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Ja'far bin Abi Talib (Died 8 H)

Ja'far bin Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib ibn Hashim is converted to Islam from an early age and had followed the move to Abessinia, even had time to publish Islam in the region. In Muktah war he was given into the Islamic flag holder, after he cut off his right hand with his left hand holding the flag, but also cut off his left hand again, so he holds the flag with his chest. He hold trials in this task, he finally martyred in which the body there are about 90 sculptures and shot.

Bani Abd Manaf among five people who are very similar to the Prophet respectfully. so often the wrong guess. They are:1. Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith bin Abdul Muthallib, uncle of the Prophet child respectfully. as well as brothers.2. Qutsam Ibn Abbas bin Abdul Muthallib, uncle of the Prophet child respectfully.3. Saib bin Ubaid bin Abdi Yazin bin Hashim, grandfather Shafi.4. Ja'far ibn Abi Talib, the brother of Ali ibn Abi Talib.5. Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, the grandson of the Prophet respectfully. He is most similar to the Prophet respectfully. among the five.

Let us now look at the life of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. Abi Talib including nobles of Quraysh and having privileged position in society.

However, life is difficult and many dependents. He had experienced a very critical situation when the drought. Plants die because of drought and many people were forced to eat carrion. In times of shortage like this, usually no one paid attention to ease the burden of Abu Talib among the Banu Hashim in addition to Abbas and Muhammad bin Abdullah.

Muhammad said to Abbas, "O uncle, brother uncle (Abu Talib) has dependents very much. As seen uncle, the whole community is now in the form of misfortune befalls droughts and famine that resulted in a lot of people starving. Let us go to the house of Abu Talib, brother uncle. We take over some of their dependents to ease the burden on the family. I took her one, and also his uncle took another. Presumably so, pretty much it meant to lighten the load. "

Abbas said, "What do you suggest very nice. You really woke to virtue. Let's go. "

They went to the house of Abu Talib. Then he said, "We went out to lighten your heavy load. Let us bring in part of your children stay with us until the hard times that gripped the entire community subsides back. "

Abu Talib said, "It's okay, as long as you do not bring Aqil." Aqil was a boy Abu Talib oldest.Muhammad ibn Abdullah took Ali and Combined in the family. While Abbas brought Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and Combined is also in the family. Ali remained with Muhammad bin Abdullah until God sent him an apostle of the religion of truth. And, Ali was recorded as the first youth who converted to Islam.

While staying with his uncle Abbas Ja'far until he was an adult, then he converted to Islam, and do not need the help Abbas again. Ja'far and his wife, Asma bin Umais, she immersed herself in the vehicle Islam from the beginning. Both the Islamic states in the presence of Abu Bakr Siddiq before the Prophet respectfully. entered into the house of Al-Arqam. Married couples Banu Hashim, a young this does not escape also of torture Quraish, as the Muslims suffered the first convert to Islam. However, this patient received a married couple all the trials that happened to him, because they know the way to heaven thorn studded with all sorts of trouble and pain. But the concern is they both are the Quraysh restrict motion to uphold the greatness of Islam and forbade him to feel the delicacy of worship. Therefore, the Quraish always observe the movements of both. So, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and his wife begged permission to the Prophet respectfully. to move to Habasyah together with other friends.

With sad hearts of the Prophet respectfully. allow it. Conversely, those with very severe left their homes where they played as children and young time, without a sin defiled, but because they say the words "Rabbunallaah" (Rab us is God). However, they are helpless to fend torture and pressure Quraish.

Muhajirin the vehicle first went to Habasyah under the leadership of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib They were relieved under the protection Najasyi, King Habasyah fair and virtuous. Since they entered Islam that is, they just feel safe, can enjoy the sweetness of their religion, free from anxiety and fear of disturbing and that causes them to migrate.

