fight the enemies of Allaah and killed him. Narrated by Ibn Ishak from Ikrimah said, "Abu Rafi 'slave Sholallahu Prophet' alaihi wasallam said, 'I've become a slave Abbas, when Islam came then Abbas embraced Islam followed by Umm Fadl, but Abbas is still respected for his people."

Abu Lahab could not accompany the battle of Badr and representations to Ash bin Hisham bin Mughirah, so their habits when not following a battle then he represents to others.

When it comes news of the calamity that befell the people of Quraish at Badr which Allaah has been humiliating and degrading Abu Lahab, so instead we feel the strength and 'izzah on ourselves. I was a weak man, I worked making glass that I chisel on the rocks around Zam Zam, for the sake of Allah one when I sat next to me while there Umm Fadl sitting, before we go, but there is no good that up to us, suddenly there came Abu Lahab to run then sitting, when he sat down suddenly people say, 'Here it is Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith had come from Badr. Abu Lahab said, "Come over here really I await your news."

Then sit Abu Jahl and people standing around the vicinity. Abu Lahab said, "O son of my brother, preach how the human condition (in the battle of Badr)?" Abu Sufyan said, "By Allah, when we see them, suddenly they never stopped attacking our forces, they fight us as they and their Our charming as they please. By Allah even so when I raise troops, we saw a group of men who rode in black and white is in the midst of men, for the sake of God they have not set foot on the ground. "

Abu Rafi 'said, "I raised the stone in my hand, and said,' By Allah, it is an angel. Suddenly Abu Lahab fist and hit me with a hard blow, then I've made him angry, then he grabbed me and slammed me to the ground, then he's put me and beat me while I was a weak man. Suddenly stood Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha take a pillar of rock hard then she Tap on the head of Abu Lahab so badly hurt. Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha said,' I have to weaken it so fell credibility. '

Then arose Abu Lahab in a state of humiliation, By Allah he does not live after that but only seven in the evening until Allaah laid on Him the ulcer disease which caused his death. "

That treatment mukminah brave woman against the enemies of Allaah so be merosotlah fell off his pride and dignity as tarnished. What a proud history of Islam that has been recorded Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha as a role model for women who fostered by Islam.

Ibn Sa'd mentioned in the ath-Thabaqat al-Kubra that Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha a dream day with an amazing dream, so he hastened to complain to the Prophet Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam, he said, "O Messenger of my dream is as if the majority of your members are in my house. "Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam said," nice your dreams, someday Fatimah gave birth to a boy who later would you suckle with milk that you give for your child (Qatsam). "

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha out to bring the excitement of the news, and not long after Fatima Rodhiallahu' anha childbirth Hasan ibn Ali Rodhiallahu 'anhu were then raised by Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu' anha.

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha said, "when I came to the Prophet suata Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam, to bring the baby, the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam immediately holding and kissing the baby, but suddenly the baby urinated Sholallahu Prophet' alaihi wasallam, then he said, "O Umm Fadl hold this child because he has mengencingiku."

Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha said, "So I took the baby and I pinched that she was crying, I said," You have troubled the Prophet because you have pissed on. "When the Prophet saw the baby crying Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam said," O Umm Fadl instead you are trouble me for making my cry. "Then the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam asked then he splashed water to the affected areas urine then said,

"If a baby boy then percikilah with water, but if the baby is female then wash."

Among the memorable events Lubabah bint al-Haris Rodhiallahu 'anha is when a lot of people ask him when the day of Arafah is the Messenger Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam fasting or not? So with his policies, he eliminates the problems that afflict the Muslims with the way he called one of his children then told him to send a glass of milk to the Prophet Sholallahu 'alaihi wasallam when he was in Arafat, then when he found the Prophet Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam to be seen by everyone he received a glass of milk and then drink it.

On the other hand Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha learn hadith ash-Sharif of the Prophet Sholallahu' alaihi wasallam and his thirty-hadith narrated. As for who narrated from him is his son Abdullah ibn Abbas Rodhiallahu 'anhu, Tamam the slave, Anas bin Malik, and others.

Then wafatlah Umm Fadl Rodhiallahu 'anha during the caliphate Ustman ibn Affan Rodhiallahu' anhu after leaving us a good example enviable as shalihah mother who gave birth to figures such as Abdullah ibn Abbas Rodhiallahu 'anhu; Kyai this people and Turjumanul Quran (which expert in the interpretation of the Qur'an), Similarly, gave the best example for us in terms of heroism that emanates from the true creed that emerged from it courage that is able to bring down the enemy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta 'ala the loudest hostility. 

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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