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Sa'id ibn Zayd

Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufail standing in the middle of the crowd jostling to watch the Quraysh party celebrating one of their big day.

The men wear a turban sundusi expensive, which looks like a more expensive veil Yemen. Women and children were well dressed and wearing light colors beautiful-beautiful jewelry. Farm animals were dressed in an assortment of jewelry and pulled people to be killed before the statues which they worship.

Zaid against the wall of the Ka'ba and said, "O the Quraysh! animals were created by God. He it is Who sends down water from the sky so that the animals drank it up. It was he who grow grass so that the animals - animals that eat and eat as full. Then, you slaughter animals without mentioning the name of Allah. It's foolish and misguided you. "

Al-Khattab, the father of Umar ibn Khottob, standing up to Zaid, then slapped Zaid. Al-Khattab said, "Damn you! we have often heard you say dirty words, but we leave it alone. Now we've run out of patience! "Then,
instigated stupid people that hurt Zaid. Zaid really hurt them in earnest so that he was forced to get out of the city of Mecca to Mount Hira.

Al-Khattab handed the assignment to a group of young Zaid Qurasy to stop him stand in the entrance of the city. Therefore, Zaid was forced to return to stealth.

Then, Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufail gathered when people off guard Qurasy together with Waraqa ibn Nawfal. Abdullah bin Jahsh, Uthman ibn Harith, and Umaimah bint Abdul Muthallib, aunt Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. They talked about the Arab public confidence has been far astray. Zaid said, "By Allah! Brothers in fact been advised that our nation has no religion. They've gone astray and deviate from the religion of Abraham. Therefore, let us learn a religion that we can hold if the Brothers want to be lucky. "

The four men that went to the rabbis, Christian and other religious leaders to investigate and study the pure religion of Abraham. Waraqa ibn Nawfal believe in Christianity.

Abdullah bin Jahsh and Uthman ibn Harith did not find anything. Meanwhile, Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufail experiencing its own story. Let us hear the story.

Zaid said, "I learned Judaism and Christianity. However, both of them I left because I did not obtain some thing that can reassure me in both religions. Then, I traveled to all corners of the search for the religion of Abraham. When I got to the land of Sham, I was told about a monk who understands the science book. So, I visited the monk, then I tell him about my experience studying religion. "

The monk said, "I know you're looking for the religion of Abraham, O son of Mecca?"I replied, "Yes, that's what I want."

The monk said, "you are looking for religion today is no longer possible to be found. But, you go home to your country. God will raise up a prophet seroang in the midst of your nation to enhance the religion of Abraham. When you meet him, you still with him. "

Zaid stop wandering. He returned to Mecca waiting for the promised prophet. When Zaid was on his way home. Allah sent Muhammad as a prophet and apostle of the religion of truth. However, Zaid has not met with him, he confronted the robbers Bedouin in the middle of the road and killed before he returned to Mecca. When he breathed his last will, Zaid looked up to heaven and said, "O Allah, if You
forbidden me of this right religion, let my son Sa'id also forbidden thereof."

grant Zaid prayer. Simultaneously Prophet invited people to Islam, Sa'id immediately fulfill his calling, becoming a pioneer of the believers with God and apostolic justify Muhammad respectfully.

Not surprisingly, as soon as it allows the appeal Sa'id Muhammad. Sa'id was born and raised in a household that denounce and deny the beliefs and customs of the people Qurasy that is lost. Sa'id was educated in the room of a father who all his life actively searching for the right religion. In fact, he died while running exhaustion pursuing the right religion.

Sa'id converted to Islam are not alone. He converted to Islam along his wife, Fatima bint al-Khattab, a sister Umar bin Khattab. Because this Qurasy young convert to Islam, he was abused and mistreated, forced his people to return to their religion. Their efforts did not succeed. Even otherwise, Sa'id and his wife could attract a man Qurasy most weighty, both physical and intellectual in Islam. They berdualah which has led to 'Umar embraced Islam.