However, not long after the Quraysh know the group of the Muslims who migrated to Habasayah and got the royal protection Najasyi, can carry out her religion calmly and safely, the Quraysh were shocked and worried. They then negotiate to kill the muhajirin it or ask for them to be included in prison. For that let us listen to Umm Salama (one muhajirat) tells the true story of the seen and heard himself.Umm Salamah said: "When we arrived at Habasyah, we were greeted and met with good neighbors. We can safely carry out our religion, and worship God without getting torment or unwanted interference. When the Quraysh heard about our situation better, they immediately negotiate to screw us. Then they sent two people to the King Najasyi accomplished diplomat, namely Amr bin Ash and Abdullah ibn Rabiah bearing gifts a great gift for personal Najasyi, and for religious leaders (pastors) they are in the form of luxury goods and antiques from the Hejaz. However, they decided not to give to the king before giving it to the priests. "

When the messengers arrived at Habasyah, they first meet religious leaders closest to Najasyi and give gifts to them. Second messenger said, "Been coming to your country, fools us. They deny the religion of their ancestors and to divide the unity of the nation. When later we spoke to the king, we hope gentlemen can help us to be the king willing to submit them to us, without asking religious issues, because they are very good speak group leader and understand the religion they believe in. ""Well," replied the priest.

Umm Salamah continue the story, "However, what they fear that is precisely what happened. King Najasyi Dial one of us to be heard. "

Second messengers to King Najasyi Quraish bearing gifts and gift assortment priceless. The king praised and admired their offerings.

Envoy Quraishi said, "O majesty the king has come to the country of his excellency the bad guys of our nation. They come with a religion that never we know and also your majesty has never known. They came out of the religion of our ancestors, but also not get into religion majesty. We sent by fathers and all the family to pick up and bring them back home, they are very good at making this up and make slander. "

Najasy look to the pastor who was beside him. Then they said, "What does the messenger is true, O majesty. People are the same race as the breakout was more understands and knows about their crimes. Therefore should the fugitive was returned only to them. It is up to them what will be done after that. "

The king angry to hear the answer of the clergy. "Do Not ...! For The Sake Of Allah ...! none of them will I leave before I call them and ask for a statement of the charge given to them. If they are really bad people as charged, then they will I leave. However, if the charges are false, they would protect me and I'll make a good neighbor as long as they want, "said Najasyi.

Furthermore, Umm Salamah said, "Calling Najasyi us to face him. Before facing, first we consulted. "Most of us say," We summoned the king to be reached for comment about our religion. Therefore, we specify only a spokesperson to explain to him. Their choice fell to Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and the other is not allowed to speak. "

After making the decision, we went to the king King Najasyi. In the majlis king was present priests religious leaders. They sat on either side of the king. Each wear greatness, complete with robes, cap and holding a book in their hands. In addition to the priests, we see also Amr bin Ash and Abdullah ibn Rabiah.

After sitting quietly in the majlis, the king turned to us and said, "Religion is the gentlemen profess, so the gentlemen out of the religion of gentlemen, but also do not fit into our religious or other religions who have been there? "

Then arose Ja'far ibn Abi Talib said, "O majesty the king, first we did a foolish nation. We worship idols, eat carrion, fornicate, does everything nasty, hostile, not caring neighbors, and strong always eat the weak. That's our situation before God sent His messenger to us. We know the true personality of the Apostle of God. The fall, the truth of every word, honesty, personal sanctity is not the slightest was tarnished, and so on. He invites us to be converted to God, Oneness of Allah, worship solely to him and to leave our old religion, the religion of our ancestors who worshiped stones and idols.

In fact, he told us to always tell the truth, always hold the mandate, connecting sillahturrahmi, be nice to the neighbors, stop all forbidden acts, and petumpahan blood. He also forbade us fornicate and do everything perbutan vile, utter obscenities, eat up the property of orphans, good woman accused philandering. He told us to worship God alone, not associating him with the others. He told us to enforce prayer, zakat, fasting Ramadan. We accept all the commandments and prohibitions tub.

