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Zaynab bint Jahsh (Died 20 H)

Marriage of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam with Zaynab bint Jahsh was based on God's command in response to the tradition of ignorance. Zaynab bint Jahsh was the wife of the Prophet who came and among his own kin. Zainab is the daughter and aunt of the Prophet, Umaimah bint Abdul Muttalib. He loved Zainab.

Nasab and Future Growth 
Full name is Zainab bint Jahsh Zaynab bin Ri'ab bin Ya'mar bin Sharah bin Murrah bin Kabeer bin Gham bin bin Asad bin Khuzaimah Dauran. Before she married the Prophet, his name is Barrah, later replaced by the Prophet became Zainab after marrying him. Mother of Zainab bint Abdul-named Umaimah Muttalib ibn Hashim ibn Abd Manaf ibn Qushai. Zainab was born in Mecca twenty years before prophetic. His father was Jahsh bin Ri'ab. He classified leader Quraish generous and good morals. Zainab pretty raised in a family that valued, so do not be surprised if the people of Quraish Quraish call with beautiful women.

Zainab including pertarna woman who converted to Islam. God has also illuminate the hearts father and his family so that embraced Islam. He migrated to Medina with his family. When she was a girl even though he was already a decent married.

His marriage to Zaid bin Haritha

There are several verses of the Koran that order A1 Zainab and Zaid married. Zainab came and respectable class, while Zaid bin Haritha was a slave of the Prophet who is very dear to him, so that the Muslims refer to it as the beloved Prophet. Zaid came from Arab families whose parents are Christian. As a child, he parted ways with both parents being kidnapped, then he bought by Hakam ibn Hizam to his aunt, Khadijah bint Khuwailid ra, then the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.

Father Zaid bin Haritha Syarahil, always looking for him until he heard that Zaid was in the house of the Prophet. When the Prophet ordered Zaid choose between staying with him or go back to the parents and uncle, Zaid said, "I do not want them both, also do not want anyone else who you picked out for me. You are the father and uncle to me." After that, the Prophet announced the release of Zaid and his appointment as a child. When Islam came, Zaid was the first convert to Islam from among the slaves. He always was near the Prophet, especially after he leave Mecca, so he really loved her, he even once said about Zaid,

"The person I love is the one who has God and I give favors. (HR. Ahmad)
 Allah has given favor to Zaid with his Islam and the Prophet had given him favor with his freedom. When the Prophet migrated to Medina, he unite Zaid Hamzah ibn Abd al-Muttalib. In many wars, Zaid always with the Prophet, and not infrequently he was appointed to be the commander. About Zaid, Aisha once said, "Messenger of Allah did not send Zaid into battle unless always make it as a commander, I wish he was still alive, he certainly make it as a replacement for him."

There are still a lot of history that explains the position in the side of the Prophet sallallaahu Zaid alaihi Regards .. Arriving in Medina, he proposes marriage to Zaynab bint Jahsh Zaid bin Haritha. Originally Zainab Zaid hated and opposed to marry him, as well as his brother. According to them, how could a beautiful girl and respectable married to a slave? Prophet advised them both and explain the position of Zaid in his heart, so the verse came to them:"And it is not proper for men -laki the believer and not (also) for a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have set a statute, will be there for their choice (other) about their affairs. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then indeed it was he had gone astray, astray real. "(Surat al-Ahzab: 36)

Finally Zainab married to Zaid as the implementation of the order of Allah, even though Zainab did not like Zaid. Through the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wedding Regards. want to show that there is no difference between humans except in piety and good deeds they.

Marriage is also intended to eliminate the tradition of happy ignorance that prides itself and descent. However, Zainab still can not accept the marriage because there is much difference between them. In front of Zaid, Zainab always boast himself so hurt Zaid. Zaid facing the Prophet to complain about the treatment of Zainab against him. Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam. told him to be patient, and Zaid had followed his advice. However, he turned back to the Prophet and said that he was no longer able to live with Zainab.

