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Asma bint Abu Bakr (Died 73 H)

A friend of the leading lady and include people who converted to Islam from an early age. In the event moved him to endure the sufferings with patience. He was dubbed with the nickname "Dzaatin Nithaqain" (Women who have two belts). He had joined battle of Yarmuk and getting trials.

Asthma is a woman who is fluent and proficient recite. He is the mother of Abdullah bin Zubair him also the last muhajirin died.

Asma 'bint Abu Bakr had embraced Islam since the early days of the arrival of Islam. She was his sister's mother A'ishah. One time, when Rasullah with Abu Bakr ra ra has ruled Zaid and some employees to take his horse and his family to be brought to Medina.

Asthma ra emigrated with the troupe. Arriving at Quba - from the womb of Asthma ra - was born the first son of Abdullah bin Zubair.

In the history of Islam, which is the first baby born after the migration. In those days a lot of difficulty, hardship, poverty, and hunger. But at times it also appears the greatness and incomparable courage. In a history of Bukhari narrated that Asma 'ra himself had told him about the circumstances of his life,
"When I was married to Zubair ra, he does not have the slightest property, does not own the land, do not have a maid to help with the work, and also do not have anything. There is only one camel mine used to carry water, also a horse. With the camel, we can bring grass and others. I am striking the palm for food animals. I'm the one who fills the place of water to the brim. If the bucket peceh, I alone fix it. Job caring for horses, such as finding grass and feed, as well as myself who do it. All the work the hardest for me is to feed the horses. I'm less good at making bread. To make bread, usually I just mix the wheat with water, and then I brought a neighbor woman, that woman Ansar, so he cook them. He is a sincere woman. It was he who cook bread for me.

When the Prophet reached Madina, then ra Zubair had been given a gift by the Prophet in the form of a piece of land, measuring approximately 2 miles (away from town). Then, the garden we planted palm trees. Once, I was walking with the palm on the top of my head that I took from the garden. On the way I met some companions of the Prophet and other Ansar who were riding a camel. After the Prophet saw, he was stopping his camel. Then he motioned for me to go up to the top of his camel. I feel very embarrassed with other men. Similarly, I am concerned about the Zubair ra very jealous. I was worried he would be angry. Understanding feelings, let the Prophet and left. Then I went home immediately.

Arriving home, I told the incident to Zubair ra very embarrassed about my feelings and worries lest Zubair ra feel jealous that cause it to become angry. Zubair said, "By Allah, I am more jealous of you who always brings the contents of dates on your head while I can not help you."

After that Abu Bakr, father of Asma 'ra, giving a slave to Asma'. With the maid in the house, then the housework can be completed with light, as if I had been freed from prison.

When Abu Bakr ra emigrate, whit not occurred to her to leave something for his family. He emigrated together Messenger. For this purpose, all the wealth he had, a number of more or less 5 or 6 dirhams taken along for the trip. After his departure, father Abu Bakr, Abu Qahafah blind eyesight and until now it has not been converted to Islam came to his granddaughter, and Aisha ra ra Asthma them not to be sad because it has been abandoned by his father. He said to them, "I have suspected that Abu Bakr has caused you difficulty. Certainly all his property was taken along by it. Indeed it has been more and more burdensome to you. "

In response to the words of his grandfather, Asthma ra said, "No, no O grandfather. The father also left his property to us. "As he said this he collects small pieces of gravel and then placed in a usual Abu Bakr save money coin, then placed on a piece of cloth. Then he held his grandfather's hand to touch it. His grandfather had been thought that the gravel She felt it was money. Finally grandfather said, "Your father has indeed been doing good. You have been left in a state of good. "After that, Asthma ra said," By Allah, my father did not leave the property in the slightest. I do so solely for reassuring grandfather, grandfather so do not be sad. "

Asthma 'ra has a very generous nature. In the beginning, when he will issue a treasure in the way of Allah it will be counted and weighed. However, after the Prophet said, "Do not kept a store-or calculate (a treasure that will diinfakkan). If able, spend of as much as possible. "

Finally, after hearing this advice, Asthma ra more donated his property. He also always advise children and women in the house, "Let you always increase in spending treasures in Allah's way, not waiting for the advantages of our wealth of our purposes (ie if there are remaining assets after spending on needs to buy goods, then the rest of the wherewithal.) Do you think about the rest. If you always wait for the rest, while you multiply purposes, then it will not meet your needs so that we do not have a chance to spend it in the way of Allah. If the purpose was donated in the way of Allah, then you will not lose forever. "

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