We really believe him. And, we obey all that God taught him. So we made lawful everything we say halal and haram forbade everything he says. But, your majesty, O king! Most of our nation hostile to us because of it. They tortured us with the ordeal that we get out of our religion and return to the old pagan religion. And when persecution and torture them to our already peaked and thus prevented us to continue to implement the teachings of our religion, and then we get out of our country and chose our country as a place of refuge majesty. Because we believe your majesty is a good neighbor and will not apply unjust to us. "

Najasyi said to Ja'far, "Can you read one verse that Allah taught you the prophet?"Ja'far replied, "Yes, of course."Najasyi said, "read to me."

Jafar read Surah Maryam 1-4, which means, "Kaaf Haa Yaa '' Ain Shaad. Given Rabmu mercy to His servant Zakariya. When he cried out to her God with sound slowly. He prayed, "O Rabku, real bones are already weak, and had a gray head, and I have not had any luck (if) beseech Thee, O My God."Jafar had just finished reading the verses beginning letter of proficiency level, Najasyi crying so his beard wet with tears. Similarly, the priests weep so book in their hands wet to hear the word of God.Najasyi said to us, "Surely the religion brought prophet and religious gentlemen who brought Jesus came from a single source."

Then he turned to Amr ibn Abdullah ibn Rabiah Ash and saying, "Go you, by Allah, I will not give them to you forever."

Umm Salama further said, "When we came out of the majlis Najasyi, Amr bin Ash threaten us. He said to his friend, Abdullah ibn Rabiah, "By Allah, I will go tomorrow the king. I will say to the king's greeting people that will definitely make the heart the king angry and hate them. I mentioned to the king's will completely rot-decay hearts of these people. "

"Ah, no! Do not they have a close relative of us too, even if they are at loggerheads with us, "said Abdullah ibn Rabiah.

Amr bin Ash said, "Let it be, for the sake of Allah, I will tell the king tomorrow. By Allah, I will tell the king, that these people say 'Isa ibn Maryam is a slave. "

The next day Amr bin Ash came to King Najasyi and berkta, "O majesty the king, the people who look down Excellency protect Isa ibn Maryam. Try Excellency call again and ask them. "

Umm Salamah continued his story, "After learning that Amr action we really stunned. We are not of the opinion that, let alone anyway to say the words of the Prophet 'Isa ibn Maryam. Then we consulted on what is most appropriate answer on the question that, if later the king asked. We agreed, "By Allah, we will not give an answer, but the word of God. We should not come out of the tip of the nail was teachings of our Prophet, and must always be so. "

Then refer back Ja'far ibn Abi Talib became spokesman. When called upon the king, we came face. We find the pastors have been present as yesterday. In addition to those seen also Amr bin Ash and his friends. Soon we were sitting in front of the king, and he asked us, "What do the gentlemen of Isa ibn Maryam?"

Ja'far said, "We believe, as the prophet taught us."

Najasyi said, "What about the prophet's teachings gentlemen about him."

Ja'far replied, "He said," Indeed, Jesus is the servant of Allah and His Messenger, his spirit, and his words were addressed to the ever-virgin Mary, holy. "

Hearing the answer Ja'far, Najasyi clapped his hands to the floor and said, "By Allah, not even a hair's breadth different teachings of Jesus son of Mary, with the teachings of the prophet gentlemen."Priests long breath, as a protest against Najasyi speech. Then Najasyi said to the priest, "Even if you are a mocker, you go! You believe in the people who have been bribed and wreak havoc on you. By Allah, I do not like to receive the gold though a mountain, but to harm one of you with a crime. "Then Najasyi turned to Amr bin Ash and his friends, saying," Restore all prizes offered these two, I do not need offerings they are. "

Umm Salamah continued his story, "Amr bin Ash and his friends came out with a heart to pieces and was very disappointed. He lost a total, received an embarrassing failure and disappointment. And we were allowed to remain in the Najasyi, in the land of good and noble-hearted population as well. "Ja'far bin Abi Talib and his wife live safely and quietly in the protection Najasyi suave it for ten years.

In the seventh year of Hijrah, both husband and wife were left Habasyah and migrated to Yathrib. Incidentally Prophet sallallaahu alaihi respectfully. just come back from Khaibar. He was very happy to meet with Jafar so because his excitement he said, "I do not know which one is causing me happy, whether because of the victory of Khaibar or because of the arrival of Ja'far?"

