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Ash-Shifa 'bint al-Harith

His full name is ash-Shifa bint Abdullah bin Abdi Shams bin Khalaf bin Sadad bin Abdullah bin Qirath bin Razah bin Adi bin Ka'b al-Qurasyiyyah al-Adawiyah.

Ash-Shifa 'ra converted to Islam before the migration of the Prophet  respectfully and he included muhajirin first class and include women who berba'iat to the Prophet respectfully. He who is mentioned in the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala:
"O Prophet, when come to you believing women to hold the promise that they would not be faithful to Allah with anything whatsoever, shall not steal, will not commit adultery, not to kill the children, not to be lied that they  forged between their hands and feet and will not disobey thee in the affairs of the good, then accept their allegiance and supplicate to Allah for their forgiveness. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "(Al-Mumtahanah: 12)

Ash-Shifa 'includes an intelligent woman and foremost, he was a scholar among scholars in Islam and fertile soil for science and iman.Asy-Shifa' ra married to Abu Hatsmah ibn Hudhayfah ibn Adi and God gave to him a child named Sulayman ibn Abi Hatsmah. Ash-Shifa 'known as a teacher in reading and writing before the advent of Islam, so that when he converted to Islam, he still gives instruction to Muslim women to expect rewards and reward. Therefore, he is referred to as 'the first female teacher in Islam'. Among women who were educated by ash-Shifa 'is Hafsa bint Umar bin Khatthab ra wives of the Prophet respectfully.

It has been narrated in a hadith that the Prophet respectfully ask the ash-Shifa' to teach Hafsah about writing and partly Ruqyah (treatment with prayers). Ash-Shifa 'said, "Once the Prophet respectfully entered while I was beside Hafsa, he said: 'Why do not you teach him ruqyah as you teach him to write'." (Abu Dawud).

As has been understood that the ash-Shifa 'is an expert in the past ruqyah Ignorance, then when he converted to Islam and emigrated he said to the Prophet respectfully, "I am the expert ruqyah Jahliliyah future and I want to show it to you." Then the Prophet respectfully said,' Show me. "Ash-Shifa 'said," So, I showed him the way concerned with the concerned with ulcer disease. "Then, the Prophet respectfully said," Ruqya such manner and teach it to Hafsah. "
"Among the included ruqyah is prayer: O God God man, the Supreme eliminate disease, heal, because thou Supreme Healer, nothing can heal besides you, who are not cured in disease anymore." (Abu Dawud).

Here, ash-Shifa 'has been getting a lot guidance of the Prophet respectfully. It ash-Shifa 'love of the Prophet  respectfully as the believers and other mukminat, he learned of the traditions of the Prophet respectfully that much about the affairs of the Deen (religion) and the world. He also helped spread Islam and give advice to people and tireless to explain mistakes. Among those who narrated from him is that his son Solomon and his grandchildren, harem and Isaac and Hafsah Umm al-Mumineen, and others-lain.Umar bin Khatthab highly prioritize his opinion, keeping and sometimes he entrusted to him in the affairs of the market.

Likewise, ash-syifa 'also respect Umar, he sees it as a Muslim who Sadiq (honest), has a good role model and improve, be cautious and do justice. Once ash-Shifa 'saw a group of youth who are slow and spoke in a low voice, he asked, "What is this?" They replied, "It is the expert of worship." He said: "By Allah, Umar was a man who, when spoke his voice was clear, when running stride quickly, and when it hit off. "

Ash-Shifa 'live remnants of his life after the death of the Prophet  respectfully with respect and appreciate Islamic rule until his death in the year 20.

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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