Sa'id ibn Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufail devote all the power and energy that young to submissive to Islam. When converted to Islam age not more than twenty years. He fought alongside the Prophet in every battle, in addition to the battle of Badr. When he is implementing a more important task assigned to the Prophet him. He took part alongside the Muslims revoke D'Andrea Persian throne and overthrow the Roman Empire. In every battle faced by the Muslims, he always showed appearance with commendable reputation. Presumably most surprising is his reputation recorded in battle of Yarmuk.
Let us listen to a little story on that day.

Said Sa'id ibn Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nufail, "When the Yarmuk, we only amounted to 24,000 people, while the Roman army numbered 120,000 people. Enemies move towards us with steady steps like a hill that moved the hands-hidden hand. In advance once lined pastors, officers and high-cleric cleric who carry the cross as he raised his voice to read the prayer. Prayer was repeated by soldiers who marched behind them with a voice of thunder. "

When the Muslims saw the enemy soldiers like that, most of them were surprised, then raised the fear in their hearts. Abu Ubaidah rose rekindle the spirit of jihad to them. Abu Ubaidah said in his speech, among other things, "O servants of Allah! won the religion of Allah, surely Allah will help you and give you strength to you! "

"O servants of Allah!
mettlesome your hearts, because fortitude is way off of disbelief, reaching the pleasure of Allah and reject humiliation. "

"Prepare the javelin and shield! stay calm and silent, except for the remembrance of God in the hearts of each of you. Wait for my next command, God willing! "

Then, Sa'id continued. Suddenly, a Muslim soldier out of line and said to Abu Ubaidah, "I want a martyr now, is there any messages you to the Prophet?"

Abu Ubaidah replied, "Yes, there is! Convey my regards to him and the Muslims. Tell him, in fact we have to get what God promised us! "

After saying those words, I saw him a sword and move forward to attack the enemies of God. I slammed to the ground, and standing on my knees. I Aim javelin me, then I jumped to block the enemy. Without felt fear disappear by itself in my heart. Army troops stormed the Muslims rise Rum. God finally won the Muslims.

After that Sa'id ibn Zayd fought to conquer Damsyiq. After the Muslims demonstrate compliance, Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah lift Sa'id ibn Zayd became guardian there. He was the first mayor of the Muslims after the town was occupied.

In the reign of the Umayyads, spread an issue for a long time among the residents of Yathrib to Sa'id ibn Zayd. Namely, a woman named Arwa bint Zayd ibn Sa'id Uwais accused had seized the land and combine it with soil Said own. The woman spread it to the entire accusation of the Muslims, and then complain about his case to the Mayor of Medina, Marwan bin Hakam. Marwan sent some officers to Sa'id to ask about the woman's allegations. Companions of the Prophet is very concerned over the alleged libel.

Sa'id said, "He accused me
seize her (rob land bordering my land). How can I seize her, but I have heard the Prophet respectfully. said, "Anyone who takes another person's land although span, later on the Day of Resurrection Allah seven layers of earth bear for him. O God! he accused me seize her. If the charges are false, blinded eyes and enter him to controversy well with me. Prove to the Muslims clearly that the land it is my right and that I never seize her. "

Not long ago, there was a flood that has never happened like that before. Thus, it opens mark and land boundary Sa'id Arwa which they differ. Muslims obtain evidence, Sa'idlah right, while the woman false accusations. Only a month after that, the woman became blind. When he walked groping on the ground that
controversy, he fell into the well.

Abdullah ibn Umar said, "Indeed, when we were children, we hear people say when condemn others, 'Blinded eyes you like Arwa'."

The event was actually not so surprising. Because, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. said, "Fear the prayer of the oppressed. Because, between him and God there is no limit. "

So, especially if abused it one of the ten Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. which has been guaranteed to go to heaven, Sa'id bin Zaid, certainly more attention by Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala.


- Book Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman Ra'fat Basya.

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