At that, he said, "Keep to your wife and fear Allah." Then he warned that the marriage was a commandment of God. A few moments later there came the verse, "Keep to your wife and fear Allah." Zaid tried to calm din and be patient, but behavior can not be controlled Zainab had, finally there was divorce. Furthermore, the Prophet married Zainab.

The basic principle behind the Messenger marriage with Zaynab bint Jahsh was to abolish the tradition of adoption in force at the time of ignorance. That is, the Prophet wanted to clarify that the adopted child is not the same as biological children, as well as Zayd ibn Harithah who before descending verses of the Qur'an has been appointed as a child by him. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala says,"Call them (adopted sons) of a (wear) the name of their fathers, 'that is more equitable in the sight of God, and if you do not know their fathers, then (call them as) brothers in religion and Maula-maulamu. "(QS. Al-Ahzab: 5)

Therefore, a person is not entitled to acknowledge blood ties and ask inheritance rights and foster parents (not real). That is why the Prophet married Zainab after divorce with Zaid who was considered by many as the children of Muhammad. Allah has revealed the revelation that Zaid divorced his wife later married by the Prophet. At first Rasulullab not pay attention to the order, and even asked Zaid defend his wife. God gives a warning once again in verse:"And (remember) when you spoke to the people that God has bestowed favors on him and ye (also) have a favor to him," Hold to your wife and fear Allah, 'are you hiding in your heart what God would have told us, and you fear of humans, are God-who is more right that you should fear. So when Zaid had ended the purposes of his wife (divorced her), We marry you with him that there is no objection for the Muslims to (marry) the wives of their adopted children, foster children when it has completed the purposes rather than his wife. And Allah's command must have happened. "(QS. Al-Ahzab: 37)

The above verse is God's command that the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam. married Zainab to straighten purpose mistaken understanding of the positions of the adopted child.

Umm al-Mumineen Being 

Prophet sallallaahu alaihi Wassalam. send someone to update the Zainab about God's command. Zainab careful how excited at the news, and the wedding party was soon executed in the presence of residents of Medina.

Zainab started entering rurnah Messenger ladder with basic revelation of God. He was the only wife of the Prophet who came and close relatives. Prophet did not need to ask permission when entering the house of Zainab while the other wives he always ask permission. Habits like it turned out to cause jealousy in the hearts of the other Apostles wife.

Hypocrites who are not happy with the development of exaggerated slander Islam that the Prophet had married his wife own. Therefore, there came the verse which reads,"Muhammad is not the father of a man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and cover the prophets .... "(QS. Al-Ahzab: 40)

Zainab said to the Prophet, "I am the greatest wife right over you, I am the messenger of the best among them, and I also closest relatives among them. God in marriage with you on the orders and the sky, and Gabriel who brought the order. I am the son of your aunt. You do not have a relationship with their relatives as well as me. "Zainab loved his Prophet and feel very happy. However, he was very jealous of the other Apostles wife, so that the Prophet never did not sleep with him for two or three months as punishment for his words were hurtful Safia Bint Huyay bin Akhtab woman Yahudiyah it.

Zainab handed skilled, tanning leather and sell it, also do crafts embroidery, and the results diinfakkan in the way of Allah.

Death of
Zaynab bint Jahsh was the first wife of the Prophet after his death, which in the twentieth move, during the caliphate of Umar bin Khattab, dalarn the age of 53, and was buried in Baqi. Dalarn a history of saying that Zainab said on his deathbed, "I have prepare kafanku cloth, but Umar would send me a shroud, then give charity with one of them. If you can give alms to the rest of his my rights, do it from the other side. "Sernasa life, Zainab release much in the way of God's charity.

About Zainab, Aisha said, "May Allah loves Zainab. He was much equaled me in position in the heart of the Prophet. I have never seen a woman who better religion than Zainab. He was very cautious to God, the most honest words, most prefer from goodwill, the most charitable, many sacrificed themselves in the work to be charity, and always draw closer to God. Besides Sauda, ​​he who has a tough character. "

May God give glory to him (Hazrat Zainab Bint Jahsh) in the Hereafter, and placed along the pious servants. Amen.
- Book Dzaujatur-Prophet, Joseph Amr work, Publisher Darus-Sa'abu, Riyadh.

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