Similarly, the Muslims in general, especially the poor, they are also delighted with the arrival of Ja'far. Jafar was forbearing and many groups defending poor people, so that he was named Abil Masakin (father of the poor).

Abu Huraira told her about Ja'far. He said, "People who are most kind to us (group of poor people) is Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. He often invited us to eat at home, then we eat what is there. When the food was gone, given us the pan, and then we spent until the crust-crust. "

Not so long ago Jafar lived in Medina, at the beginning of the eighth year of Hijra
Prophet respectfully. prepare troops for combat troops in Muktah Rum. He raised Zaid bin Haritha become commander.

Prophet respectfully. said, "If Zaid killed or injured, replaced the commander of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. If Ja'far was killed or injured as well, he replaced 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah. And, when 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah injury or fall anyway, let the muslmin choose the leader / commander among them. "

After the troops arrived at Muktah, a town near Sham in the region of the Jordan, they found Roman army was ready to welcome them with a force of 100,000 troops trained core, experienced, and carrying arms. Their troops are also composed of 100 thousand militia Christian Arab tribes from Lakham, Judzam, Qudha'ah, and others. Meanwhile, the Muslim army led by Zaid bin Haritha measuring only 3,000 soldiers.

Once the two forces are not balanced it vis-hadapanan, fighting soon broke out into tears. Zaid bin Haritha died as a martyr when he and his army were advanced stormed into the midst of the enemy.See Zaid fell, Jafar immediately jumped out of the back of a horse that is reddish, then struck the horse's foot with the sword, so that the enemy can not be used forever. Then lightning speed command flag snatched from the hands of Zaid Prophet, then he lifts up high as a sign of leadership are now turning to him. He advanced into the midst of the battle line, waving a sword left and right smack collapsed every enemy approaching him. Finally able to surround the enemy and overrun. While she hummed sing beautiful poem:O ... heaven nan favors already approachingDrink fresh, fragrant smellBut you ... Rum Rum ....Approached tormentIn the pitch-dark night, far away from familyMy job ... to attack you ....

Ja'far swirling swinging a sword in the midst of the enemy who surrounded her. He rampage attacking the enemy to the right and left with terrific. Once his right hand to the thug enemy so stump. So hang on command flag with his left hand. His left hand is also exposed to the enemy's sword slashes. She did not flinch and despair. Command flag hugged to his chest with both arms intact. However, not long after, his arms just stay third dibuntung enemy. Quick as a flash 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah capture the flag command from the command Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. Leaders are now in the hands of 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah, so that finally he was killed anyway as a martyr', followed two friends who had been martyred in advance.

Prophet respectfully. very sad news got three commanders killed in the battlefield. He went to the house of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib children uncle. He see Asma, Ja'far's wife, was preparing to await the arrival of her husband. He stirred the dough, taking care of children, bathing and dressing them clean.

Asma recalled, "When the Prophet visited us, his face clouded look sad. My heart is anxious, but I did not dare to ask what happened, because I was afraid to hear the bad news. He saluted and ask our children. "

He said, "Where children Ja'far, send them here."

So I called them all and I told the
Prophet respectfully. Children jumping for joy knowing his arrival.

They are scrambling to shake hands to him. He
lie face downward to the children, kissing them with emotion. Tears rolled down his cheeks. I asked, "O Messenger of Allah, by Allah, why do you cry? What happened to Jafar and his two best friends? "

He replied, "Yes ..., they have martyred today." Hearing his answer, then reduplah smile of joy on the faces of the children, especially after hearing their mother sobbing. They froze in their places, as if a bird is perched on their heads.

Prophet say wiping away tears, "O God, replace Ja'far for their children ... O God, replace Ja'far for his wife." Then he further said, "I see really Ja'far was in heaven. He has two wings covered in blood and marked on his feet. "Wallahua'lam. 

- Shuwar min Hayaatis Shahabah, Doctoral work 'Abdurrahman.

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