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Asma Bint Yazeed Al-Anshariah (Died 30 H)

His full name is Asma 'bint Yazid ibn Sakan bin Rafi' bin Qais bin Abdul Asyhal Imri'il bin Haris al-Anshariyyah, al-Ausiyyah al-Asyhaliyah.

He is a noble hadith expert, a great Mujahidah, intelligence, good deen, and expert arguments, so he dubbed as "spokeswoman".

Among something special which is owned by Asma 'ra is the sensitivity of the senses and feelings foresight and his sincerity. More in all nature as possessed by women of Islam that others who have graduated in nubuwwah madrassa, which is not too soft (spoiled) in speaking, do not feel humiliated, do not want to be persecuted and despised, even he is a brave woman, strong , Mujahidah. He became a good example in many battlefields.

Asma 'ra came to the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi respectfully in the first year of Hijrah and he berba'iat him with ba'iat Islam. Prophet  respectfully allegiance  the women with the verse in surah Al-Mumtahanah, "O Prophet, when come to you believing women to hold the oath of allegiance, that they will not associate anything with Allah, will not steal , would not commit adultery, not to kill their children, will not be lied that they used to invent between their hands and feet and will not disobey thee in the affairs of the good, then accept their allegiance and supplicate to Allah for their forgiveness. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "(Al-Mumtahanah: 12)

Allegiance of Asma 'bint Yazid ra is to be honest and sincere, as mentioned in the history books of sira that Asma' wearing two large gold bracelet, then the Prophet respectfully said, "Remove the bracelet O Asma', do not you be afraid if God clothed thee with bracelet bracelet from hell? "
So, he immediately without hesitation and without argument to follow the orders of the Prophet respectfully, then he let go and put in front of the Prophet respectfully.

After that Asma 'active to hear the hadith of the Prophet respectfully noble and he asked about the issues that made him understand dien affairs. He also who asked the Prophet respectfully about the procedure thaharah (purification) for women who completed menstruation. He has a strong personality and was not ashamed to ask you something right. Therefore, Ibn 'Abd al-Barr said, "She is a woman who is intelligent and nice Dien."

He ra trusted by the Muslim as their representative to speak to the Prophet respectfully about the problems they face. At one time Asma 'came to the Prophet respectfully and asked, "O Messenger of Allah, verily I was a messenger for all Muslim women are behind me, all told, as I say, and I wholly believe such as argued.

Verily Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala sent you to all men and women, we believe in your  and allegiance you. As for us women confined and limited motion our step. We become household buffer men, and we are the place to vent their lust, we who have children by them. However, the men got virtue exceeded our Friday prayers, deliver the bodies, and jihad. When they go out for jihad, we who keep their property, which educate their children, then if we also get a reward as they can with their deeds? "
Hearing the question, the Prophet respectfully turned to friends and said, "Have you ever heard a woman's question about the deen better than what he asked?"

They said, "Yes, we have never heard of O Messenger of Allah!" Then the Prophet respectfully said, "Come, O Asma' and Tell to the woman who is behind that treatment either one of them to her husband, and asked contentment her husband, it's time to get approval, it all can offset the entire charity that you mentioned are done by men.”

Then, go back Asma 'while bertahlil and bertakbir feel happy with what is spoken Prophet respectfully.

In her breast 'conceived a strong desire to take part in jihad, only when the conditions do not allow to happen. However, after the year 13 H after the death of the Prophet respectfully to Yarmuk accompanying him bravely.

At Yarmuk this, many Muslim women who took part with the part of many to jihad as mentioned by al-Haafiz Ibn Kathir in the book of al-Bidayah wan-Nihaayah, he talked about the struggle of the Mujahideen believers. He said, "They are at war with a massive war to the women behind them fought bravely."

In another part, he said, "The woman facing fighters who fled from the turmoil of war and beat them with wooden and stone them. The Khaulah bint Tha'labah ra said:

O you who run away from women who fear
You will not see the prisoner
Nor protection
Not too good pleasure

He also said in another section, "On the day of the Muslim war and succeeded in killing many Roman soldiers, but they hit the Muslims who fled from the scene of the battle until they go back to war."
In this great war, Asma 'bint Yazid accompanied troops Muslims together women mukminat others are behind the Mujahideen devote all its capabilities to help prepare the weapon, giving drink to the Mujahideen and treat the wounded among them and pumping morale the Muslims.

However, when the turmoil of war, when the red-hot atmosphere and the eye becomes red, when it Asma 'ra forget that she is a woman. He only remembers that he is a Muslim, mukminah, and able to strive to devote all the ability and sincerity. Only he did not get anything but a pole in front of the tent, then he took it and then mingle with the ranks of the Muslims.

He hit the enemies of God to the right and to the left to be able to kill nine people of the Roman army, as narrated by Imam Ibn Hajar about him, "He is Asma 'bint Yazid ibn Sakan accompanying Yarmuk, when was he killed nine Roman soldiers with a tent pole, then he is still alive for a few years after the war. "

Asma 'out of the war with a wound on his back and God willed that he is still alive after 17 years since his death at the end of the year 30 AH after presenting the good of the people.

May God bless Asma 'bint Yazid ibn Sakan and glorify with traditions that had he narrated to us, and the sacrifices she has earned, and have charity with something that can be used as a lesson for others in terms of capabilities and devote all efforts on behalf of the al -haq and fly the flag until dien is only for Allah.

- Book Nisaa 'Haular Rasuul, works Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Mustafa Abu-Nasr an ash-Syalabi.

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